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Chapter 722: Dao Pattern Fusion

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Chi! Chi!

As the Thunder Fire surged out to surround Jiang Yi, it was instantly shattered by countless streams of light. His body was finally sent flying by a strange beast skull which was condensed by essence force. If it wasn’t for the Thunder Fire weakening the power of the strange beast skull, he would still be killed by the impact even if he had the Fire Cloud Armor.

The thunderbolt in the Thunder Fire was able to proactively weaken the enemy’s attack power while the Fire Cloud Armor could reduce the power of the attacks again, and Jiang Yi’s physical body was also sufficiently tough. If it weren’t for these three factors, he would already be dead for more than a few hundred times.

A pseudo-divine artifact like the Fire Cloud Armor wouldn’t be destroyed by such a level of attacks, but the Thunder Fire wasn’t limitless while Jiang Yi wasn’t invulnerable. Every time his innards were injured by the impacts, his speed would inevitably decrease. If this carried on, his injuries would continue to worsen; and he would ultimately perish.

Chi! Chi!

Streams of light pierced their way over and penetrated the ground, causing collapses. The surface of the ground constantly trembled while sounds of explosion never stopped resounding by the ears. Jiang Yi was in the Union of Heaven and Man state; hence, he was able to sense the ripples from the surface of the ground in advance, allowing him to change directions with the fastest speed.

He had made a very good choice to go underground as the enemies didn’t dare to scout with their divine senses, they couldn’t accurately determine his location. The pursuers’ attacks were very ferocious while the soil of the ground could be turned into dust with ease as well. However, the attack power would more or less be reduced, allowing Jiang Yi to withstand for a longer period of time.

Of course…

Even this longer period of time was also pitifully short. All the enemies speed were faster than him, which was a huge problem. Once he got surrounded, attacks would be coming from all directions; and he would still have to die.

“What should I do?”

As he desperately fled, he desperately dodged at the same time while his mind was thinking rapidly to figure out a solution. There were the constant sounds of drums that echoed from behind, which was Gui Ying’s powerful soul spirit attack. Jiang Yi’s 36 soul swords would fly around his soul spirit sea to destroy all the strange energy which flocked in. Fortunately, Jiang Yi had the soul swords. Otherwise, Gui Ying’s soul spirit attack was already enough to end his life.

He wasn’t able to escape, and he couldn’t rely on Yang Dong and the others. As long as Gui Ying was around, Yang Dong and the others coming out would be just throwing their lives away. Xiaonu’s attack was very savage, but the opposition had five middle-stage Heaven Monarchs, and Jiang Yi didn’t want to take the risk. Xiaonu was a close-range attacker, and if she wasn’t able to kill the enemy after closing in, she would definitely perish. Feng Luan? Impossible, as her darkness dao pattern would be instantly neutralized.

Since that was the case, he had to think of a way to fight back and kill the enemies!

A pity that his cultivation was too weak, and his strongest attack was the Thunder Fire. However, if the opposition wouldn’t allow him to get near, he couldn’t kill anyone while the rest of his attacks weren’t powerful enough to kill anyone. The soul swords could kill some people, but it would need him to get close to him for a sneak attack.

Comprehending dao pattern to increase his strength?

That was way out of the question. If he was able to successfully comprehend that high-grade dao pattern in the thunder mountains, the power would definitely be impressive. A pity that he had yet to completely comprehend the nine types of low-grade dao pattern, and it was even more impossible to fuse them. So what if he could instantly comprehend one or two more types of dao pattern? A low-grade dao pattern wasn’t able to kill anyone.


He couldn’t increase his speed in such a short amount of time, and even if he did, it wouldn’t help him escape.


If he could increase his defense, he might be able to survive longer and might have a chance to reach the city. Then again, it was a pity that he wouldn’t be able to comprehend a powerful defense type dao pattern in this time span.

“There is no other way?”

Jiang Yi’s mind was revolving at a speed which was 100 times faster as he considered all the abilities and the artifacts that he possessed. However, finally, he realized he was at wit’s end; and the only thing he could do was wait for the Thunder Fire to be completely exhausted before getting killed.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless attacks poured in from all directions in such extreme speed, and even if Jiang Yi could predict them in advance, it wasn’t possible to dodge such a huge quant.i.ty of attacks.

He had no choice but to cleave several times and use the thunderbolts in the Thunder Fire to weaken the attacks. He would then use the Thunder Fire at the surface of his body to further weaken the attack before being sent flying!

Every time he crashed, he would climb up again and continue fleeing. There was less than half the Thunder Fire left in the Fire Spirit Pearl, and his internal injuries were getting worse. The corner of his mouth was unendingly oozing with blood and splattering all over the ground.

“Attack? No! Speed, no! Defense, no! Defense? No… it seems like I have some way to increase my defense?”

Jiang Yi’s mind flashed with a thought as he vaguely caught something, but when he tried to recall about it, he forgot again. His mind was spinning quickly as he thought through everything about strengthening his defenses. After over ten breaths, he slapped his head and shouted out, “That right… defense! I have a way to increase my defense! The route map inside of the antmen’s sh.e.l.l! As long as I can fuse the route map into the Thunder Fire, my defenses will definitely increase by several times.”

When he entered the Beastman Continent, he had once encountered a very strange beastmen, the antmen!

When everyone’s attack crashed onto the antmen’s sh.e.l.l, it would slide off as though a piece of rock skipping on water. Back then, Jiang Yi detected a route map on the antmen’s sh.e.l.l, but he didn’t think that it was anything. Hence, he didn’t study it in detail. He simply handed it over to Yun Fei for her to increase the defensive power of the restrictions.

A moment before when he thought through all the things that he possessed, he had this sudden bold idea to fuse the route map into the Thunder Fire.

In other words… controlling the Thunder Fire according to the route map that was on the sh.e.l.l of the antmen. If it was successful, it would definitely increase the Thunder Fire defense outside his body, allowing him to survive long enough and possibly reach the nearby vicinity of the city.

The idea was great while the theory was also feasible, but would he be able to fuse it when he was only left with 15 minutes? Would it truly be as formidable as he imagined after he successfully fused it?

He didn’t know!

However, he had no other way. Other than putting in all his effort to dodge, he would be concentrating on the fusion!

“Something isn’t right… the Thunder Fire isn’t essence force. How am I going to control its movement?”

Just as Jiang Yi wanted to do the fusion, he realized a huge problem. He didn’t have a way to control the movements of the Thunder Fire. Before this, his Thunder Fire attacks were all controlled by the invisible wind dragons that were from the dao pattern, Binding of Wind. It was the wind dragons that guided the Thunder Fire to move and not the essence force. How was he going to control them to move at the surface of his body?

After thinking about it, Jiang Yi slapped his head and shouted, “Wrong! Since the Binding of Wind is able to guide the Thunder Fire attacks, why don’t I use the Binding of Wind to guide the Thunder Fire to s.h.i.+ft?”

He conveniently cleaved and released the Binding of Wind to gather the wind towards him while guiding the Thunder Fire to fly forward. Jiang Yi quickly tried to control the surrounding wind and guided a few dozen bundles of Thunder Fire, which actually worked as the bundles of Thunder Fire started to roam around his body.

“There is still something not right. This Binding of Wind can only control a few dozen bundles of Thunder Fire. If I want to fuse the route map into the Thunder Fire to strengthen my defenses, then all the Thunder Fire outside my body has to move according to the route map in order to achieve the special effect. How could there be any effect if only a few dozen Thunder Fire move around accordingly?”

Jiang Yi knitted his brows again. His mind was currently thinking faster than he normally would by more than 100 times. The more critical the situation a person was in, the higher the possibility of bringing out the potential. This was why many martial artists would be able to break through during battles. When a person was facing a threat that endangered their lives, all their innate potential would be incited, giving them a higher probability of breakthrough.


There was an attack that was shot from the right, and Jiang Yi had no way to dodge it. His body was sent flying again, and he crashed out a tunnel which collapsed and buried him alive.

This time, he actually didn’t climb up to escape and stayed in place instead. His eyes suddenly widened as it was filled with excitement as he yelled out, “The Binding of Wind is indeed only able to control a small portion of the Thunder Fire, but I also comprehended the Wind Myriad dao pattern which could split a single fire dragon into tens of thousands of fire dragons. This means I can split a single wind dragon into tens of thousands of it. As long as I fuse the Wind Myriad and Binding of Wind, wouldn’t I be able to control all the Thunder Fire? That is correct, totally correct!”


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