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She decided not to pry that secret just yet. She would only maintain her relations.h.i.+p with Alex like this. Putri often told her about Alex.

It was not easy to become Alex’s friend. But if they did, Alex would surely help them. She finally remembered his male friend, that Himura or something.

He was Alex’s friend, and Alex had tried to help him. Sadly, it was no use. The only one that could keep up with him was only Evelyn as she had been practicing nonstop after the tournament. Even so, she still couldn’t keep up.

Anyway, as long as she maintained her relations.h.i.+p, it would be fine. Alex was her Junior Brother, after all.

“What I want to tell you is about Master. She knows that I have been selling those Tempered Muscle Pill. She wanted to ask you to sell it to the sect instead of Alchemist Guild. Of course, the pay will be the same.”

“Doesn’t the sect have the Exchange Pavilion?” Alex asked.

“You have seen the quality in that place with your own eyes. It can not be compared to your Perfect Purity Pill.” Song Yu said.

“Well, there is also another problem for it. I don’t think I will make Tempered Muscle Pills again.”

“Oh?” Song Yu was astonished. She thought Alex would stick with it, considering he could make ten million Spirit Stones in around two months. “Then, you are not going to make Pills anymore?”

“No, that’s not what I mean. I think I am going to change what pill I will make.”

“So, which pill do you want to make?”

“I want to consult about it with you first. I am still wondering which pill I should make. I am thinking about making either an Ocean Mind Pill or Energy Pill.”

“Ocean Mind Pill? A rank 4 pill? You… you are already a rank 4 Alchemist?”

“Yes.” Alex nodded.

She gasped. Alex’s progress was really monstrous. Not only was his cultivation speed fast, but his progress in Alchemy was also crazy. It took her awhile to calm down. At this rate, Alex might catch up with her in a few years. She needed to increase her speed.

“Ocean Mind Pill is around ten thousand Spirit Stones per pill. As for the Energy Pill, I will need to ask about the quality first.” She took a glance at Alex.

“10-Star Grandmaster Stage monster core, Perfect Quality,” Alex said casually.

“Normally, it would be around thirty thousand per pill. You might get more if you put it in an auction. Rank 4 Energy Pill was the most sought after pill. No matter what rank it would be. You could even fetch a million Spirit Stones for a pill in this continent.”

Alex asked, “Can senior sister tell me about how much it will sell if I sell it in the Northern Continent.”

“For peak rank 3 Energy Pill, you can buy it with ten thousand Spirit Stones there.”

Alex was astonished. Buying a rank 3 Energy pill only needed ten thousand Spirit Stones? He thought it might be good if he tried to maximize his profit while on this continent.

“How about a low 5th rank pill?”

“Rank 5 pill is around a hundred thousand to a few hundred thousand Spirit Stones each pill.”

“I see.” Alex nodded.

He needed more and more Spirit Stones to advance a rank. For him alone, it was around two hundred thousand per star if he wanted to boost his cultivation as fast as possible.

For Sherry and Kyle, it was even more hazardous. Kyle used almost four hundred thousand Spirit Stones to reach 10-Star Martial Grandmaster from 8-Star Martial Grandmaster. Sherry also had become a Martial Lord, and he was wondering how much she will need this time.

At this rate, even his thirty million or something Spirit Stones won’t last long.

“I will make the energy pill then.”

“Well, there is another problem for that.”

“A problem?”

“Yes. The stock for medicinal ingredients was pretty low, especially with the monster core. Well, if you can pay more for the ingredients. You should be able to get plenty of it.”

“How much for each set?”

“Eight thousand for one set, you might only get five cores per day. If you can raise it to ten thousand per set, just for the monster core, you might be able to get twenty monster cores per day.”

“What about Crystal Skin Pill?”

“Crystal Skin Pill… mid 4th rank pill. This is the upgraded version of the Tempered Muscle Pill. You can sell it with twenty thousand Spirit Stones per pill.

“As for the ingredient, one set ingredient cost you two thousand Spirit Stones. The reason why it is so high is the same as the Tempered Muscle Pill.”

When he knew that, he immediately chose the Crystal Skin Pill. According to the book, Alex could make two Crystal Skin Pills from one set of ingredients. Although it was one pill lower than Tempered Muscle Pill since he could make three Tempered Muscle Pills from one set of ingredients. He would make more with Crystal Skin Pills.

Sadly, this pill was cla.s.sified as a mid 4th rank Pill, close to high 4th rank, and he might only be able to make this pill after he became a Martial Lord.

But he had more than thirty million Spirit Stones at the moment, so it should be fine if he didn’t make it for a while.

If he started making the Crystal Skin Pills, he would make a profit of thirty-eight thousand Spirit Stones per one set of ingredients. If he refined a hundred set ingredients, he would get seven million. He needed to give Song Yu ten percent of it, though.

After contemplating for a while, Alex then said to Song Yu, “I will not make pills for a while, at least before I reach the Martial Lord stage. I will make Crystal Skin Pill as soon as I start again.”

“Noted. Then the other one is I got information from Putri about the Zhou Kingdom. Are you sure about that information? that blood pill and such.”

Alex nodded.

Song Yu took a deep breath. “That blood pill is really evil. Putri had told Master and me for this. But it is a bit troublesome if we are going to move the entire Heavenly Sword Sect to investigate Zhou Kingdom.

“After all, we can’t make such a move without inciting other influences. The other influences might think us a bit overbearing as a war between kingdoms is pretty normal.

“The sect master and other elders also didn’t take this matter seriously since it is too absurd to be true. Putri tried to convince them, but no one believed her yet.

“After all, she is only a single person. Even though she is one of the young ladies of a prominent family, the sect can’t take her word alone.” Song Yu said, a bit sad.

“I already expected something like this when I told her this information. But I can a.s.sure you it is true. Well, I am planning to get stronger as fast as possible. So even no one believes me, I have enough strength to protect myself and my family.” Alex shrugged his shoulder.

“Don’t worry. We trust you. Master also had fought for you until the sect master finally relented to her and sent a few groups to investigate the Zhou Kingdom. But I think we can’t expect the result.”

Alex nodded. “Well, I have warned them. If they didn’t believe me, then that’s fine.”

“Well, I am surprised to see your younger sister on my way back.”

“Hehe… How is she? She is pretty, right? What do you think about her?” She tried to tease Alex.

Alex only shook his head. He said slowly, “Yeah. She is pretty.”

“She is going to be around for a little longer.” Song Yu said.

Alex nodded.

“Alright. Since my matter is finished, I will go back now. Just tell me if you started making money again. As a daughter from Merchant Family, I can’t miss this opportunity.” She cheekily said and left.

Alex shook his head helplessly.

Alex then started practicing Array Master. Gathering Array was his target before challenging the Battle Tower.

But surprisingly, Alex managed to master it within two days. Rank 4 Gathering had more symbols than rank 3 Gathering. But their principle was the same. As long as Alex could make the symbol, he would be good to go.

Because it didn’t take him that long to master Gathering Array, he chose to learn the last array in his plan. It was a rank 4 binding array called Servant of Silk and Steel array.

From the information, the array will shoot out a few strong threads. It was like silk but made of steel. 

After another week, Alex finally mastered the array. He had six rank 4 Array in his repertoire: Pollen Illusion Array, Simulation Room, Jadeite Mirror Array, Teleportation Array, and these two new arrays.

The inner disciple ranking tournament would start in less than a week.

After he managed to make the Gathering Array, the first thing he did was making Gathering Arrays for Sherry and Kyle. From the look of it, Sherry seemed to have a spar with Anna every day in the morning. Kyle did the same but because he was 10-Star Martial Grandmaster and soon will go to sleep like Sherry to undergo his evolution. He didn’t have a spar for a while.

Sherry and Kyle were honing their skill so they wouldn’t have a high cultivation but weak strength. Well, it was mainly Sherry who forced Kyle to do it too since she had learned it on the first hand.

After he finished his practice, he came to Anna.

“Anna, I am going to the Battle Tower now.”

“Sure. Are you going to get some help?”

Alex pondered for a moment then shook his head. “You and Sherry are Martial Lords while Kyle is going to have a breakthrough at any moment. As for the others, I don’t think I will call them since they are too far. I also want to try how strong I am if I am alone.”

Anna looked at his serious expression and nodded. “Alright. Just be careful.”

“Sure.” Alex nodded.

He finally stepped out of his house.

He flew to the Battle Tower. This might be his first time challenging this Battle Tower alone. His original plan was to release everything he had.

He wanted to see if his Sword, Spear, Array, and Fire, would be able to kill all the monsters there.

He landed on the nearby ground as usual and found so many people around the tower. He had expected it since the tournament was around the corner.

Alex went to the elder to register him. And because of the number of people here, he would need to wait for a few hours.

In the meantime, Alex took a look at the ranking for the inner disciple.

1st – Eric Kasmanan

2nd – Florinda

3rd – Intan Wulan Makmur

4th – Vicky

5th – Yasmin

6th – Anwar Daher

7th – Hanibal

8th – Amazu Agu

9th – Kokonoe s.h.i.+gure

10th – Elise

Alex was surprised to see ‘Eric Kasmanan’ as the first rank in Inner Disciple Ranking. This was the first time he saw the Inner Disciple ranking, and he never expected to see that name here.

He also found a similar name to his Senior Sister. Intan Wulan Makmur. Alex didn’t know if she was related to his Senior Sister or not.

He found Mega’s and Putri’s rank. Putri was on the twenty-three while Mega was on the forty.

Well, for the time being, his target would be that Mega and Eric Kasmanan.

After a few hours, his turn finally came.

The elder deducted his Sect Point, and he went to one of the rooms in Battle Tower.

This was the first time he challenged the Battle Tower as a Martial Grandmaster. He remembered when he was a Martial Master, he challenged this tower twice.

Well, it didn’t matter. He only wanted to see how far he could go alone. He activated the array, and his consciousness entered the familiar-looking forest.


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