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“Alex, Be careful”

Alex frowned.

Those three wolves’ target was Alex. The one who killed many high-rank monsters in their midst. It seems the rank 7 monster, Rock Wolf was very intelligent. It was intelligent enough to know Alex’s threat. With one howl, he ordered the wolves to do something unexpected and attacked Alex.


“Frozen World. Ice Prison”

“Fire Spear”


An Ice, a fire, and a paw strike the three wolves that going to attack Alex. Even though the power wasn’t enough to kill them. But they are enough to stop them in their attack and let them fall to the ground. Once they reached the ground, they should be injured because of the height.

Alicia, Firia, and Sherry circling around Alex.

“Are you okay Alex?”

“Yeah, Thank you” Alex smiled

“Hehe…” Both Alicia and Firia giggling.

“Wuu Wuu (I have protected Master too)” Sherry didn’t want to be outdone.

“Yeah, Thank you Sherry” Alex patted her head.

“Wuu Wuu”

Alex looked at the ‘Rock Wolf’. This monster intelligent…

He picked up another spear and aimed it toward this monster.

“Spin Throwing”

The spear flew at a very high speed to the wolf head. The wolf didn’t even bother with it. It took the spear head-on.

The spear clashed with the wolf’s head. But, the spear didn’t even manage to make a dent in that wolf head and just broke like that.

Alex already expect this outcome. But still, watching your attack get destroyed just like that was pretty bitter in your heart. Alex rank 8 spear might be able to penetrate the wolf body…but, he wanted to leave it as a trump card. He took another spear and aimed at it again.

“Sir Alex? You are doing that again? But the previous one-”

Alex frowned because the one who talked just now is Sila. He was confused as to why she comes to him and tried to talk to him. But he ignored her as he took a long breath and threw the spear.

“Power Throwing”

This time Alex change the ‘Spin Throwing’ with ‘Power Throwing’. Like its name, ‘Power’, that means the spear that Alex had thrown just now brought out destruction with it. True, When the spear reached the Rock Wolf. This time, the Rock Wolf didn’t dare to take it head-on, it used its paw to clash with Alex’s spear. Alex’s plan was for him to use power to destroy the ‘hardness’ of the wolf body.


“Did you kill it?” Sila was very shocked by the spear might. The spear just now contained a mighty power. Before, Alex spear didn’t even put a dent on the wolf’s body. But this time, not only the wolf didn’t dare to take it head-on, it also used its paw to block it.

‘No’ He replied in his mind. He somehow didn’t want to have any contact with her. At first, she hated him very much and mocked him. But this time, she came to him and even tried to talk to him.

‘Unreasonable’. So He completely ignored her. He looked at the dust created by the clash of his spear with the wolf’s paw. When the smoke cleared away, the Rock Wolf stood still like nothing happened. Alex’s spear didn’t even put an injury at the wolf.

“Tch, not even fazed with that huh… Well, what can you expect from a normal spear…sigh… what a defense. That sh*tty rock.”

Alex turned to Leyfon “Sir Leyfon. I will leave the Rock Wolf to you”

“Sure, you helping us like this have reduced our casualty so much.”

Alex nodded and turned back to his spot. He grabbed another spear and threw it to a rank 5 monster and killed it on the spot.

[Gacha Ticket x1 Acquired]

“Oh, finally, my first ticket.”

After he acquired the first ticket. He up his tempo a bit more. Though he wanted to target those lower monsters. After all, they are in a defensive battle. Not for himself but also for the others in the fortress. He decided to pace up a bit so he can ma.s.sacre those lower monsters sooner.

He continuously threw the spears, killing the rank 5 monster one by one. When their population reduced to half. The Rock Wolf let out a howl.


The Rank 5 and rank 6 monsters started charging toward the wall. It seems, because of Alex killing them off one by one led to that decision. Sadly, with the intelligent of a monster, they were too late. After all, Alex had killed half of them. The previous 10 rank 6 monsters reduced to 6. While fifty rank 5 monsters reduced to twenty or so.

Alex managed to get a few more rank 5 monsters before they reached the gate. Leyfon already took out his sword and ready for the battle.


The gate was breached. Even with many rank 4 or lower monsters, they still can’t breach the door. But with the addition rank 5 monsters or even rank 6 monsters. The gate collapsed.


The garrison led by Andreas who already stationed themselves behind the gate immediately moved to intercept the monster. With Andreas as a leader, the monsters were suppressed. The garrison finally went outside. There is no monster that manage to pa.s.s them and rampage on the town.

As soon as the garrison out. The earth mages do their job.

“Earth Sprites, Hear my Word. Bless the earth so they can protect. Lend us your protection. Earth Wall”

Around eleven intermediate earth mages used the same magic. They decided to seal the gate with intermediate magic, Earth Wall. With the power, eleven intermediate earth mages reinforced the gate. Even those in rank 6 can’t easily destroy this gate. Unless, that rank 7 monster, Rock Wolf, tried to destroy this gate. But there is one disadvantage to this technique. The earth mages need to input their mana continuously. If not, the earth wall will be destroyed. From the look of it, they can hold on for two hours. That is enough for the rest of the battle, at least that is what they thought.

“Young Alex, I will distract the Rock Wolf. Even though my rank was above him. The Rock Wolf defense can’t be underestimated. That’s why I will wear him out first. In the meantime, please kill the rest”

He was a bit ashamed to get help from others let alone a youngster but, if it is Alex. He didn’t really mind, after all, his power, calmness, and decision made him sure for making that decision. He can let this youngster protect the gate. Alex was that abnormal in his opinion.

“I will do my best” Alex nodded.

“Please protect my granddaughter too”

Alex glance at Sila a bit and sighed, “I will try my best”

This time Alex didn’t say ‘Do my best’ but ‘try my best’. Leyfon caught Alex meaning, he can only sigh. The impression of his granddaughter in Alex’s eyes already turned worse. What can he expect? He shook his head and flew to the Rock Wolf.

When you reached rank 7 seven, you can fly. For Leyfon who was a rank 8, flying was a piece of cake of him.

Alex looked at the flying Leyfon. He is a bit envious about it. If he also can fly, the strategy he can use would be wider and variate. He can fly and shoot the spear from above or bombard the enemy with magic from the sky, a.s.sumed the enemy can’t fly.

Alex threw spear after spear. The garrison killed most of the monsters at the bottom of the wall. Firia and Alicia didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the battle so much. They just let out a few magic from the top of the wall to the monsters on the ground. Because their power was limited, they can only kill monsters in rank 2 or below. After all, with their distance, the power contained in the magic decreased on the way.

Sherry didn’t kill any monster. Just as she said previously, she will protect Alicia and Firia and of course, Alex. But that’s all she gonna do. She didn’t help with anything other than that. Somehow Alex wondering if Sherry was lazy or just gonna do what she said. Whatever, She is Sherry after all. It was alright to let her do anything she wanted.


Alex turned his head. The clash between the Rock Wolf and Leyfon seems didn’t have any easier. Leyfon tried to slash the rock wolf but because of its abnormal defense, his sword didn’t manage to injure it. On the contrary, The Rock Wolf attacked him ferociously. But it seems, it was Leyfon Plan all along. If the wolf attacked him like that continuously, it will be the one who will lose after expending all of its stamina. After that, they can bombard the wolf continuously until it dies. It was a clever way to deal with a monster with an unpenetrable defense. Though Alex’s rank 8 spear combined with his Spin Throwing might be able to injure it. But who was foolish enough, if he really threw it, he might as good as abandoning it. In the battlefield, such action proved to be fatal.

Clash after clash, Leyfon still casually handling the Rock Wolf. While Other monsters were butchered on the battlefield. The monsters would be wipe out in a few minutes, after that, they can help Leyfon to kill the Rock Wolf.

Alex killed the majority of rank 5 and rank 6 monsters. After wiping out the monsters. The garrison immediately marched forward toward the Rock Wolf. Alex frowned.


“Fool. It is still not the time” Leyfon screamed.

True, the moment the garrison entered the Rock Wolf’s area.


The Rock Wolf changed his target to the garrison. Because of their difference in rank. The soldiers were killed by Rock Wolf instantly.

“Power Throwing”

A spear was thrown to the Rock Wolf. It used its palm to counter it. But as soon as the rock wolf counter it. Another spear already on its way to him. A series of spears continued raining down on the Rock Wolf. Leyfon also caught the meaning behind those spears.
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“Nice a.s.sist, young Alex” He looked toward the garrison “Retreat first”


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