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Read Galactic Garbage Station Chapter 194 A Stingy Employer

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Su Jing continues to sort out the garbage. All the dirt and gravel are put aside.

Tattered old clothes, broken wood broken wooden box, broken tile… are Methodically and regionally cla.s.sified.“What plants are these?”

Su Jing found that there were many plants were under the soil. Of course, the pile of spirit mud is much more fertile than ordinary soil. Reaching out and picking up the soil, turning one plant over, it has been pressed into a different shape, but looking at the leaves, it still seems to be alive, there are several red fruits on it, of course, they are also crushed and squashed.

Taking a closer look, Su Jing couldn’t keep the surprise out of his face. This red fruit is clearly a tomato. A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality World actually have tomatoes? But on second thought, even in the various cultivation world, there are ordinary people. It’s not uncommon to have ordinary vegetables and fruits.

Of course, it may look like a tomato, but it may not be like the tomatoes found on earth. Su Jing can’t just eat it casually. In case the tomato is not something that can be eaten or even poisonous, Su Jing lets Little Li and a few cats catch some mice to try the fruit on them first. A few mice were captured and he used them for experimentation by feeding them a few pieces. He saw that after the rats had finished eating, there was no abnormality and they were still alive.

“I will also taste it.”

Su Jing cleaned the tomato, cut a small piece and stuffed it into his mouth, and then his eyes widened.

This tomato is generally tomatoey in taste, but it is sweeter, smoother and more delicious than ordinary tomatoes.

Su Jing couldn’t help but wolf down the half-crushed tomato.

“I’ll be, this is not a tomato, but an Immortal Fruit.”

Su Jing feels that he has never eaten such delicious fruit in his whole life.

Even his favorite pineapples, peaches and cantaloupes are a million miles away in terms of taste.

However, it is just delicious and it does not have the same effect as the Magical Beast meat.

“This tomato. It must be planted.”

Su Jing quickly picks up the dirt, rummage through the tomatoes, and quickly finds a few more.

Su Jing picks the fruit plant and planted all of them in flowerpots and sprinkled it with some spirit soil as the tomato plant is half dead. If it wasn’t for the spirit soil, he would have to worry about the plant not surviving in normal soil.

Su Jing continued to rummage, in addition to finding some tomatoes plants in succession, he also found two other plants, one of them is a strawberry plant. The strawberry also bears some fruit, and Su Jing tasted two and found that they were also delicious. Another plant is taller, like a small tree, but Su Jing does not recognize it. Su Jing also planted these two plants.

After spending five or six hours, he finally turned over the whole pile of garbage.

Perhaps it is because this was the territory of the giant spider, but no other animals have been found.

Su Jing cleared it up. There are a total of twenty tomatoes, a total of sixty-five strawberries, and six unidentified trees.

In addition, the tomato fruit is in a basket and weighed about twenty jin, a small basket of strawberries weighed about three or four Jin, but most of them were crushed. Su Jing picked some better-looking fruits from it. He plans to put them in the refrigerator and save them for later. And for the completely smashed tomatoes and strawberries, he will take some seeds from them as he plans to use them at a later time. The rest of the crushed, tomatoes and strawberry close to a jin in weight were first eaten by Su Jing but he couldn’t eat all of them and there were still about half left.

“I don’t think I can keep these crushed ones. Even if I put them in the refrigerator, they will soon rot. Su Jing is somewhat depressed as he thought about that, it is now after 9 o ‘clock, and the construction team is already at work and he can see them through the transparent barrier around the hypers.p.a.ce Garbage Station, Li Guanglei and others are strengthening the walls with t.i.tanium alloy plates. It would be strange not to frighten them if he suddenly appeared in front of them.

Su Jing plans to wait and see, but he is not idle. He used the sacks he prepared in the morning to pack the spirit soil. The spirit soil is a treasure and must be preserved. After four hours, Su Jing put all the spirit soil in the sacks and a total of three hundred bags were filled with it, Su Jing is ready to use it for a long time, a bag of soil weighed about one hundred jin or so, that is a total of about thirty thousand jin. Even if Su Jing’s physical fitness is extremely powerful, this is also a lot of back pain.

At this time, Li Guanglei and others left the first floor and they should have gone to lunch.Su Jing carried the crushed strawberries and tomatoes out of the Garbage Station and exits the hypers.p.a.ce and then came in from the front yard. Sure enough, the construction team was eating. They had no special condition for food and drink and they all ordered a takeaway from a small fast-food restaurant near the sea.

“Mr. Su, you’re back. Have you eaten yet? Why don’t you eat with us?” Li Guanglei shouted, since his daughter’s college teacher highly praised Su Jing, he really realized the level of Su Jing and he admires him from the bottom of his heart. This young man not only knows how to make money but also has such talent. If his future son-in-law is so excellent, he will be satisfied.

“No, I have eaten.” Su Jing now has a real appet.i.te. Apart from the Magical Beast meat and something he cooked with the hot sh.e.l.l or the medicinal cauldron, he doesn’t even like mountain and sea delicacies. Let alone the takeaway, he says, “I brought back some fruits to taste for you.

“Thank you, boss.”

Some of these people are left behind after the completion of the building. They not only know how to build a building but also know how to decorate them. They are familiar with Su Jing. The other part of the crew is the new decoration workers. They are not familiar with Su Jing, but familiar or not. A few fruits doesn’t need them to become polite.Several of them reached into the basket but after picking up the tomatoes and strawberries, they found that they were crushed to a point that their original shape couldn’t be found. Not to mention the rich people, even poor rural people will generally throw away such crushed fruits. After all, tomatoes and strawberry are not precious things.

“Didn’t you say that the employer is very generous? He actually gave us rotten fruit, it is also greasy.” The new decorator whispered.

“He’s usually very generous.” The construction team that built the building tried to talk in favor of Su Jing but looking at the rotten tomatoes and the strawberries in their hands, they didn’t know what to say. Su Jing often asked them to eat delicious things. How can he become so stingy?

“Isn’t it just a little crushed, It can still be eaten” Li Guanglei used to be thrifty since childhood so he didn’t care and opened his mouth to take a bite.

Others didn’t want to eat the crushed food but that would be similar to not giving Su Jing any face, they think that these rotten fruits will cause them to have a bad stomach, but they can’t refuse either.


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