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Galactic Garbage Station is a web novel completed by 小城古道.
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“Now, it’s time to get busy.” Looking at the mountains of radioactive waste, Su Jing is not discouraged. For one thing, there are airplanes and warships in the Garbage, it seems that there should be a lot of useful things. For another thing, the Garbage Station brings a lot of benefits to himself, while nature also brings a lot of responsibilities to himself, which should not be shirked. That’s true a lot of the time. There’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Compared to the benefits of this Garbage Station, this is actually not a problem.

Su Jing first took out the water pipe and controlled it with his spiritual force to sprinkle water around it, flushing all the dust in the air inside Garbage Station, and then started to clean up. He approached the garbage and looked at the nuclear radiation detector. The data is as high as 100 microsieverts per hour. If someone stays in such a place for several hours, they will get nausea and vomit. If they stay for ten hours, they may get fatal internal bleeding. Moreover, there is a hidden danger of carcinogenesis. Of course, with Su Jing’s physical fitness, the resistance should be much stronger and he is also wearing protective clothing.“In short, I can’t stay in this place too much.”

Su Jing flipped through the garbage quickly and moved very fast. At the same time, with the a.s.sistance of his spiritual force detection, he dug out all human and alien corpses and packed them in stainless steel barrels, and put them into a storage bag. The battleships and some relatively intact planes remained there and everything else in the surrounding trash was pulled aside. From beginning to end, no other living humans or aliens were found.

In the past, Su Jing was able to stay here as much as he could. After all, there may be some items that he did not expect, but fir this pile of trash, Su Jing plans to contain most of them. At this time, this is modern earth trash, so except for the shape of the warship and other non-human planes, everything else is generally useless. Since nuclear radiation is carried on them, it still needs to be dealt with as much as possible.

Just doing this process took nearly five hours. He felt a little uncomfortable, and he didn’t dare to stay any longer. He wore protective clothing and reached the stairs. After taking off the protective clothing, he got out of the stairs and closed the door at the same time.

Su Jing immediately took a hot bath, brushed his teeth, rinsed his body many times, and then ate some magical beast meat and Spirit Gra.s.s’s medicine made in medical cauldron, and drank some tea from Immortal World’s fallen leaves. He also ate two Jade Fang Fish from the Emperor of the Cosmos Universe and took out a piece of Spirit Stones Soil and absorbed spiritual power with his spiritual force and utilized the Crystal Contemplation Deep Sleep technique for a while. Su Jing’s caution is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, if there is an aftereffect of anorexia, it will lead to cancer of anorexia in the future and it will be too late to regret by that time.

“Old Jiang, how many stainless steel drums were made?” Su Jing called Jiang Ji and asked.

“About five hundred. Is it enough?” Jiang Ji asked.

“Not enough, far from enough. I may need about 10,000 of them.” Su Jing said, in fact, for such a large pile of garbage, It is difficult for Su Jing to estimate exactly how many stainless steel barrels he needs but the more there is, the better. The extra ones can be used in the future.

“It will take a lot of time, it is better to order them directly from other manufacturers, this would be much faster.” Jiang Ji said.

“Ok, I will leave this matter to you. You can buy them after testing the quality. The quality must pa.s.s the test. Each one must be tested. If the quality is good, it does not matter if it is more expensive. They will be used to contain nuclear radiation substances. “Su Jing said.

“Okay,” Jiang Ji said.

“I’ll go and get the five hundred back and you can have them continue to manufacture and order them from elsewhere.” After hanging up the phone, Su Jing drove a truck to the materials research inst.i.tute and loaded all five hundred stainless steel drums back. Then he was ready to clean up the radioactive waste and put them into the stainless steel drums.

“Well, if only there was a helper.”

Su Jing sighed. If it wasn’t because the Garbage Station could not be seen by outsiders, he really wanted to hire a nuclear radiation cleaner, so he didn’t have to risk it by himself. Thinking of helpers, Su Jing suddenly has an inspiration and released the Battle Wolf from the Spirit Beast bag. The reason why he put it in Spirit Beast bag and brought it into the first floor is just in case. If there was a fatal danger, he would have to release it even if there is radiation.

However, Su Jing suddenly thought that Battle Wolf has experienced RR VIRUS and he is a monster from Swallowed Star Universe. The reason why Swallowed Star bans thermal weapons and nuclear weapons is that thermal weapons can only kill the monsters in the center of the explosion and the monster becomes more powerful after absorbing the radiation and even produces some mutations, turning into another horror creature.

“How stupid of me not to have thought of it before?”

Su Jing took the Battle Wolf and entered the first floor and quickly put on his protective clothing. The Battle Wolf was directly exposed to the surroundings. Su Jing took the Battle Wolf into the Garbage Station and the radiation was still high inside, but the Battle Wolf didn’t show any strangeness and it stretched lazily as if it was basking in the sun. This level of radiation is probably nothing for the Battle Wolf.

“Good, come and help me clean up the garbage.”

Su Jing smiled happily and patted the Battle Wolf’s head, and then began to clean up the trash and filled the trash into a stainless steel barrel. The Battle Wolf can not walk upright like a human and its two front paws are not as convenient as human hands, but it is powerful and it can move some large objects, its speed is definitely more than ten times that of ordinary people.

Of course, Su Jing is not slow. One wolf and one-man clean up the trash quickly. After five hundred stainless steel barrels were filled, they went to the Materials Research Inst.i.tute again to restock. It took five full days to finally clean up the trash. The alien warships and human aircraft that are not intended to be thrown away, as well as the walls and ground of the first floor, were also wiped clean by Su Jing. Although the radiation cannot be completely eliminated, it has been detected by the radiation detector, and the radiation dose rate is very low. As long as he does not often stay nearby, there will be no danger.

During the past five days, Su Jing has to take a bath every once in a while, eat and drink all kinds of things that are good for his body, and drink some medicine containing iodine to remove some residual radiation from his body. The Battle Wolf, though, has been completely exposed to radiation for a few days without feeling sick at all, it even slept on a warm rock with high radiation levels.

Moreover, The Battle Wolf has grown faster and its muscles are more developed and its eyes are more energetic, its hairs are getting stronger and longer. Usually, its hairs are still soft to touch, but once the hair is erected, they turn into a steel-like needle, Su Jing tried to hit it with a stick and even though he was striking on the steel needle. It could not touch its skin at all, and the Battle Wolf seemed to have evolved because of nuclear radiation.

This makes Su Jing sigh, the monster is a monster, and it is extraordinary. Nuclear radiation, which is a danger to humans, is not only not feared by the Battle Wolf but it is also helpful in its evolution.


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