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“Taaffeite, how is it possible?” Boss Wu, Tang Hao, Zheng Nan stared at the purple bead on Su Jing’s hands.

“I didn’t think it was possible at first, but after looking at it carefully, there should be no mistakes.” When Boss Ma said, he wanted to cry a little, he recognized it with his own eyes. He doesn’t know how hard he tried to suppress the shock and he was sure that he didn’t show anything on his face but he still didn’t expect anyone to call his bluff. d.a.m.n that Boss Wu.“What’s Taaffeite?” Several people asked as they didn’t understand.

“Taaffeite is a kind of Namiolite. In 1945, Earl Edwardtaaffe, a gemologist in Dublin, Ireland, discovered a faint double shadow phenomenon in a light purple gemstone he bought as spinel and he sent it to a gemstone laboratory in London. It was identified as a new gemstone variety in 1951. The largest Taaffeite in the world is said to weigh just over 10 carats, and gem-grade crystals are also produced in Sri Lanka and Madagascar. In 1956, In China, Hunan, Xianghua Mountain Range, incense stones were found, and Taaffeite co-existed with it, but it did not reach the gem level.” Boss Ma said, he didn’t hide anything anymore and he talked a little bit showily.

“It is said that Taaffeite is more precious than diamonds and can’t be bought with money. Especially one like this, this is a flawless Taaffeite.” Boss Wu said and his eyes flashed with light.

“Taaffeite and its treasures are rare in the country. Even a small piece would be usually exhibited in a museum. How can it be made into beads?” Tang Hao said incredulously.

“This one has a diameter of more than one centimeter, it should be more than 1.6 grams, that is, more than 8 carats.” Zheng Nan was shocked.

They had to be shocked, but one of the big factors in not recognizing this bead was the stereotype that when you see a bead like this, you don’t think of it as Taaffeite. Imagine if the world’s largest Taaffeite, which weighs just over 10 carats, appeared in museums, but could a 10-carat Taaffeite make a perfectly round 8-carat bead, unless it was already round?

“How much is the Taaffeite market price?” Someone asked.

“I don’t know.” Boss Ma shook his head and everyone wondered if he really didn’t know or wouldn’t say more.

“It’s probably 160,000 Yuan per gram.” Boss Wu said.

Those who didn’t know collectively inhaled cold air. If One Gram is worth 160,000 Yuan then wouldn’t this bead of more than 1.6 grams be worth more than 250,000 Yuan, and this Taaffeite is so flawless that it can also be made into pearls and Jade Beads, which is probably higher in value. They began to despise Boss Ma. This guy even wanted to buy it for 3,000 Yuan. If he really succeeded, he would have made money like crazy.

Even Su Jing’s face flashed with surprise, the value of this bead exceeded his expectations. Su Jing had to sigh at the fact that the people of Shrouding The Heavens Universe are really rich and arrogant, he had removed a total of 215 Beads from the broken bead curtain and he can estimate that all of them would sell for more than 50 Million Yuan. This is only a small broken part. According to the arc shape of this small part, he can speculate that the entire bead curtain should be semi-circular in shape. Then there must be at least a few thousand in total. The complete bead curtain would be worth a fortune.

Of course, in Shrouding The Heavens Universe, maybe this kind of Taaffeite is everywhere and it may be just like the very ordinary crystal of the earth. Things that are not rare are worthless for the rich.

“Mr. Su, can you sell this Taaffeite Bead to me?” Boss Wu’s eyes began to shine. For a collector, this type of Taaffeite is worth collecting even if it is irregular in shape, not to mention that this bead is round and crystal clear.

“Boss Wu, I identified it, why should you get it?” Boss Ma was suddenly unhappy.

“Who identified it is not the point.” Tang Hao, Zheng Nan, and others obviously wanted to get in the way.

“That’s okay, the one with the highest price gets it, okay?” Boss Wu said which made everyone twitch slightly. Looking at the current situation, I’m afraid it would be hard for anyone to grab this from Boss Wu, but of course, they won’t be giving up, at the very least, they would make it hard for Boss Wu to easily get it.

“It’s boring to auction one. I have a hundred here. Let’s auction them together.” Su Jing said while taking out a bag from his pocket and opening it. It was a bag of exactly the same Purple Beads. If they weren’t experts then they would have thought that these were marbles for children to play with.

Everyone saw a bag of purple Taaffeite Beads and their eyes almost glared out. Then, their collective eyes began to shine and their breathing became fast, and their heartbeats accelerated, it looked as if they couldn’t wait to grab the bag and run.

“Mr. Su, are you sure you want to auction this bag?” Boss Wu said with excitement.

“Yes, with this one, there are a total of one hundred.” Su Jing threw the one in his hand into the bag and looked at him in a casual manner. Everyone felt their heart getting grabbed by an invisible hand and they wanted to kill Su Jing for his casual manner. What if you break it? Seeing the bead fall on the other beads without any damage, the people were relieved.

“Mr. Su, can you wait a little while before bidding?” “Tang Hao exclaimed.

“Yes.” Su Jing nodded. Tang Hao immediately took out his mobile phone and went to the corner of the courtyard to make a phone call. Obviously, he was discussing with the family jewelry store. Mr. Zheng and several others also pulled out their mobile phones to make calls. Boss Wu was different from them as instead of calling he just stared at the Taaffeite beads in the bag while tapping his fingers gently on the stone table.

“Mr. Su, I bid 25 Million Yuan.” Tang Hao said, causing a lot of people to become stunned.“28 Million Yuan.” Zheng Nan said.

“50 Million.” Boss Wu said with a bored tone. As soon as these words were spoken, Tang Hao and Zheng Nan became dumb and their eyes began to slightly twitch, and they couldn’t help but want to strangle this Boss Wu.

After a moment of silence, Zheng Nan said, “53 Million.”

“60 Million.” Boss Wu said without a pause, Zheng Nan finally gave up, and Tang Hao gave up when the price reached 50 Million. If eyes could kill people, they would have already killed Boss Wu thousands of times.

The audience was silent and no one bid anymore. This price can be said to be quite scary for this treasure that had never appeared before and no one could say whether it was worth it or not. However, after a short contact, Su Jing felt that this Boss Wu was a bright and refreshing person, and his spiritual force was basically consistent with his words and deeds, and Su Jing felt that he was worthy of his trust and communication.“Okay, these 100 Taaffeite Beads belong to Boss Wu.” Su Jing laughed at suddenly receiving another 60 Million Yuan, he was very happy. Counting it out, if he sells out Painite, Emerald, Taaffeite, he can still have a huge sum of money. If he can make money at this rate, it seems that it would not be so terrible to create the Anti-Matter.


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