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“Hey! This is…”

Su Jing has roughly turned over the magazine. In addition to Guo Biting, there are four female stars. Su Jing didn’t pay much attention to the first three stars. After glancing at them, he turned over the pages. He had seen them on TV and didn’t feel much about them. The last one made Su Jing a little surprised.

This actress, Murong Xian’er, is about twenty years old. She looks very beautiful and can be described as a beauty straight out of a fairytale story. Ordinary beauty stars have some defects that people will notice and there will be something that will remain with them such as one thing or another, they are limited by their hairstyle and makeup, and even by shooting angle. For example, Guo Biting, some people think her nostrils are very big and ugly, but those who like her don’t mind at all, they just look at the beauty as a whole. But this Murong Xian’er, no matter which direction or angle one looks at her from, they can’t find any defects. It’s similar to not finding a bone in an egg.

However, the reason why Su Jing was a little surprised was not that she is beautiful, but because she is good at instruments such as ancient zither, guzheng, pipa, and other musical instruments and she is the granddaughter of Mr. Murong, who is famous in the ancient zither world. The “Flying Immortal” ancient zither in her hand is one of the three masterpieces of Mr. Murong and is equally famous as Su Jing’s “Moon Whisper”.

Murong Xian ‘er has been famous in ancient zither ever since she was 12 years old. She was often invited to perform in cla.s.sical concerts, cultural and art centers, and even performed in large concerts abroad. Although this has the role of her grandfather’s fame, her own talent is beyond doubt.

Of course, it’s not easy. Even though she is well-known in the field of ancient zither, her exposure rate is very low. Until last year when she had a song that became popular on the Internet. Her sweet voice and solid singing skills will not lose to even professional singers, and then she successively launched a dozen songs which sold at a high price. With a fairytale-like beauty and sweet voice, she quickly became popular, becoming the G.o.ddess in many male otaku’s minds.

“Murong Xian’er, arguably Biting’s biggest compet.i.tor.” w.a.n.g Siya glanced at Su Jing’s open magazine and said. This ‘Perfect New Cloths’ advertis.e.m.e.nt is not very popular even though there are many celebrities. There is no big brand either. Guo Biting can give a lot of points to her clothes by virtue of her flat model’s foundation with her beauty and temperament. Some clothes that are not very good-looking are put on her to make them look good. It has caused them to become more attractive and cheaper than the average cloths. However, compared with this Murong Xian’er, she can’t take any advantage.

“But with these ancient clothes designed by you, it shouldn’t be difficult to win the championship in the next issue.” Xie Yaling smiled.

“I think so too.” Su Jing nodded that made w.a.n.g Siya and Guo Biting roll their eyes. If people praise you, then just accept it, why do you need to boast too, your face is really thick.

Su Jing and others didn’t stay much. After chatting for a while, he left. After all, they made clothes, tried clothes, recorded programs and even made brand sales. Su Jing just have to design them. He doesn’t have to deal with the process that comes with it.

“If Murong Xian’er sees A’Jing, he will probably get along well with her.” After Su Jing left, w.a.n.g Siya said.

“Why?” Guo Biting and Xie Yaling are both confused. It is said that this Murong Xian’er character is very cold similar tho that of an iceberg, it is hard for any men to get close to her, why would A’Jing get along with her?

“Because A’Jing is an ancient zither master, his “Origin Cultivation Meditation Song” on the Internet is very popular and it is very nice, Murong Xian’er will like it after listening.” w.a.n.g Siya laughs.

“Origin Cultivation Meditation Song is played by A’Jing?” Guo Biting is dumbfounded. She likes the Origin Cultivation Meditation Song and uses it as a ringtone, but she doesn’t know that the player is Su Jing.

After leaving the clothing store, Su Jing did not go home immediately, but went to the top of a building, took the tablet out of the storage bag and watched the surveillance video taken by the Invisible Lizard. Su Jing naturally couldn’t always look at the situation of He Qianyun’s house, so he could only record it, then quickly play it and stop and listen when He Qianyun talked to people.

“Huh?” Su Jing’s eyes suddenly brightened and the video was turned to normal. He can only see He Qianyun and a handsome young man beside the female secretary, Song Junhao, sitting on the sofa. Su Jing squinted and realized that this matter was really related to Song Junhao.

“Brother He, what happened to the inst.i.tute, I have heard that the police have not caught the culprit yet?” Song Junhao asked.

“Not only did they not catch him, but they also couldn’t even identify him even after seeing his face, there are no clues, the police are getting increasingly incompetent.” He Qianyun’s voice pressed with anger.

“Even if you catch him, you would only be able to vent your anger. The destruction of the inst.i.tute has become a fact. It can’t be changed. What are you going to do Brother He?” Song Junhao asked.

“I don’t have so much money on hand, I’m afraid I need to put it on hold for a while.” He Qianyun glanced at Song Junhao and poured tea for him, and said, “If you invest some money, we can speed up the reconstruction.”

“How much has the investment cost?” Song Junhao seems to have guessed that He Qianyun would say this and wasn’t surprised at all and asked with a smile.

“About four million,” He Qianyun said.

“That’s OK. Let’s share it. There are still some talents on my side. You can add them to your work. If we can dig out Su Jing’s secrets, millions will be nothing at all. We don’t have to worry about this little money. I hope that Elder Brother He will be honest with me and work together to get things done.” Song Junhao is very straightforward but he is the only one who knows what he is thinking.

“Brother Song’s words are really refreshing.” He Qianyun laughed and said, “Are there any results on the aphrodisiac tests on your side?”

“No, it’s still the same, most of it is flour and the other materials can’t be detected.” Song Junhao’s face is full of helpless expressions.

“It seems that it is not that simple to dig up Su Jing’s secrets.” He Qianyun glanced at Song Junhao and didn’t know if he really believed Song Junhao, but even if Song Junhao was concealing something, he has no way but to believe him, after all, the study of aphrodisiac has no part of him.

The two of them continued to talk for a while, and Song Junhao left. Unfortunately, the two did not fully trust each other, so naturally, they did not reveal any important information. Su Jing listened to it in vain. The only information he got was that Song Junhao was studying aphrodisiac.

“Last time, Lu Xiongtao was instigated by Song Junhao. Seeing that he didn’t protect Lu Xiongtao, I thought he stopped. I didn’t expect that he was still playing tricks in secret. It seems that I can’t take him lightly.” Su Jing thought. However, in the surveillance video, as soon as Song Junhao left, the female secretary came in and handed He Qianyun a piece of information.

“What is this?” He Qianyun wondered.

“Company interview list.” The female secretary said.

“What are you bringing them to me for, they are only a few salesmen, do I need to manage them?” He Qianyun frowned.

“Oh, the general salesman, of course, do not need the boss to manage, but I sorted out the information of a girl above, I think the boss will definitely care.” The female secretary smiled.

He Qianyun looked down at the information. The Invisible Lizard also looked at the information very cleverly, making the shooting clearer. Su Jing zoomed in on the monitor screen and took a closer look and his pupils shrunk slightly (To be continued ~^~)


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