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Read Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 235 – Unscrupulous Romantic Affairs Created by the Game Officials

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Read WebNovel Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 235 – Unscrupulous Romantic Affairs Created by the Game Officials

Chapter 235: Unscrupulous Romantic Affairs Created by the Game Officials

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

On the streets filled with Magic Lanterns, the creatures gathered in a circle that encompa.s.sed a collapsed creature. They discussed the creature’s plight.

Sherlock and the gamers moved through the crowd. Within the crowd, a Gnome was convulsing and vomiting white foam on the ground.

A Gnome was suddenly ill and collapsed on the ground, which invited the surrounding creatures to watch.

The gamers followed Sherlock. Before they could speak, they were restrained by his dominant aura, and they entered Plot Animation mode.

Sherlock looked at the Gnome on the ground and frowned.

“Great filth! Great filth! Great filth!”

A Beetlemon ambulance dashed to the scene as a creature on top of the ambulance shouted for the crowd to give way. The ambulance had the words “Fatality Hospital Ambulance” on it.

The ambulance came to a halt, and a few creatures jumped down. Gnomes, Orcs, and Slimes who were wearing white nurse and doctor outfits jumped down. They proceeded to rescue the Gnome, who was on the ground.

“Give way! Give way! We are medical staff!” the leading doctor shouted as he brought his staff over. They knelt down to check the condition of the Gnome.

“The victim has obvious bite marks. The body is ice cold. The mouth is vomiting white foam. The face is turning green. I think he’s poisoned!”

“Doctor, a Gnome’s face is always green.” a Slime nurse with a good figure reminded the doctor softly, but the doctor rebuked confidently, “What are you saying? Don’t I know that? He’s turning green, and he’s not going to make it. We have to remove the poisoned area and move him up to the Beetlemon. Prepare for an around-the-neck amputation operation! The wounded area has to be removed. Whether he makes it depends on his will to survive.”

“It’s bad! The patient stopped breathing!”

“Quick! Prepare the operation for the removal of his lungs!”

A group of medical staff lifted the poisoned Gnome and moved him to the Beetlemon. There were shouts of “Great filth! Great filth! Great filth!” as they left.

Soon after the Beetlemon left, the crowd dispersed. Some creatures were discussing whether the Gnome could survive the ordeal.

Only Sherlock looked at the distant Beetlemon ambulance and pondered.

“Lord Sherlock, is there anything wrong?”

Bru’s voice was heard in Sherlock’s mind. He shook his head and said, “No. It’s none of our business.”

Sherlock went sightseeing with the gamers for the greater part of the night. Evelynn was too tired and went back to the Hotel to rest.

Finally, Beast and Yoda shared a room, while Brainiac and Evelynn each stayed in their own room.

Eggface and the gamers went sightseeing for the entire night.

Yoda was awake early in the morning. All of them took the Airs.h.i.+p and returned to Eternal Kingdom.

Eggface was exhausted after being up the previous night, so he went back to his nest to sleep after he got back.

More than half of the gamers went offline after they got onto the Airs.h.i.+p. The rest of the gamers went offline after they arrived at Eternal Kingdom to sleep. They were exhausted after staying online for a long period of time.

The Winterfell experience of the gamers was posted on the discussion forum immediately.

When Sherlock browsed the discussion forum, there were many posts and replies. One of the posts was:

[Full Winterfell Ball report and matters regarding the official game’s goodies.]

“♪(^∇^*) h.e.l.lo everyone, I’m NotWearingPants.

It has been a long time. As there are many excellent gamers who are contributing excellent content to the forum, I’m posting less on the forum recently. However, this is an extraordinary post. Please support me so that my post can remain on the front page.

The facts show that completing many construction-related Daily Missions is a wise choice. After the Daily Mission Point System was implemented secretly, my companions and I spent a large amount of time to acc.u.mulate ma.s.sive points.

Yesterday, we received a Special Mission, which was to accompany Sherlie to the Winterfell Ball.

Winterfell is a special NPC Dungeon. After the previous Battle Campaign Scenario in Winterfell, everyone is familiar with the Dungeon. My room is filled with useful furniture from Winterfell.

The location of the Ball was a manor in the rural area outside Winterfell. I will praise the high standard of the game’s production. Let’s take a look at the scenery in the manor:


The Plot had some new characters and possible future missions that include the superior Devil Andrew:


And the mission related to Sacred Light Mentor Beast. After Beast broke down, we got to know that he was the Winterfell Business Unit Supervisor and the son-in-law of Dungeon Lord Onionhead. He’s a strong believer in the Power of Sacred Light and is a fervent learner.

After the Ancient G.o.ds invaded Winterfell, his father-in-law wanted to break off ties with him. So Onionhead deceived Beast and told Beast that he was dismissed so he couldn’t protect him. Beast was to leave Winterfell and defect to Sherlie. During the Ball, Beast discovered that his father-in-law wasn’t dismissed. Instead, Onionhead was promoted.

Beast, who was deceived, wished to take part in a ‘Dark Rider’ Tournament and meet his wife, something he could do if he were to win the compet.i.tion.

Due to various reasons (and also Game Plot requirements), Beast is unable to take part in the tournament. So the forty gamers registered for the tournament. We are waiting for the compet.i.tion to take place.

I’m not sure if there are any other ways to register for the tournament.

There aren’t many problems. It’s understandable if the development team has some silly plots.

In the later part, we did a ma.s.s dance to help Sherlie win the dance compet.i.tion. I’m unable to understand this part. (All portions are struck off)

Then the development team introduced the romantic affairs of Sherlie.

Our Succubus Evelynn wanted to invite Sherlie to dance. I was able to see her intention. You can say that it’s a normal dance or a romantic affair. I feel that it wasn’t overly done.

However, a Fallen Angel came and wanted to be Sherlie’s dance partner.

I shall show the Fallen Angel’s picture:


The main point is that the scene was like a bad script from a low-quality novel. Everyone was smitten by the Fallen Angel. Even Andrew came forward to court the Fallen Angel.

The result was predictable. The Fallen Angel ignored Andrew and walked to Sherlie, asking to be Sherlie’s dance partner.

This is frustrating. Why are the gamers not the main characters? Why are such Fallen Angels not arranged for us?

Then the Fallen Angel and Evelynn each took one side of Sherlie. Even our master, Eggface, didn’t have a place to sit down. This is the evidence:


After the Ball, we were fortunate enough to have the chance to sightsee the night scene of Winterfell!

Though we came to Winterfell before, that was to rescue the Dungeon as the righteous saviors. The inhabitants were in a coma then. This time, the situation was different. We experienced the rich culture of the Underworld nightlife.

When we were sightseeing, we saw a wounded Gnome who was on the ground. Then he was taken away by medical staff. We don’t know the significance of the Plot.

As for the details of the Underworld nightlife, I will create another post!”

After Sherlock finished reading the post, Bru said, “Lord Sherlock, what’s with that Gnome? I can see your great concern.”

“Not much of a problem. The Gnome had the scent of Samael,” Sherlock said directly.

“Sa… Samael?”

Bru was shocked, but Sherlock didn’t say anything more. A letter was thrown out from the flames of the Dungeon Core.

“To the respectable Lord Sherlock—Merchant Alliance”


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