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Read Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 522 – 522 Version 0.91 Update Log

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522 Version 0.91 Update Log

[Announcement of New Version 0.91 Updates]

“Dear gamers, in the previous version, we witnessed the world war from two different factions. After a heated battle, the gamers of Eternal Kingdom achieved the final victory and gained control of the Dark Portal. They possess the ability to enter the Surface World at any time.

After the intense Faction War Battle Campaign, we are introducing the new version!

It will be a version that allows gamers to have more frequent and detailed interaction with the world!

Like before, we won’t publish all of the content at once. You may not believe it, but even we don’t know the exact content of the new version. But you can be certain that we will emphasize more on the social gameplay and upgrades of personal capability and status! We are making ma.s.sive preparations.

This is the available content of the new update:

We added large numbers of NPCs—Underworld Faction NPCs and Surface World Faction NPCs: You’ll discover a large number of NPCs in the game. They belong to different factions. The number and attributes of the factions have to be explored by the gamers. The Plot will be determined by the interactions of the NPCs with the gamers. Gamers aren’t restricted to Eternal Kingdom or Victoria City. They can exert their influence all over the world.

We added a new Teleport Portal location, the Dark Portal: The Dark Portal connects the two worlds together. We have constructed the location of the new Teleport Portal. The winner of the Battle Campaign will be able to use this portal. From the result of the second Faction War, Eternal Kingdom achieved final victory, so the gamers of Eternal Kingdom will have the ability to use the Dark Portal.

We added a new building in Eternal Kingdom, Eternal Kingdom Prison: During the second Faction War, Eternal Kingdom captured many soldiers of the G.o.dly Kingdom that wanted to destroy Eternal Kingdom. Sherlock constructed a new prison to hold the Surface World monsters. Gamers are prohibited from entering.

We added new facilities, Magic Stone Extraction Devices: This is the result of the latest research in Mana Engineering. The devices can extract a large amount of Magic Stones from Humans. The devices are placed in the special room at the Mana Engineering Hall. The gamers have the responsibility of protecting the property of Eternal Kingdom.

We added a new function, the Lord Overseer System: A gamer of Victoria City triggered a new function. The Surface World NPCs will propose missions that have land as a reward. After the gamers complete the missions, they might receive land and become a Lord Overseer. Gamers in Eternal Kingdom who want to be a Lord Overseer have to make significant contributions and be appointed by Lord Sherlock.

The details of the Lord Overseer System will be refined by the gamers over time.

We added a large amount of new equipment, G.o.dly Kingdom Set Equipment: The equipment came from the soldiers of the G.o.dly Kingdom. Gamers of Eternal Kingdom and Victoria City can own and refit the equipment. The G.o.dly Kingdom Set Equipment will have new attributes and special effects. Gamers can find out the details of the attributes and effects in the game.

We added a new BUG: You may receive missions to release the soldiers of the G.o.dly Kingdom. When you complete the mission, even if you receive rewards, the rewards will be confiscated by the system. This is an irreversible BUG.”

Sherlock nodded in satisfaction after checking the content. Bru said, “Lord Sherlock, you’re a genius. You’ve thought of so much content within such a short period of time. I believe that the gamers will work as slaves for you, just like me. How can we earn profits from the gamers this time?”

“Earn profits? Why do you see me as a profiteer? I want the gamers to be happy, just like the Human who is wandering outside with a small Wyvern. When I observe him, I also feel happy. I’m happy when they’re happy. What do you think?”

Bru immediately said, “I always thought Lord Sherlock was using them as Human tools.”

“Human tools are Humans too,” Sherlock said as he clicked on the mouse b.u.t.ton. The post for announcing Version 0.91 was uploaded to the discussion forum.

Every time, a new version would excite the gamers for a few days. It was the same this time. The gamers were looking forward to the Open Beta. To have the Open Beta, the Yggdrasill had to be connected to the Dungeon Core so that the Mana pool of Yggdrasill could be shared with the new gamers.

However, Sherlock didn’t have the energy to solve the problem of Yggdrasill. Besides making arrangements for the extraction of Magic Stones from the Humans, he had to deal with the incessant interviews from the media.

As the only Dungeon Lord that had fought against the Surface World since thousands of years ago, the reputation of Sherlock spread throughout the entire Northern Underworld with the help of the observers. After the news reports of Patrick Star were published, the other news and media outlets didn’t want to miss the chance. They flooded Winterfell and asked Winterfell Dungeon Lord Nicholas to help contact Sherlock for special interviews.

Nicholas didn’t want to bother Sherlock, but he appeared in Nicholas’ office. Sherlock witnessed a news reporter giving a large amount of Magic Stones to Nicholas and begging him, but Nicholas declined.

Sherlock was moved. He walked over and said to Nicholas, “Aiya, La.s.sie, you’ll be hated by the media if you decline them. I know you’re trying to help me, but if you’re in a difficult position, I’ll feel sad. I won’t reject the interviews. If the reporters look for you, you may make the arrangements for us to meet in Winterfell. However, we have to set a fee for the reporters. I feel that 10,000 to 100,000 Magic Stones is a good level. I will charge 10,000 Magic Stones for an additional 30 minutes of interview time.”

Sherlock tried to justify himself, saying, “Don’t misunderstand. I’m not short of money. I just don’t want the disreputable reporters to interview me. Forget about the reporters from the small newsroom.”

Nicholas was touched. The powerful Sherlock didn’t want to make things difficult for Nicholas, so he accepted the troublesome interviews. Such an amount of Magic Stones was small to a merchant like Nicholas. He was sure that Sherlock wasn’t short of money or a gold-digger. Sherlock was trying to help him, so Nicholas was moved beyond words.

Before long, Sherlock met with the first batch of reporters.


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