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Read Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 570 – The War Between the Victorians and the Nobles

Gamers of the Underworld is a web novel created by Blue-white Sky, 蓝白的天.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Read WebNovel Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 570 – The War Between the Victorians and the Nobles

Chapter 570: The War Between the Victorians and the n.o.bles

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

A group of Goblins was being brought in by the Devils. The Goblins were from Eternal Kingdom, evident by the green names above their heads.

“Commander, they charged into our camp during the battle, but we didn’t kill them since they were unarmed. They knelt on the ground and begged for mercy,” one of the Devil soldiers said. Chocolate knew exactly what they were thinking.

Chocolate was deeply worried. The Devils might not be able to defend the construction site even if they charged out. Moreover, they were currently being overwhelmed by the enemy.

In order to turn the tide, he had to obtain intelligence and devise a plan instead of using brute force like last time.

Even General Chocolate had given up on his initial thoughts. He decided to meet these captured Goblins.

The Goblins who were tied up were being escorted to him.

“Commander, these are the captured Goblins. There are only a few of them, as most of them are aggressive. Most of the Goblins weren’t mentally stable and don’t look like normal captives. We killed those abnormal captives.”

“What do you mean by abnormal captives?” General Chocolate asked.

His Devil soldier took out a round Adamantine rock, and images appeared from the rock. The images depicted the captured Goblins laughing heartily and saying strange words.

“Gosh, the operation was successful. The information in the discussion forum is true!”

“What shall we do? Do we defect immediately?”

“I confess. I’ll confess everything. I’ll give you the map of Eternal Kingdom!”

“Let me join the Devil army. I’m in adoration of the Devil army. Please let me join you!”

“After entering our territory, the Goblins were shouting strangely. As a safety precaution, we killed all of them.”

The Devil soldier used his feet to point at the Goblins and said, “These are the remaining Goblins. They look normal.”

Like the soldier said, the Goblins were full of fear, not making any noise. Normal Goblins should behave like this.

How could a captured Goblin be so talkative?

Since the beginning of the war, the Goblins of Eternal Kingdom weren’t like normal Goblins. However, General Chocolate didn’t think about such things.

He decided to interrogate the Goblins personally. Perhaps, he would obtain some unexpected information.

General Chocolate got what he wanted.

On the Surface World, the united n.o.bles didn’t know what was happening in Eternal Kingdom. The Underworld was too far away from them. Their main priority was to deal with the terrifying Victorians.

They cooperated with each other and gathered all the soldiers they could muster, managing to a.s.semble more than 10,000 soldiers.

More than 100 Knights of the n.o.bles led the army to fight against the Victorians who usurped their territories.

Their plan and tactics were simple. When the main force of the Victorians moved out of a territory, they would kill the Victorians who remained behind.

After occupying their territories, they would solicit war materials and conscript soldiers from the commoners. Since the Victorians were numerous, they could also conscript the commoners to boost their strength.

The Victorians couldn’t possibly stay in one territory since they had to expand rapidly. To the n.o.bles, the few hundred to a few thousand Victorians that remained in a given territory were the only ones left to guard it.

As long as they slowly eliminated the Victorians this way, the enemy would run out of troops!

They didn’t know that the Victorians who remained behind weren’t the same group as those who invaded the n.o.bles. The invading force of Victoria City came from the various Guilds.

After occupying a territory, a single Guild would be left to guard it. The land would become the Guild’s territory. After paying fees, the generous Queen Victoria would give the Guild Chairman a t.i.tle.

It didn’t matter if the n.o.bles knew about that. They would have to fight the Victorians regardless.

The strong army of the n.o.bles occupied the territories of the Guilds easily.

Before the gamers had the chance to construct their city walls and fortifications, they were defeated by the n.o.bles.

The raw materials, weapons, and armor prepared by the gamers became the loot for the n.o.bles.

To the n.o.bles, the looted pieces of equipment were metal, but they were sufficient to equip the commoners.

After achieving several victories, the confidence of the n.o.bles inflated.

As long as they weren’t captured by the Victorian army behind, victory was within their grasp. The Victorians who were guarding the territories were like helpless sheep that were waiting to be killed.

The Victorians could have fled when the n.o.bles attacked, but they were unwilling to escape. Their strong desire to own territories made them look like foolish country b.u.mpkins.

Even the n.o.bles understood the principle that as long as one survived, they could make a comeback.

The n.o.bles weren’t complacent for too long, as they were hit by a blitzkrieg from the Victorians.

As the n.o.bles pushed towards the territories in the direction of Victoria Forest, they recovered more territories, conscripted more commoners, and obtained more equipment and materials. That slowed them down considerably.

After a military conference, they decided to abandon a lot of war materials to gain greater speed.

When they thought that they could easily invade the territories that were occupied by the Victorians, a large army emerged from the edge of Victoria Forest.


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