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Read Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki Volume 5 Chapter 8 Part2

Garudeina Oukoku Koukoku Ki is a web novel produced by 桜朔.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Woow, I never read this novel but it seems really good! Enjoy the chapter =)



George was thinking alone, while crossing arms.

“What to do about this… … Galdina city would be a solution for them but….”

If the only problem is danger, then while living next to each other, there is a possibility that the life in that city would be quite pleasing for them. However, the problem are dragonets. Currently, in that city, I give important roles by ability, but if there is a strong and intelligent tribe like dragonets there, it’s a rich sign that problems will arise.

“Although they’re also an existence we can’t ignore… “

As long as a tribe is good enough in magic and battle, they will definitely be useful from now on.

“Apart from guards, why don’t you try creating troops composed only by dragonets …?”

As a combat unit directly under George, a dragonets unit capable of air combat would be good. There is no doubt that it will be considerable advance. The problem is that the members of the guards are not going to be happy about this.

They themselves have pride as an organization under the jurisdiction of George, they endure hard training every day and contribute to the maintenance of the public security in the city. I can’t do such a thing as to disregard them. This can cause some scars on their confidence.

“I’ll have to check this with the other officials in the city”

Leon at his side, is looking at George worried. George has been indulging in thoughts a long time and no longer speaks. He seems to be humble, that’s not problem, but not all dragonets respect someone humble.


“Well, what is it?”

“There is a little suggestion, is it good to say it?”

“Proposal …”?

“Ah … well … not only for you but for everyone living here,”

As a result, George first decided to start with the plan of moving them to Galdina.

After looking at that village, after having found that kind of place, I will send the people to the city of Galdine, in the meantime I will discuss with the executives of the city and discuss how to proceed with the dragonets. This case is completely different to previous ones, and if they come to Galdina, my troubles will increase, even if they don’t come, Galdine already has troubles. That’s why if the procedures are taken with care, it will not become bad for that city no matter which way we go.

“Well, because I was tired and trying to get some time off, I am also totally out of the matters at the city.”

George was thinking about how to tell them about this with a bitter smile.


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