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One step, two steps…

The disciples slowly walked towards the middle-aged man kneeling on the ground. It didn’t take long before he was standing behind him.

“Senior brother w.a.n.g, senior brother w.a.n.g. What’s wrong?” the disciple shouted carefully, gripping his sword as tight as he could just in case anything went wrong.

However, the middle-aged man ignored him completely. He just kept his head low and murmured softly.

The disciple was a little freaked out to see that.

Although there were no ghosts in this world, but the middle-aged man was acting so strangely that the disciple couldn’t help but make connections between the two.

“Senior brother w.a.n.g, I’m Lu Xiaochuan…” the disciple took another step forward and introduced himself as he cautiously put a hand on the man’s shoulder.

However, as soon as he did that, he heard the sound of bones cracking.


After that, the middle-aged man collapsed to the ground.

They heard a bunch of heartrending sounds, and the middle-aged man’s body became smaller and smaller. He eventually crumpled to the ground as all his bones were broken.

This scene made Lu Xiaochuan’s hair stood on end.

Even though he had killed someone before, such a creepy way of dying was too much for him to handle.

However, Lu Xiaochuan didn’t run away immediately, which showed that he was mentally tough. Just as he was about to take a closer look at the man’s body, he heard someone shouting.

“Junior brother Lu, run!”

“Run?!” Lu Xiaochuan trembled and intuitively retreated. Despite that, he felt his entire body being crushed by a terrifying pressure right when he was about to take the first step.

Following which, he kneeled down on the ground uncontrollably.

Most importantly, the pressure was pressing so hard against his chest that it was making a buzzing noise.

“Glub, Gu… Gu…” Lu Xiaochuan made a low and deep sound, and with that, he was closing his palms together.

This was an eerie sight to behold, especially for the disciples standing behind him.

The only word that could describe what was happening, was ‘possessed’.

The middle-aged man, senior brother w.a.n.g, kneeled down in front of Heaven Receiving Door.

Lu Xiaochuan, who went to check on him, also kneeled down after he touched senior brother w.a.n.g. His position even seemed like he was welcoming senior brother w.a.n.g.

“It’s a ghost!” the disciple in white was freaked out and he ran away without ever stopping.

It wasn’t just because this was out of control. More importantly, what happened at the Heaven Receiving Door was too horrifying.

The other two disciples were pale as a sheet as well when they saw this.

It was too harrowing.

So many people had ‘died’ in just mere moments. The ground was painted red by the blood, producing a blood-chilling scene.

Wait a minute, the blood on the ground?!

The two disciples went agape when they saw the blood on the ground, because it seemed to be following a weird pattern.

It felt like a… Diagram!

Furthermore, it was a huge circle that contained extremely complicated symbols which were formed by the blood.

There were eight of these symbols!

“Blood… Blood Offering Ill.u.s.tration!” One of the disciples finally started trembling, because he had seen the same diagram a few months ago.

The only difference was, the Blood Offering Ill.u.s.tration was in the sky when he saw it the first time. However, it was on the ground this time.

Most importantly, the eighth symbol on the Blood Offering Ill.u.s.tration was slowly coagulating and glowing with a b.l.o.o.d.y radiance.

“This is wrong, something’s wrong. Eight… That’s it, eight of them! Eight people died… This is strange!”

The other disciple looked towards the bodies on the ground and became stunned when he realized something.

There were exactly eight disciples that died.

Of the eight disciples guarding the Heaven Receiving Door, six died on the spot. Senior brother w.a.n.g was dragged away and started ‘praying’ in front of the door, following which, junior brother Lu went to take his place. Adding up the six deceased disciples and the other two who kneeled down in front of the door, it just so happened that there were eight of them.


At this instance, the sky turned dark, and a ma.s.sive bolt of purple lightning descended and struck the Heaven Receiving Door.



The beast head on top of the door moved. It revealed its fangs and its two diamond-like eyes were glowing brightly.

At the meantime, the door that was supposed to be closed, opened without any warming.

It opened wide enough to let a person through, revealing many glittering stars.

“Opened, it has really… Opened. The Heaven Receiving Door has opened!!” the two disciples wanted to run away, but their dutifulness reminded them that this wasn’t the time for that. Therefore, they started shouting for attention.

At this moment, a shadow appeared from the door.

It was a man, a skinny man. A sword hilt was barely visible on his back, indicating that he could be carrying a sword.

One step, two steps…

The shadow seemed to have come from afar. He was walking slowly out of the door, and his appearance was getting clearer with each step he took.

“Some… Someone’s coming out?!” the two disciples intuitively took a few steps back. They wanted to run away because they couldn’t help but be terrified by a man walking out of Heaven Receiving Door. However, they couldn’t run away because they were Heaven Dao Pavilion’s disciples.

While they were hesitating, the man finally walked out of the door. Under the lightning’s flash, they saw a young man in a white scholar’s robe. He was indeed carrying a sword on his back. The sword was transparent with a snow-like pelt, and it exuded a hint of coldness.

“Nan… Nangong Hao?!”

“Junior brother? Junior brother Nangong, you… you didn’t die?” the two disciples didn’t know how to describe their feelings. There was confusion, terror, and also surprise and shock.

Nangong Hao came out!

He came out of Heaven Receiving Door?!

How could they believe their eyes?

Most importantly, this Nangong Hao seemed obviously different from the one they knew, especially his face.

The original Nangong Hao wasn’t extremely handsome, but he was bright and positive, so people couldn’t help but get close to him.

However, the Nangong Hao that came out of Heaven Receiving Door… Wasn’t positive at all. He was cold and creepy.

Half of his face was covered by blood-red symbols, and his right eye even contained a sanguine Blood Offering Ill.u.s.tration.

“Senior brothers, it’s nice to see you.” Nangong Hao didn’t seem to have noticed the changed in their expressions. He nodded after he identified them and paid his respect as a junior brother.

Then, he raised his head and looked towards the sky. At the moment, storm clouds were gathering in the sky, and purple lightnings were flas.h.i.+ng constantly. It seemed that a storm might be coming at any minute.

The two disciples glanced at each other.

They clearly didn’t look very good, because after all, the incident that took place a few months ago, the change in Nangong Hao’s appearance, and even the fact that he walked out of the Heaven Receiving Door, were all telling them that this Nangong Hao was no longer the Nangong Hao that they knew.

To put it in a different way, they didn’t even know if this Nangong Hao was still their junior brother.

“Junior brother Nangong, how… How did you get out… Out of the Heaven Receiving Door?” one of the disciples asked softly after some hesitation.

The other disciple placed his hand on his sword with a frown, extremely alert and cautious.

Both of them seemed to be waiting, or rather, they were stalling him.

However, Nangong Hao didn’t seem to be leaving, and he wasn’t going to answer the question either. He was just staring at the sky quietly.

After a long time, he finally retracted his gaze.

Then, he looked towards Lu Xiaochuan, who was kneeling on the ground, before he tapped his forehead with his finger.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Lu Xiaochuan collapsed as if all his bones were broken, just like what happened to senior brother w.a.n.g.

The heartrending sound accompanied the equally spine-chilling scene.

It didn’t take too long before Lu Xiaochuan’s body fell to the ground completely. He was dead, just like senior brother w.a.n.g.


The two disciples gasped uncontrollably. Even though it was a hot summer day, they felt a chill up their spines.


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