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Chapter 1054: Arrival of the Era of Destruction

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

Yun Qingwu did not explain further.

Powerful individuals of the Monster Race and Demon Race descended in front of her eyes at a speed that was much faster than before. Three of them descended in a few seconds’ time.

Exactly how many stars were there in the galaxy?

Probably n.o.body could answer this question just like how n.o.body knew how many powerful individuals would descend after the Gates of G.o.d of the Two Realms of Monsters and Demons opened.

There were way too many.

Moreover, they were now facing a special situation.

One of the four ancient beasts had died and the other three were fighting with Fang Zhengzhi and the rest. Meanwhile, Nangong Mu was going against the twelve ancient demon warlocks.

Judging from the current situation…

It looked like the Monster Race and Demon Race still had a huge advantage.

However, this advantage was not well-used as many G.o.dly beasts like Bai Ze and Bi Fang left.

Even some demons who had descended also left.

There were not the soldiers of the Chi You Race but other special characters. For example, a lady in red who was currently walking down the mountain.

Her entire body was as red as fire.

Her clothes, shoes, hair, and even the whip in her hand were all red. Fire radiance flickered on her body and she radiated heat.

She was a demon. However, she was a unique demon, a demon that was born with “element”, or she could be called a Heavenly Demon.

“Who is that?!”

“What is this?”

The army of the Great Xia Dynasty who was charging up from the foot of the mountain was shocked when they saw the lady in red.

However, the lady in red did not seem to be bothered about the army of the Great Xia Dynasty in front of her. Neither did she greet the demons and the G.o.dly beasts of the monster race.

She left right away.

She turned into a flame and soared to the sky.

She looked like a fairy that stepped on the stairway to heaven and went straight to the realm of fairy. The only difference was that instead of going to heaven straight away, she went somewhere far.

“She is a Demon?” Wu Yuer was curious about the scene as she just mentioned about how the demon race would be led by the twelve warlocks.

“Yes, they are the Heavenly Demons, the unique kind of the demon race. They were born with the ‘demonic powers’ and is completely different from the Chi You.” Yun Qingwu nodded without feeling afraid of anything.

“Demonic powers?” Wu Yuer understood that the so-called demonic powers referred to the Origin Energy in the small dimension of the humankind but with a different name.

Born with the demonic powers!

What did that mean? It was very obvious.

The Heavenly demons were very powerful!

Besides that, they were definitely not inferior to the Chi You race or they would not disregard the twelve warlocks and leave casually.

“Do you feel extremely desperate to not die?” Wu Yuer looked at Yun Qingwu and said in a serious manner.

“But I will still die,” said Yun Qingwu.

“Do you not want to leave during the chaos?” Wu Yuer did not believe that Yun Qingwu was willing to die and thought that she would definitely have wanted to flee.

“I won’t leave.” Yun Qingwu shook her head.

“Why?” Wu Yuer did not understand. Yun Qingwu said she “won’t leave” instead of “don’t want to leave”. They might sound similar but were actually very different.

“Because I am in the wrong.”

“You are in the wrong?!” Wu Yuer was evidently shocked.

This was the first time she had heard Yun Qingwu said that she was in the wrong. Moreover, she did not know what wrong did Yun Qingwu refer to.



“I thought I could the Monster Race and Demon Race and help them make a comeback. However, now it seems like I am indeed in the wrong.” Yun Qingwu looked into the sky and the Gates of G.o.d of the Two Realms of Monsters and Demons which was radiating with radiance. She seemed to be slightly lost.

“You are referring to… these?” Wu Yuer seemed to have figured it out.

“Let me ask you a question.” Instead of answering Wu Yuer, Yun Qingwu turned and look at her with a serious expression.

“Shoot.” Wu Yuer was slightly shocked but still nodded.

“How can a weak person make a powerful individual comply with him?” asked Yun Qingwu.

“This…” Wu Yuer frowned slightly and seemed to be deep in thought. Soon after, she replied, “There are many ways to make a powerful individual comply with a weak person. For example, bribe or control him with a spell. However, in order to truly make a powerful individual comply with him…”

“It’s very difficult.” Yun Qingwu continued before sighing. “I thought I could do that and in reality, I am working towards this as well. However, the more I tried, the more powerless I felt.”


“Yes, my cultivation is not good enough and my mental strength is not strong enough to last for a long time as well. Therefore, I need sufficient time to rest to recover but once I rest and wake up, I will realize that there are lots of problems waiting for me to resolve.”

“Understandable.” Wu Yuer nodded.

“Eventually, I thought of a method, which is to make the powerful individuals control the weaker ones, the effect of this cycle is good.”

“Hmm, since you thought of a method, why do you still feel powerless?”

“What if I die one day?” Yun Qingwu clenched her fists and her snow white long hair flew in the wind. She looked very lonely.

“…” Wu Yuer shuddered.

That was because she finally understood what Yun Qingwu meant by feeling powerless and why she was in the wrong.

As what Yun Qingwu said, there was no problem with controlling powerful individuals. As long as one could manage it well one level after level, it would eventually stabilize.

This process would only deplete time and energy.

However, once Yun Qingwu who was at the highest level collapsed, what would happen?

The entire pyramid would collapse.

By then, all the powerful monsters and demons would end up in chaos and a battle. The entire world would return to the times of conflict.

“I am wrong, my mistake is that I am overly confident and thought that I could take control. However, I made a grave mistake and neglected the main point. That is none other than the situation when I make a mistake and the world would end up with endless disasters. Fang Zhengzhi pulled me down from the top of the pyramid and made me realize this.” Yun Qingwu looked at the figure in blue at a distance.

Fang Zhengzhi s.n.a.t.c.hed her away from the few G.o.dly State experts!

Left with no choice, Yun Qingwu could only hand over the military power to Qin Xian in order to protect herself as she finds another chance to make a comeback.

However, gradually, Yun Qingwu realized…

Even if she could escape from Fang Zhengzhi, even if she could lead the Monster Race and Demon Race again, the world would definitely end up in endless disasters.

Just like what happened in the ancient era.


Endless battles where people fought for mountains, rivers, spiritual fruits and treasures. The endless fight for things and widespread battles.

If the world was like before, it would end up in blood.

However, if the ancient powerful individuals were the ones who started the battle, it might result in an apocalypse.

Just like what happened in front of them.

The mountain rocks fell and the entire top of the Heaven Zen Mountain looked like it was falling off.

Boom! At this moment, a loud boom was heard and the entire top of the Heaven Zen Mountain began to shake violently.

“Hun Dun is mad!”

“Tao Wu is mad too!”

“Oh no, the Heaven Zen Mountain is going to collapse.”

“Run for your lives!”

The disciples of the Human Alliance and the soldiers of the Great Xia Dynasty panicked when they saw the mountain stones crack open.

The entire Heaven Zen Mountain shook violently.

After witnessing the death of Tao Tie, the beastly nature of Hun Dun and Tao Wu was completely exposed and they swore to kill the entire human population as well as ruin the Heaven Zen Mountain.


Tao Wu’s tail whipped the ground and the rocks were split open. Broken stones flew in the air and the gigantic crack spread continuously as though the Heaven Zen Mountain was about to split into half.

Hun Dun, on the other hand, was more terrifying.

His gigantic mouth opened and could swallow countless rocks at one go. He was more simple-minded, he wanted to swallow the entire Heaven Zen Mountain.

The Human Alliance were stunned.

The four ancient beasts were way too powerful. They had the power to destroy the world and would really do it when they went crazy.

“These two brats are crazy!” Hong You also noticed the scene. He felt astonished as he watched how Tao Wu and Hun Dun were destroying the Heaven Zen Mountain.

However, he was not very surprised.

That was because he could do that with his skill level too. It was extremely easy for them to destroy a mountain.

“Brother, are we still going to wait?” The other warlocks asked.

“We don’t have to follow these two crazy brats. Let’s conserve our energy and wait to see what happens next in the sky!” Hong You thought for a moment before he spoke.

“Alright!” The other warlocks nodded.

Then, the twelve warlocks and the demon soldiers started to fly into the sky and everyone stood in midair like gigantic statues of demon G.o.ds.

Of course, they were demon G.o.ds.

The ancient demon G.o.ds.

However, to the disciples of the Human Alliance, the turn of the event made them panic as not every disciple could fly.

The mountain rocks flew in the sky.

Many of the disciples were hit by the broken rocks and fell in a pool of blood after the rocks went through their bodies.

On the other hand, the soldiers of the Great Xia Dynasty ended up in a more miserable state as some of them were swallowed by the cracks on the ground and fell into the mountain.

The destructive scene was violent and b.l.o.o.d.y.

“Four beasts, how dare you to destroy the Heaven Zen Mountain!” Two beams of cold radiance shot out of Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five’s golden eyes as he witnessed the destruction of the Heaven Zen Mountain.

“Xuanyuan Five, you should worry about yourself,” sneered Qiong Qi.

After fighting against the Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five for so long and being in a disadvantageous position, he was excited to see the destruction of the Heaven Zen Mountain.

“Shameless brat, what do we do now?” Ping Yang leaped up as she was affected by the violent shakes.

Fang Zhengzhi frowned.

They had spent so much time and effort killing Tao Tie alone, they would probably need even more time to kill both Hun Dun and Tao Wu too.

By then…

The entire Heaven Zen Mountain would have been destroyed.

Once the Heaven Zen Mountain was destroyed, the Human Alliance would be terribly injured. The soldiers from the Great Xia Dynasty would probably be wiped out.

That was worth hundreds of thousands of lives.

Were they really going to die there?

“Son of a b.i.t.c.h, stop, what do you want again?!” Mu Qingfeng was very desperate but he could not do anything to Tao Wu.

Tao Wu had no intention to fight with them but was instead whipping the ground with his long tail, planning to destroy the mountain.

“All of you humans have to die for killing Tao Tie!” Tao Wu’s eyes were bloodshot as he continued to attack the mountain rocks.



The entire top of the Heaven Zen Mountain collapsed.

It split from the center and the white altar sank into the cracks and disappeared. Meanwhile, the entire top of the Heaven Zen Mountain was shaking violently.

It could be foreseen that the top of the Heaven Zen Mountain would be destroyed in a couple of minutes.



At this moment, countless golden tree branches surged out from the ground. Every single tree branch hugged the cracked stones like arms.

The shaking was significantly reduced instantly.

Although the rocks were still cracking open, the speed was much slower and the tree branches were gathering the rocks towards the center.

“It’s Nangong Mu!”

“He is saving us?!”

“I can’t believe that he is saving us? We still wanted to break his arms and legs earlier on…”

The disciples of the Human Alliance felt shocked and extremely guilty because they did not expect Nangong Mu to save them.

“This brat is very powerful, he managed to stop the two beasts from destroying the mountain?” Hong You’s eyes lit up as he saw this.

“Indeed.” The other warlocks nodded.

“If we can get this breath of life, the demon race will be able to make a comeback!” Hong You was very excited.

In the ancient era, Chi You reunited the demon race, allowing the demon race to become powerful enough to fight against the army of Emperor Yan and Emperor Huang. They were very powerful.

However, since the death of Chi You, the demon race was segregated and no longer powerful.

A sense of hope for the comeback of the demon race struck Hong You as he saw the golden tree formed by Nangong Mu.


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