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Chapter 1059: Turn of Event, A Shocking Move by Fang Zhengzhi

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios


The entire world fell silent. The twelve warlocks, Nangong Mu and Mu Qingfeng were all waiting for Fang Zhengzhi’s reply.

Fang Zhengzhi was still smiling brightly.

Hand over the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d to the twelve warlocks and the twelve warlocks would kill the three beasts together. How would he possibly believe such a nonsensical claim?

As the saying went, in order to fish, one has to put the bait first.

However, in history, there was one person who did not use the bait to fish. The saying went, there were always fishes willing to be caught by angler Jiang Taigong.

Fang Zhengzhi was definitely incomparable to Jiang Taigong. Therefore, he did something that made much more sense.

“Crack!” He tightened his grip.

Fang Zhengzhi’s eyes turned into five different colors instantly — red, blue, black, silver, green — the five colors shone together brightly.

Meanwhile, there was also a tinge of golden light.

“Yan’er!” Fang Zhengzhi yelled suddenly before he tossed the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d up.



“What’s going on?!”

“What is he trying to do?”

Instantly, Nangong Mu and the twelve warlocks were astonished. Even Mu Qingfeng who was at a distance away had his eyes wide open in confusion.

At this critical moment, Fang Zhengzhi tossed the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d?

Was he overconfident?

Or did his brain go haywire?!

n.o.body could understand but as Fang Zhengzhi shouted, a dark blue sword land shone from the sky and radiance congregated.

It was a beam of sword light.

The sword light that came from Chi Guyan.

Moreover, when the sword light shone, two other beams of light also shone, one was green like wind and one was like blazing flames.

Yan Xiu and Ping Yang attacked too.

Three of them attacked together and three beams of light lit up the sky.

However, that was not the end. As the three beams of light shone, Fang Zhengzhi’s terrifying charisma also increased tremendously and it was soaring like the ocean waves.

“Break!” Fang Zhengzhi raised his Traceless Sword and stabbed at the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d that he had tossed into the sky with extremely fast speed.


A loud boom was heard. The four beams of light combined and the center of the intersection was none other than the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d.



The twelve warlocks, Nangong Mu, Mu Qingfeng and the rest were all astonished.

That was because it happened too quickly. Moreover, it was extremely unexpected.

Four people attacked at the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d at the same time?!

What were they trying to do?!


After that, the airwave ripped to the surroundings in circles. It was the airwave caused by the collision of the four beams of radiance.

In the center of the airwave, there was a cloud of golden haze that was turning into spots of light and spreading in the sky.


“The fruit of the Tree of G.o.d?!”

“It was split apart… by the four of them?!”

Shock, astonishment, confusion…

Different emotions were felt by the people who witnessed the scene. Everyone stared the haze in astonishment.

The thick haze covered the entire sky.

Then, it fell towards the ground like spots of radiance and gradually landed in the Heaven Zen Mountain that had already been completely split open.

“…” The entire world fell silent.

Meanwhile, Fang Zhengzhi pouted and looked at the twelve warlocks before pointing at the golden haze. “There you go, the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d you wanted!”

“The fruit of the Tree of G.o.d…”

“You wanted!”

“You wanted…”

Fang Zhengzhi’s voice echoed in the air.

Meanwhile, the twelve warlocks stared at the golden haze. Then, their gazes turned cold, extremely cold.

Fang Zhengzhi destroyed the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d!

They never thought that Fang Zhengzhi and the rest would destroy the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d!

It was one of the greatest treasures!

The greatest treasure which had a terrifying breath of life!

And it was destroyed?!

The twelve warlocks were going crazy.

Meanwhile, Nangong Mu was completely stunned…


The fruit of the Tree of G.o.d…

Was destroyed?!

Instead of what they thought Fang Zhengzhi would do, Fang Zhengzhi chose to destroy the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d instead of swallowing it? He chose to destroy the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d!

“Ancestors, my ancestors… your descendant Nangong Mu witnessed how the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d got destroyed by a human!” Nangong Mu froze on the spot.

That was because he could no longer think.

After all, although he had thought about thousands of possibilities, he never thought that Fang Zhengzhi, a person who was particular about treasures, would destroy a treasure?

He destroyed a treasure!

Moreover, it was the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d!

“There’s nothing left, are we still fighting?” Fang Zhengzhi waved his hand and a powerful gust of wind blew the thick golden haze away.

However, after that, he felt extremely strange.

That felt like…

It was as though his body suddenly moved rapidly and his body cells became alive and started to jump about as though they were newly born.

Fang Zhengzhi looked at Ping Yang, Yan Xiu and Chi Guyan.

He saw a strange expression on their faces as the thick golden haze was at the center of the four of them.

Apart from Fang Zhengzhi who had absorbed the least haze as he was at the most bottom position, Chi Guyan, Ping Yang and Yan Xiu touched the cloud of thick golden haze.

“Eh? So we can suck on the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d like this?” Fang Zhengzhi was slightly shocked.

In reality, he had not thought about using such a method to absorb the energy of the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d as he was certain that the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d could no longer be used by them.

Since they could not use it…

Then they might as well destroy it.

It was a simple logical thought.

Fang Zhengzhi did not think too much about it. Moreover, he did not feel stress when he destroyed the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d as he was a simple-minded and straightforward person.

So many people wanted the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d.

Then he would just destroy it.

How good was that solution as n.o.body would argue over it anymore?

He understood the idea behind ‘the precious stone lands its innocent possessor in jail’ very well.

He did not want to end up like the past as he was on everyone’s mind after he swallowed the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d and was in a risky position all along.

If the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d ceased to exist, n.o.body would be able to get it and n.o.body could open the Door of the Realm of G.o.d.

The world…

Would become peaceful!

“…” Mu Qingfeng and the rest finally regained their senses after being stunned for a long time. They stared at each other and saw different emotions from each others’ faces.

Some of them felt helpless, some were sighing, some were frustrated while some were happy…

Various kinds of emotions.

However, everything went back to a peaceful one eventually.

That was because they had understood the mindsets of Fang Zhengzhi, Chi Guyan and the rest. The fruit of the Tree of G.o.d was the root cause of everything and they would definitely not open the Door of the Realm of G.o.d.

Therefore, they might as well kill the expectations of everyone.

Destroy the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d.

“Brother, what should we do? The brat destroyed the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d!” One of the warlocks turned and looked at Hong You.

“This brat destroyed the hope of the demon race. Kill them and bring Nangong Mu over. No matter what, I want to kill him!” Hong You’s gaze was ice cold and flames of fury were burning in his heart.

He had endured for such a long time.

Yet, the outcome was as such.

How would he be willing to accept it?

Kill Fang Zhengzhi before capturing Nangong Mu and retrieve the secret of the Tree of G.o.d from Nangong Mu. That was the only thing Hong You had in mind at that moment.

“Nangong Mu, now that the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d is destroyed, why aren’t you leaving yet?!” Fang Zhengzhi shouted at Nangong any after he figured out what the twelve warlocks were up to.


“There was no more fruit of the Tree of G.o.d!”

“Our hope has perished, the Door of the Realm of G.o.d can no longer be opened, it is impossible to complete my mission, do I, Nangong Mu… still have to run?”

Nangong Mu mumbled continuously. He stared blankly into s.p.a.ce and was extremely pale. He looked as if he had shriveled and was completely energyless.

The fruit of the Tree of G.o.d was destroyed…

He had already thought of dying, so why would he run?

“Something is wrong, Nangong Mu seems to be committing suicide?” Even Ping Yang felt that Nangong Mu’s expression was weird.

“The fruit of the Tree of G.o.d was destroyed by us, he probably won’t resist anymore. It will be bad if he gets caught by the twelve warlocks.” Yan Xiu frowned slightly.

“I’ll go.” Chi Guyan was very straightforward.

She moved and turned into a stream of light. Her entire body was full of starlight and she dashed towards Nangong Mu like the milky way.

“Yan’er, be careful!” Fang Zhengzhi believed in Chi Guyan’s capability but she was facing the twelve warlocks who were extremely triggered.

Getting Nangong Mu out of the twelve warlocks’ hands alone?

It was somewhat dangerous.

Fang Zhengzhi was unsure how powerful the twelve warlocks were, but he remembered the scene when the twelve warlocks broke Nangong Mu’s defense of the golden tree branches.

In fact, the twelve warlocks had been hiding their powers during the battle earlier on.

Yet now, the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d was destroyed and the twelve warlocks were burning with anger, how would they continue to hide their powers?

Fang Zhengzhi actually wanted to stop her.

However, Chi Guyan was so determined that he had no chance to stop her.

Therefore, he could only pray that Chi Guyan would be careful.

“Sister Yan!” Ping Yang let out an exclamation and looked extremely nervous.

The twelve warlocks also spotted Chi Guyan and attacked without hesitation and without holding back.



Thunders boomed and lightning flashed.

The twelve warlocks were moving at an extremely fast speed.

However, Chi Guyan still managed to reach before the twelve warlocks. She swung her long tail and forcefully took Nangong Mu away from the twelve warlocks.


“Little brat, you are indeed powerful, you managed to take a Nangong Mu away from us?!”


The twelve warlocks were evidently shocked.

Meanwhile, when Mu Qingfeng, Yan Qianli and the rest saw this from afar, they heaved a sigh of relief as they did not expect Chi Guyan to make it.

s.n.a.t.c.hing Nangong Mu away from the twelve warlocks.

She was so powerful that it was unbelievable.

Ping Yang and Yan Xiu also heaved a sigh of relief. They had to admit that the reason for this was not only because of the distance but also the speed of Chi Guyan.

She was so fast that she looked like she teleported.

In addition, her long tail managed to bring Nangong Mu to her almost instantly.

She did not give the twelve warlocks any chance.

Fang Zhengzhi also felt relieved and sighed silently. Chi Guyan was more powerful than he had thought.

However, before he could finish giving a sigh of relief, he realized that radiance flashed across Nangong Mu’s eyes.

“Oh no, Yan’er, let go of Nangong…”


Before Fang Zhengzhi could complete his sentence, Chi Guyan had already reacted.

However, it was evidently too late as Nangong Mu’s palm had reached the top of Chi Guyan’s head. He smacked Chi Guyan’s head.

“You guys destroyed my fruit of the Tree of G.o.d, go and die!” Nangong Mu was wild.

After the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d was destroyed, he thought of committing suicide. Now that he suddenly saw his “enemy” in front of him, the thought of committing suicide turned into a soaring sense of hatred.

He wanted to kill Fang Zhengzhi.

Similarly, he would not let Chi Guyan off.


Kill Fang Zhengzhi, kill Chi Guyan, kill Yan Xiu and Ping Yang.

At this moment, Nangong Mu only had one thing in mind, to kill all four of them before fighting with the twelve warlocks.

Everyone who eyed on the fruit of the Tree of G.o.d and destroyed it…

Had to die!

“s.h.i.+fting forms!” Just as Nangong Mu was about to hit Chi Guyan’s head, a shocking voice was heard.

Then, an azure blue radiance covered Chi Guyan’s body.

Then, the radiance flickered.

Chi Guyan disappeared.

A teenager in blue robe successfully swooped person with her.

Fang Zhengzhi.

At the last moment, he managed to swap his position with Chi Guyan. He did not think about using the Heaven Dao to move after the s.h.i.+fting of forms as Nangong Mu’s slap was so quick that it was impossible for Fang Zhengzhi to use the Heaven Dao.


Fang Zhengzhi’s body fell down the crack of the Heaven Dao Mountain like an artillery sh.e.l.l and disappeared in the dust.

“Shameless thief!” Chi Guyan’s eyes turned red and charged down at an extremely fast speed.

Yan Xiu charged down with her.

“Zhengzhi!” Yan Xiu moved extremely fast as well. He disappeared in a second into the dust in the Heaven Zen Mountain.


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