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Gate Of God is a web novel created by Xin Yi, 薪意.
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Chapter 1099: Fate – Surpa.s.sing G.o.d

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios


The golden radiance on Xuanyuan Sword grew much brighter and collided with the blood-red lightning. It looked like a golden dragon was fighting against a red dragon in the sky.

Boom! The thunder rumbled.

The ground cracked open and more lava surged out, turning the ground into a sea of flames. It felt like an enactment of h.e.l.l on earth, and the heat was so intense that people couldn’t even get close.

Mo Shans.h.i.+ stood frozen in the air and watched this shocking scene unfold.

‘He stopped it?’

He really didn’t expect Fang Zhengzhi to stop that bolt of blood-red lightning.

As a result, he survived, unlike Mu Qingfeng, who was devoured by the lightning. However, he wasn’t happy about it at all.

“Chi You!” Mo Shans.h.i.+ clenched his fists so tightly that they turned pale.

“Valley Master Mo, take Wu Yuer and the rest and fall back!” Fang Zhengzhi’s sword moved again. Xuanyuan Sword let out a sharp buzz and shot up into the sky.

The blood-red lightning bolt had disappeared.

Like what Mo Shans.h.i.+ had witnessed, he stopped one of the lightning bolts. However, he could also feel how powerful it was.

‘A single bolt of lightning is already so powerful?’

Fang Zhengzhi glanced around and found countless bolts of blood-red lightning bolts forming in the sky. To make things worse, there were more and more of them, and they looked like a gigantic web of lightning.

In other words, it was inescapable.

‘It’s too powerful!’

‘Is that the real Blood Offering Ill.u.s.tration?!’

‘Rather, is that the true strength of Chi You, the most powerful Demon G.o.d during ancient times?’

‘Emperor Huang Xuanyuan and Emperor Yan…’

‘Managed to defeat such an existence?’

Fang Zhengzhi felt a chill down his spine. The G.o.dly Beasts and Demons in the distance had already kneeled down on the ground completely. None of them dared to raise his head and all of them were trembling.

‘Ah…” He heard an angry roar from afar.

It was Xing Tian.

However, Xing Tian had now shrunk into the size of a normal human. His entire body turned bony and he was struggling in the red light that had engulfed him.

“Xing Tian!” Nangong Tian was incredibly pale. He wanted to save Xing Tian badly, but Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five stopped him.

“Nangong Mu, don’t be rash. Xing Tian is already dead!” Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five was also injured, and there was a fresh wound behind his neck.

“No, he isn’t dead. Get out of my way!”

“Chi You, I’m going to kill you. I’m going to kill you!” Xing Tian continued roaring, and a radiance burst out of his body. However, he couldn’t break free from the Blood Offering Ill.u.s.tration at all.


Finally, Xing Tian’s body completely exploded and turned into spots of light.

The G.o.dly Beasts and Demons trembled when they heard the loud explosion, and all of them turned pale.

The intense heat spread around them.

However, none of them dared to move. Their sweat evaporated as soon as they appeared, and their skin turned red from the burning temperature.

“Xing Tian, NO!!” Nangong Mu cried out in sadness.

He didn’t have too many friends throughout his life. His father, his big brother… All of them died.

All of his loved ones were gone.

However, Xing Tian felt special to him, as if they were connected by blood, even though Xing Tian had never listened to him before.

“Xing Tian… Has really died?!” Wu Yuer couldn’t believe it.

He was once the G.o.d of War during ancient times.

He was Emperor Yan’s strongest warrior, and even Emperor Huang Xuanyuan didn’t dare to take him lightly. Yet, Chi You managed to kill him just like that.

Wu Yuer didn’t know how to describe this.

Perhaps, Xing Tian had been fighting for way too long. He expended too much of his energy when the G.o.dly Beasts and Demons ganged up on him, and he was also injured during the battle with Fang Zhengzhi and the others.

Having said that…

He was still the ancient G.o.d of War.

Chi You!

Why was Chi You so powerful?!

Fang Zhengzhi was also stunned.

He wasn’t much stronger than Xing Tian currently. Even if he was a little more powerful, he definitely couldn’t kill Xing Tian so easily.

“Is Chi You’s strength… So ridiculous?” Fang Zhengzhi felt fear for the first time.

Most importantly, Chi You killed Xing Tian with the Blood Offering Ill.u.s.tration, which meant that Xing Tian’s powers became part of Chi You now.

‘Chi You plus Xing Tian…’

‘How terrifying would that be?’

‘How the h.e.l.l do I fight him?’

The entire world seemed to have gone silent.

Yun Qingwu was staring at the ma.s.sive figure in the black smog.

Her expression changed rapidly, and soon there was nothing but fear on her face.

“The indestructible Chi You was imprisoned underneath Changyang Mountain… Xing Tian’s head was buried under Changyang Mountain… Moreover, Changyang Mountain was also where the Source of G.o.d was located during ancient times. If everything was unintentional, isn’t this too much of a coincidence? Is it possible that Chi You had already devoured the Source of G.o.d…”

Yun Qingwu was shocked. If all of these were connected, the process and conclusion of this entire incident might change drastically. Even the ma.s.sive war that took place during ancient times could be re-written.

“What are you thinking about?” Wu Yuer asked anxiously.

“I can’t be sure. However, if I guessed correctly, there’s a huge possibility that… Chi You had already devoured the Source of G.o.d with the Blood Offering Ill.u.s.tration!” Yun Qingwu really couldn’t be sure if she was right, because if she was, she truly couldn’t imagine how powerful Chi You currently was.

“What?! You are saying that Chi You devoured the Source of G.o.d?” Wu Yuer quivered.

Although Yun Qingwu said that she was just guessing, Wu Yuer knew very well that given Yun Qingwu’s intellect, her guesses were basically true most of the times.

Devoured the Source of G.o.d…

How terrifying was that?

“Demoness Yun Qingwu, what kind of nonsense are you spouting?!” Ping Yang and Yan Xiu had already brought Chi Guyan to Wu Yuer at this moment.

She naturally heard their conversation.

It made her extremely shocked.

However, how could she believe in Yun Qingwu’s words?

“Ping Yang, what Yun Qingwu has said might very likely be true.” Said Chi Guyan, who finally opened her eyes at this moment, and it looked like there were tens of thousands of stars in her eyes. They were extraordinarily dazzling.

“Sister Yan, do you also think that Chi You has devoured the Source of G.o.d? However, how is that possible?” Ping Yang was astonished and she couldn’t believe it at all.

“Nothing is impossible. This Chi You is no longer the Chi You during ancient times.” Chi Guyan was extremely certain.

That was because Chi You couldn’t possibly be this powerful if they judged his strength solely by what had happened during the ancient war.

It was as if he had surpa.s.sed G.o.d!

“Then… What should we do?” Ping Yang obviously wouldn’t doubt Chi Guyan’s words. However, her heart also sank into the abyss when she realized that it might be true.

If Chi You had truly devoured the Source of G.o.d, it meant that although he was imprisoned underneath Changyang Mountain for tens of millions of years, he had been growing stronger continuously.

A Demon G.o.d whose strength had already reached the top of the world.

If he continued to cultivate in the Source of G.o.d for tens of millions of years…

Just the thought of such a possibility was enough to make one’s heart tremble.

“Bow down, or die!” Chi You’s voice echoed within Changyang Mountain. At this moment, he was focused on Fang Zhengzhi.

The G.o.dly Beasts and Demons kept quiet.

Fang Zhengzhi also kept quiet.

Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five wanted to attack Chi You again, but what had happened to Xing Tian was a stern warning to him and reminded him not to be rash.

“What about the two of you?” Chi You asked again, but he was looking at Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five and Nangong Mu this time.

“Chi You, I’d rather die than bow down to you!” Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five had a backbone. Although he couldn’t beat Chi You, it didn’t mean that he would bow down to him like the other G.o.dly Beasts.

One could call that ‘having a backbone’.

It was also a portrayal of Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five’s pride. He’d rather die than tarnish the name of Xuanyuan. He was proud of his name.

“Then you can go to h.e.l.l!” It was clear that Chi You wouldn’t bother asking any more questions because two blood-red bolts of lightning had already appeared above Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five’s head when he said that.


Instead of facing the lightning headon, Xuanyuan Five took Nangong Mu with him and ran away as fast as he could.

He wouldn’t bow down and he wasn’t afraid of dying, but he wasn’t stupid. He wouldn’t hesitate when it was time to run away, and he wasn’t ashamed about it either.

At this moment, Fang Zhengzhi uttered, “Hold on, I want to know the benefits of surrendering to you.”

Everyone turned towards Fang Zhengzhi immediately.

That included the G.o.dly Beasts, the Demons, Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five, Nangong Mu, as well as Mo Shans.h.i.+ and the rest. There was no exception.

“Benefits?” Chi You laughed. He slowly raised his arm and pointed towards the blood-red lightning in the sky, saying, “Would your life be considered a benefit?”

“It does, but I want more. After all, you know that I’m Emperor Huang Xuanyuan’s reincarnation. Don’t you want to enjoy the feeling of Emperor Huang Xuanyuan bowing down to you?” Fang Zhengzhi continued.

“Oh?” Chi You seemed a little interested. He glanced at the Xuanyuan Sword in Fang Zhengzhi’s hand and asked, “Did you kill the twelves warlocks?”

“Yes.” Fang Zhengzhi nodded.

“Alright, if you kill Xuanyuan Five too, I’d consider making you the twelve warlocks’ replacement.” Chi You pointed at Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five nonchalantly and said that.

“Ok, but could I ask a few questions before that?” Fang Zhengzhi inched toward Chi Guyan and the others as he said that.

“You’re too talkative. You could either kill Xuanyuan Five or die. Make your choice.” Chi You wasn’t going to waste more time talking to Fang Zhengzhi.

“If I am right, you actually died at the hands of Emperor Huang Xuanyuan during the ancient war, didn’t you?” Fang Zhengzhi ignored him and kept talking.

“Hmph!” Chi You snorted coldly.

The heaven and earth violently trembled instantly.

The red sun shone on earth as the blood-red lighting started gathering towards it. The entire sky seemed to have fallen and came cras.h.i.+ng down towards the ground.

A terrifying pressure started spreading in all directions.

Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five’s expression changed drastically and he quickly moved towards Fang Zhengzhi, nearing him in just the blink of an eye.

“Fang Zhengzhi, there’s no going back. If Chi You takes over the world, billions of living things would lose their lives. The only thing we could do now is to fight him with all we’ve got!” Xuanyuan Five shouted loudly. He was actually afraid that Fang Zhengzhi would surrender to Chi You.

“I’m not dumb.” Fang Zhengzhi felt a little speechless. ‘Can’t you tell that I’m buying time?’

“What are you waiting for? Hurry up and attack him together!” Xuanyuan Five became visibly anxious as he looked towards the red light falling from the sky.

“Didn’t you and Emperor Huang Xuanyuan defeat Chi You before? Don’t tell me you don’t know about his weaknesses?” Fang Zhengzhi was actually a little anxious too.

However, it wasn’t the time to be anxious. Chi You was too powerful. He was far more powerful than they could imagine.

His sword couldn’t injure Chi You.

To make things worse, he didn’t have a single clue about tackling Chi You’s Blood Offering Ill.u.s.tration. Without a single solution, there was no way they could fight him.

He actually wanted to trick Chi You into revealing his power.

However, Chi You didn’t want to waste time talking to him.

That made things awkward. Chi You was too intelligent to be fooled.

“Chi You doesn’t have any weakness, but…” Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five had something to say, but he held his tongue.

“But what?”

“What you said just now reminded me of something. The Chi You standing in front of me right now is different from the Chi You during ancient times.”

“So, there are actually two Chi You in this world?” Fang Zhengzhi was a little surprised when he heard Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five.

“…” Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five was speechless.

‘Did I get it right?’ When Fang Zhengzhi noticed that Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five wasn’t talking, his expression became vivid instantly.

‘Are you telling me that the plot is an old cliche…’

‘There were actually two Chi You in the world. One was male and the other was female. Emperor Huang Xuanyuan and Emperor Yan worked together to kill the male one during ancient times.’

‘Then, the remaining female Chi You wanted to avenge him?’

‘If that’s the case, this would truly be the most ridiculous thing in the world!’

“Bulls.h.i.+t. There’s only one Chi You in the world. What I meant was… The current Chi You feels different from the Chi You during ancient times.” Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five finally began to ridicule him.

‘What the f**k is wrong with his imagination?’

‘How could this guy come up with the idea that there are two Chi You?’

“Different? Do you mean that… He’s uglier now?” Fang Zhengzhi glanced at Chi You’s barbaric expression and his six arms, and he looked like he realized what was going on.

‘He’s really pretty ugly.’

‘However, that doesn’t seem to be the focal point, does it?’

“Ugly… Ugly your… Wait a minute, did you say he’s ugly?!” Golden Dragon Xuanyuan Five was just about to explode with rage when his expression suddenly changed. He immediately turned towards Chi You and continued, “I know what’s different. This Chi You’s body doesn’t look like the one from ancient times!”

‘They don’t look alike? Doesn’t that mean that there are two Chi You?’ Fang Zhengzhi was startled. Just as he was to say that, he felt an immense pressure cras.h.i.+ng down on him.



Thunder boomed.

The blood-red sky was falling down.

It was a sky that was formed from countless bolts of blood-red lightning. It was restless, violent, and crazy just like the raging sea. Moreover, its murderous aura seemed to have materialized.


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