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Read Gate of Revelation Chapter 189: Friends? Part 2

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The man in black was startled!

However, he maintained his silence and continued to look at Chen Xiaolian with a complicated expression. After making a bow, he turned and left.

After taking several steps, he spoke out.

“I will convey those words to Mr. Qiao.”

Watching the cars leave, Chen Xiaolian angrily struck out with a fist toward the sidewall. With a bang, cracks appeared on the wall.

Roddy walked over and asked. “What happened?”

“We will have to wait and see,” Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth.

“Actually, back then, we could…”

“Force him to stay?” Chen Xiaolian forced out a smile. “It’s useless. Qiao Yifeng would not give up his daughter for the sake of one subordinate. Taking that kind of action will probably not be of any use.”

Pausing, Chen Xiaolian sighed. “We’ll wait for a few more days! If it’s still not… then we’ll have to confront him!”

“En, no matter what, we cannot let Qiao Qiao die… and Soo Soo as well,” Roddy smiled bitterly.

Soon, Chen Xiaolian and Roddy were able to feel relieved as Da Gang finally woke up

Outwardly, Da Gang appeared fine. However, he was very quiet – this did not arouse any suspicions from Chen Xiaolian or Roddy. After all, Da Gang was usually a very quiet person with a wooden expression on his face.

Still, Chen Xiaolian and Roddy was at a lost at how to explain the matter to Da Gang.

How should they explain the incredible battle strength that he and Roddy possessed? How should they explain the kidnapping incident and the killing…

This incident was something that was hard to explain to an ordinary person like Da Gang.

To Chen Xiaolian’s relief, Da Gang did not inquire about anything.

Chen Xiaolian and Roddy drove Da Gang home. Then, they left. However, did not immediately leave Hangzhou. Instead, they stayed in Hangzhou for the night.

“Two~ tigers, two~ tigers, they’re so fast, they’re so fast…”

Da Gang was standing before a mirror and the corners of his lips were curled upward as he looked at himself. He held a razor in his hand and was carefully shaving off his hair. Not long after, a s.h.i.+ny bald head was reflected off the mirror.

Watching his figure through the mirror, Da Gang stroked his face in a rather dissatisfied manner.

“I almost forgot… back then, I look so thin.”

He rolled his eyes. Instantly, the face reflected in the mirror began to swell up.

The muscles and bones of his entire body began changing as they abruptly expanded!

In but moments, the thin face reflected off the mirror had become a mighty looking square shaped face with strong facial outlines. His eyebrows were slightly raised, his eyes deep and both of them were filled with a cold and domineering aura.

The originally skinny body had transformed into a tall, mighty and robust figure.

At that moment, the Da Gang reflected by the mirror had been restored to his appearance as Tian Lie who appeared in the Tokyo instance dungeon.

“This looks more pleasing to the eye…”

Da Gang smiled and tossed away the razor. Turning around, he walked back into the dilapidated room and sat down on the dirty surface of the bed.

Da Gang looked around at the dimly lit room.

He looked at the old and dilapidated desk, at the broken window wrapped in plastic paper… then, his eyes fell onto the top part of the bed.

On the top side of the bed was a photo placed inside a picture frame.

Inside the picture was a thin looking Da Gang. He was being embraced by an average looking middle-aged woman. Both Da Gang and the woman wore a smile on their faces.

When his eyes came to rest upon that picture, the light within Da Gang’s eyes turned dim.

He exhaled softly and extended his hand outward. He picked up the picture frame and gently caressed it.

Suddenly, a trace of sorrow appeared within Da Gang’s eyes!


He crushed the gla.s.s surface of the picture frame!

“Why did I survive? Why must I remember all of these once more?”

The crushed picture frame within Da Gang’s palm was then rolled up into a ball!

Soon however, the anger in his eyes faded. He sat up and carefully unfolded the picture frame before pulling out the picture placed inside. Then, he used his rough fingers to smoothen the picture.

His eyes gradually grew distant…

Da Gang recalled the events that occurred all those years ago. Back then, he was a small and thin child who had to witness that ill-tempered man’s savage treatment toward his mother; how that ill-tempered man would then punch him after that and how the kind hearted woman would use her frail body to protect him…

He recalled that terrifying night when his father came at him with a knife! In order to protect him, his mother fought against the man… due to fear; he ran away from the house and hid himself throughout the night.

At daybreak, he returned home and saw many police officers there. There lying on the ground, with a white cloth over her, was his mother.

From that day onward, he lost his home.

His mother who would always protect him had become a corpse, left in a box within a cemetery.

The man was put in jail.

As for himself, he became a kid that everyone would bully.

Until one day, an accident led to him being sucked into an instance dungeon… and he became an Awakened!

Following that incident, the weak little boy grew, one step at a time into the one who struck fear into everyone’s hearts, the Angel Killer!

Perhaps it was due to the shadow of his childhood that, after Da Gang became Tian Lie, the outer body he made for himself was a valiant and tall figure, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with an atmosphere of dominance.

However, even if he were to cover it all, he could not let himself forget about all those things.

Including his mother’s teachings of not hurting a woman.

And also… the nursery rhyme that his mother sang to him each time he had to suffer from a beating.

“Two~ tigers… two~ tigers… they’re so fast, they’re so fast… …”

Da Gang tightly gripped the picture held in his hand and… a teardrop fell onto the surface of the picture.

Da Gang gently sighed and stood up.

His hand continued clutching onto the picture. However, his tall and huge body suddenly withered down.

Moments later, after the liquid metal had finished flowing through his body, his outer appearance had changed from the mighty Tian Lie back to the weak looking Da Gang.

At dawn, Chen Xiaolian and Roddy were in the hotel lobby, preparing to check out of the hotel when Chen Xiaolian’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

Answering the call, he found Da Gang on the other side of the phone call.

“What you said back then, does it still count?”

“Eh? What?” Chen Xiaolian was surprised.

“Your invitation for me to follow you to Jinling.”

Da Gang’s voice was very calm.

“Of course!” Chen Xiaolian smiled, feeling surprised. “You changed your mind?”

“Where are you? I will go find you right now.”

After a while, Da Gang arrived at the hotel and met up with Chen Xiaolian and Roddy.

Chen Xiaolian saw Da Gang enter with only a big bag pack on his shoulders – he recognized it. That was the bag of money that he had asked Roddy to secretly leave inside Da Gang’s home.

“I will follow you to Jinling,” Da Gang handed the bag pack to Chen Xiaolian. “This is something you left in my room, right? I will return it to you.”

Chen Xiaolian thought it through and accepted the bag. He then looked at Da Gang and asked. “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes,” Da Gang nodded his head as he answered.

“You… did not bring any luggage with you?”

Da Gang curled the corners of his lips and smiled. “There is nothing to bring.”

Upon his chest was a picture.

“That is fine,” Chen Xiaolian laughed. “You do not need to bring anything, everything you need can be found in Jinling! We are friends! There is no need for you to worry about anything.”

Da Gang looked into Chen Xiaolian’s eyes and appeared to be smiling – the expression he made looked just as dim-witted as before.

However, there was a subtle curve at the corners of his lips.

Friends? Interesting!


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