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GOR Chapter 520 Alliance

A spectacular looking base could be seen on the surface of the desert.

Strange looking buildings rose up, each within a radius of one kilometre of one another.

Unique looking towers emitting an atmosphere of danger rose up high in the desert. Bluish arcs of light similar to that of the Prism Towers seen in games flashed atop the surface of the towers.

Many of the towers were arranged in circular formation. Just by looking at the flat shape of the turrets, it was clear to all that those were energy-tier weapons. In the air, a high number of combat aircrafts circled the sky and convoy after convoy of tanks maintained position on the ground.

Several fortifications rose up in the surroundings. Offensive weaponry filled every corner of the base while hundreds of remote-controlled mechs patrolled the surrounding area of the desert.

The combat aircrafts circling the sky emitted scanning rays of light continuously, scanning the place over and over. Not even the lizards hiding under the sands could escape their scans.

The desert area had become a war fortress the likes of which could only be seen in sci-fi movies.

There In the central position of the war fortress was a large teleportation matrix. The teleportation matrix that had appeared on the surface of the ground glowed with a faint green light.

Flock after flock of Players were grouped up together with their guild members as they waited.

They were wielding various forms of weapons. Some were of the magic type, some of the technological type, some of body enhancement type…

There were several hundreds of Players there. There had never been such a large a.s.sembly of Players in any instance dungeon.

Finally, several people walked out from the control room located several hundred metres away. There were displease and fury on each and every one of those faces.

These Guild Leaders of the Player faction were unable to accept those provocative words uttered by Shen.

They felt that Shen’s approach was too conservative. Additionally, all of them were able to sense that this Guild Leader of Thorned Flower Guild was hiding a secret from them – however, due to the vast difference in strength, they were helpless before Shen’s undisguised display of arrogance and the way he ignored their existences.

“Could it be we can only wait around?”

One of the Player Guild Leaders looked at the people beside him. “Since Thorned Flower Guild is unwilling to lead the way…”

“You mean, we do it on our own?” the red bearded Player replied.

This red bearded Captain Scola looked at the man standing before him and said, “If you want to do it, I am willing to cooperate with you!”

“Your fleet cannot move on land.” The Player only gave the red bearded Captain Scola a glance.

“I will show you! The combat ability of my fleet is not just limited to water battles,” said the red bearded Captain Scola confidently.

Beside them, Nova let out a faint sigh as she observed the eagerness shown by these fellows.

There was a somewhat tangled expression on her face.

Earlier, Shen’s words had infuriated her thoroughly. However, after putting her anger aside, she had no choice but to admit it, Shen was simply putting the unpleasant facts out on the table in an open manner.

At the end of the day… … why would a giant care about what the ants were feeling?

They could only blame themselves for being ants.

She watched as the red bearded Player and the others leaned close as they whispered to each other, discussing something.

Nova was suddenly unable to stop herself and she spoke up, “Are you fellows really planning on doing it by yourselves?”

“Of course, Guild Leader Nova. Are you willing to join us?” The red bearded Player looked at the woman.

Nova remained silent.

Another Player Guild Leader shouted, “The rewards prepared by the system this time are far superior to any other instance dungeons! I don’t want such a good opportunity to go to waste just because Thorned Flower Guild is being too conservative! The gates are open! Zero City lies before us!”

“The Angel Corps and the seven resident guilds are not that easy to defeat. They are not as weak as those common Awakened Guilds we normally see in instance dungeons,” said Nova as she continued looking at the rest.

“Even if they are slightly more powerful, they are nothing more but aboriginal Awakened ones. We have so much Player forces here. If we work together, can we not bring down Zero City? I have a feeling, in this quest, the system is on our side.” The red bearded Captain Scola’s eyes shone. “Have you never considered this question?”

“What question?”

“The system has always been on the lookout for Zero City,” the red bearded Captain Scola shouted with a frenzied tone. “The system’s Electronic Guardians are constantly searching for Zero City in their attempt to destroy it. This is something that every one of us knows. And now, it is clear that the system has successfully found Zero City! Additionally, for some unknown reason, the gate leading to Zero City is open wide.


Captain Scola looked at everyone present. When his gaze fell upon Nova, he added, “… and ladies! Zero City is the system’s bitter enemy! Now, our quest is the destruction of Zero City! It is only logical that the system would be on our side! Who knows? Maybe, during the process of besieging Zero City, the Electronic Guardians would enter the fray!

“With the powerful system backing us, we may not even need Thorned Flower Guild!”

His words were very enticing and logical.

Captain Scola’s words moved a considerable number of Players. Even Nova had to reconsider.

“Very well, my Magic Flame Guild will join in!”

“Swiftscattering Battle Organization will join in!”

“Northland Tempest Squad will join in!”

Several Guild Leaders spoke up in response to Captain Scola’s words.

However, Captain Scola regarded the many that had remained silent. He then added, “I believe everyone here have heard the legends about how much resources there are within Zero City.

“We have always had to live inside Thorned Flower Guild’s shadow.

“Ladies and gentlemen, just think about it. Regardless of which instance dungeon we partic.i.p.ate in, what would happen if we encounter Thorned Flower Guild? If we happen to be on the same faction as them, then things would be all right. However, if we were in opposing factions, we would be bullied all the time. Even if our strength was stronger compared to theirs in that instance dungeon, all of you, me included, must give way and let them have the final quest.

“Have you all not suffered enough from all these? At any rate, I, Scola had enough!

“There are plenty of resources inside Zero City! To be able to nurture the Angel Corps and seven resident guilds, how much good items, how much high-grade equipment, high-grade mines, resources… …

“If we can get our hands on those resources, we can swiftly develop our guild’s strength.

“With that strength, we would not have to be treated like cannon fodder by that fellow in the future! We would no longer be treated like ‘stray dogs trailing behind a lion hoping for’!

“All of us, all of us only need to unite! Unite and form an alliance! Help each other – not only in this siege of Zero City, but into the future as well. Create an alliance to go against the mighty Thorned Flower Guild!

“Never again would we be the weaklings! Never again would we have no right to speak up! And should we meet those members from Thorned Flower Guild in future instance dungeons, there would be no need for us to step aside unconditionally anymore!

“We have a chance before us here! A chance to stand tall and face the Thorned Flower Guild!

“This chance is here, right this very moment! Zero City is our chance!”

It had to be said, this red bearded Player knew how to entice others. The words he said were enough to move the hearts of many Player Guild Leaders.

“Fine, I will join!”

“You are right!”

“This is it! I am done putting up with those people from Thorned Flower Guild!”

“I don’t want to be called a stray dog… … I don’t want to be like this forever!”

“Let us unite!”

Someone suddenly shouted, “Alliance!”

After the word was shouted out, a hint of joy flashed across Captain Scola’s eyes and he quickly shouted in response, “That is right! Alliance! Alliance! Alliance!”

One by one, the Player Guild Leaders there stepped forward. One of them joined in and soon a second, third…

After just a moment, more than half of the Player Guild Leaders were shouting.




“For the Alliance!”

“For the Alliance!”

Nova stood among them and observed them as their pa.s.sion soared. Her mind however, quickly turned sober.

She frowned.

The doors to the control room were opened.

The tall and muscular driver stepped in only to see Shen lying on a sofa. Before him was a gla.s.s of fruit juice with ice cubes in it. As for Shen, he was holding on to a mobile phone with a look of concentration on his face.

When he was only a few steps away from Shen, the muscular driver heard the game sounds “ping ping pang pang” coming from the mobile phone.

“Guild Leader.” The muscular man was unable to stop himself from letting out a sigh. “Is this what you meant when you said you needed some time and s.p.a.ce to seriously draw up a battle plan?”

Shen raised his head and looked at the driver who was also his personal a.s.sistant. He revealed a faint smile before lowering his head and continuing with his game. “Don’t you think that this world’s digital game is quite good at pa.s.sing time?”

“Guild Leader, I do not know what it was that you said to those fellows when you were instructing them, but… … I think there is a need for me to inform you what is going on with those fellows outside.”

Shen released a bored yawn and replied lazily, “Those fellows? What else can they do? They got p.i.s.sed at my words and are now venting outside.

“Oh right, at this moment, some ambitious fellow must have stepped out to entice them using the benefits of ransacking Zero City. After that, entice them to cooperate. Take advantage of the fact that we have yet to make our move to attack Zero City first so that they can get the benefits.

“Am I right?”

The muscular driver was taken aback. “You… … you already knew?”

“Of course.” Shen smirked. “Let me think about it. Mm… … right, maybe, in order to stir the hearts of everyone there, he would even pull our Thorned Flower Guild into it as a target. Using our Thorned Flower Guild as an imaginary foe, that person would trigger those people’s feelings of hatred and rage. Who knows? He might be able to rile up a whole bunch of those fellows. Form a coalition of sorts so that they could go against our vile Thorned Flower Guild in the future, right?”

“You, you know all about it?” There was a look of shock on the muscular driver’s face as he stared at Shen.

Shen finally put down his mobile phone – err, it would seem that his in-game parkour character had died.

He casually tossed his mobile phone onto the sofa before picking up the gla.s.s of fruit juice that was on the table. After taking a sip via the straw, he said, “What about now? What stage has those people outside reached?”

“A bunch of them had gathered. They seemed to be discussing something. Our men who used our monitoring devices heard them shouting something. Mm, I believe they were shouting the words ‘For the alliance’ for something.”


Shen nearly sprayed out the fruit juice that he was drinking. He put down the gla.s.s, wiped his mouth and revealed a helpless smile. “For the alliance? Have these guys been playing too much World of Warcraft? Or did they think our Thorned Flower Guild is the Horde?”

“Sir Guild Leader.” The muscular driver wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead. “You have already predicted all of these? It seems… … my report is of no use.”

“… … who told you I predicted those things?” Shen raised his brows as he cast a glance at his subordinate.

“Eh? How did you find out then?”

“It is very simple, that red bearded… … what is his name again… … hmm, let me think, right, Scola!” Shen slapped his hands together and laughed joyfully. “That Scola is my man.”

The muscular driver was dumbfounded.

“Your, your man?”

Shen got up from the sofa and smiled before saying, “Is it that surprising?”

“… yes, very surprising.”

The muscular man gave an honest answer.

Shen sighed. “Let me put it this way. Our Thorned Flower Guild is like a tall tree that attracts the wind . Having stray dogs hiding within the and eye you from the dark is hardly a pleasant thing. However, we are presently too strong. Thus, most of the other Player Guilds could only show subservience to us, surface wise. Yet, there is no way to know what they actually think in their hearts.

“Thus, I thought of this plan to utilize a way to gather up all those dissident forces and put them all on stage. That way, we would be able to see who our enemies are.

“Think about it, no matter how many times I send men to secretly investigate this matter, it would be impossible for me to accurately find out who our enemies are.

“However… … if someone were to step forward and gather up all these dissident forces.

“Wouldn’t that be…”

The muscular man was stunned. “A brilliant plan! Guild Leader, when did you put this plan into motion?”

“Not that long.” Shen stretched his waist and said, “Do you remember the Windslasher Guild?”

“The guild with limited numbers that was daring enough to defy us? Their strength was not bad.” The muscular man became shocked. “Could it be the members of Windslasher Guild were your men?”

“Of course not, idiot.” Shen shook his head. “Windslasher Guild was seriously going against us. In the beginning, I thought about finding an opportunity to finish off their guild when an instance dungeon is going on. However, I later realized something. Having a target like them was a really good thing. Those who wanted to go against us would usually hide their intentions. However, seeing the Windslasher Guild in action, those dissident forces would step forward to cooperate with them.”

“When that happens, the fishes that are hiding beneath the water surface would take the initiative to surface by themselves. Brilliant!” The muscular driver nodded.

“A pity though.” Shen sighed. “Windslasher Guild’s luck was not too good. Unfortunately for them, they suffered a complete wipe-out within an instance dungeon. Thus, this useful target disappeared. Later on though, I reconsidered. Although Windslasher Guild was very useful, they were not our men. In order to get the most accurate information, I might as well come up with my own ‘Windslasher Guild’!

“Think about it, if an organization with the label of ‘Thorned Flower Guild’s rival’ appears, won’t all those who secretly hate us converge upon that ent.i.ty?”


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