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GOR Chapter 22: Black Widow

“Move quickly!”

Newton’s face rapidly changed. “We may have entered some monster’s nest! Quickly charge out of this cove!”

The image of those eggs were terrifying, causing a chill to spread through one’s heart. Everyone immediately rushed madly towards the front.

However, it was at this moment that a burst of “hua hua hua hua” sounds were emitted from the two sides of the cove right above their heads… it was followed by the descent of stones of various sizes…

“Newton! There is something on top! A lot of them!”

“b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l! Its spiders! There are so many of them! And so big!”

“They are coming down!”

Upon the walls were countless holes, resembling those of a bee’s nest. As they glanced around, they were unable to identify just how many of those spiders of various sizes were crawling out from within the holes! They then crawled along the walls towards the cove in their direction! The same was happening in every direction!

The movement speed of these spiders was extremely fast. In addition, their shapes were not small at all, being that of a small ordinary dog! Those who were faster had already jumped down the walls, blocking the road ahead.

“Damon, clear the way!”

Newton shouted. Without any hesitation, Damon waved his gigantic sword towards the incoming spiders!

Damon’s gigantic sword hacked open a spider’s head in one stroke! As a white coloured viscous liquid sprayed out towards his body, Damon brandished his great sword. A brilliant light burst out from the sword’s edge, causing a series of dazzling radiance to flash in the middle of the air!

The spiders who were blocking the way gave out intermittent screams of misery. A portion of the spiders were dismembered and cleaved apart as Damon singlehandedly paved a way through the group of spiders with utter brutality!

“Quickly keep up! I will open the way, charge!” Damon turned around and waved to his team members. “The outer sh.e.l.l of these things are very hard!”

The gigantic sword within his hand whirled about, flying up and down! The fighting prowess shown by this guy was truly astonis.h.i.+ng! He is comparable to a humanoid tank!

The spiders that were blocking their way forward were swept aside by him alone. As for the rest, they sped up their running speed – they have to take advantage of what little time they have! On both sides of the wall, even more spiders were rus.h.i.+ng down. It was obvious that they were intending to surround them…

“Toss those NPCs!” Du Ya grunted. “That will give us some time.”

This time, Newton did not say anything. Du Ya and Sara looked at one another and proceeded to throw Soo Soo and the j.a.panese flight attendant on the ground.

Du Ya was more ruthless as he pulled out a dagger and p.r.i.c.ked the j.a.panese flight attendant on her thigh. Blood flowed out freely and a nose piercing scent of blood drifted outwards.

“Haha! Du Ya, I like that freaky nature of yours!” Sara actually threw a wink at him.

“Throw that wastrel kid down. Han Bi, let’s go!”

Hearing Du Ya’s orders, Han Bi’s face turned into a struggle.

At this moment, he felt Chen Xiaolian squeezing his hand.

He raised his head to see Chen Xiaolian calmly shaking his head before using his mouth to form words in silence: “You need to go!”

Han Bi’s struggled to breath, he looked at Chen XIaolian with a complicated expression. Finally… gritting his teeth, he put Chen Xiaolian down.

Chen Xiaolian suddenly saw a system prompt:

“Someone sent you Light Sabre x1, someone sent you [Beginner] cla.s.s Healing Type Beast Blood x1.”

Chen Xiaolian raised his head in surprise, looking up to Han Bi. Han Bi glanced at him, his mouth silently forming the words: Sorry, take care.

He watched as Han Bi ran forward with large strides and joined up with the Wind Slasher Guild members. Damon was creating a path with his savage sword skills, scattering anything that tried to block his way. Du Ya had also taken out his guns, shooting continuously. Newton and Pattern Man were responsible for covering the gaps. Their group rapidly moved towards the other opening within the cove, moving farther and farther…

Legions of spiders crawled down from the mountain walls; however, they did not continue chasing. Instead, they seemed to have suddenly realized something and began moving towards Chen Xiaolian…

To be precise, they were aiming at Takas.h.i.+moto s.h.i.+zuka.

Clearly, the scent of blood in the air had attracted these things.

Du Ya’s baiting strategy was a success!

Surrounded by the ma.s.sive number of spiders, the j.a.panese flight attendant let out a miserable scream. Her figure crawled rapidly towards Chen Xiaolian as she tried to seek some form of protection.

Soo Soo had already been petrified by fear and could only sit on her spot while sobbing.

Grinding his teeth, Chen Xiaolian sat up and hugged Soo Soo. He then sighed.

“Xiaolian oppa…” Soo Soo cried to the point of losing her breath. As for Takas.h.i.+moto s.h.i.+zuka, she had already reached Chen Xiaolian’s side. However, she could only tremble, not a single coherent word could be uttered, only a miserable scream.

At this moment, Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt his heart washed by an odd sense of serenity. There was no fear and madness in the face of imminent death, only an indescribable sense of loss…

“I am sorry… I promised to take you home alive,” Chen Xiaolian let out a bitter smile.

He observed the legions of spiders charging before him, their sharp-sickle like claws inching closer and closer… Chen Xiaolian simply hugged Soo Soo and closed his eyes…

The antic.i.p.ated feeling of pain did not arrive. The sharp sickle-like claws had yet to land upon him.

After a while, Chen Xiaolian slowly opened his eyes and looked around in confusion.

He discovered that all three of them were surrounded by a dense ocean of spiders. However, for some unknown reason, these monsters did not rush forward to tear them apart. Instead… they appear to be waiting for something?

Suddenly, a commotion broke out among the swarm of spiders. The spiders of various sizes all showed a sense of unease… soon, the spider swarm separated themselves to two sides, creating a large open path before Chen Xiaolian and the two females.

Under Chen Xiaolian’s wide-opened vigilant eyes… a monster appeared.

It was also a spider… the size however… was simply staggering!

The size of this spider was comparable to that of a calf! The black outer sh.e.l.l on its body appeared similar to steel in appearance and those sharp claws are even bigger than Damon’s gigantic sword.

The giant spider slowly crawled out and the spiders on both sides all seemed to be turning fearful. All of them retreated to the two sides, as though not daring to get too close to it.

Even so, the giant spider seemed to have an irritable temper. As it slowly made its way towards the three of them, a spider accidentally got too close due to the lack of s.p.a.ce among its brethren. This huge monster abruptly appeared to have been provoked.

It waved it humongous sickle claw. Kacha! The unlucky little spider was directly cut in half! However, the giant spider was not satisfied. It moved forward and clipped the corpse towards it, then it opened its enormous mouth…

Kacha! The spider’s head was bitten off!

A viscous liquid sprayed all over the area, but the giant spider seemed to have only become even more irritable. Its gigantic body tilted about without moving as it turned around a few times. It then waved its claws, seemingly trying to capture its own brethren whose distance was too close to it…

When that happened, all the spiders became horrified and all of them fell back. The legion of spiders crawled up the mountain walls of their respective sides. Some directly fled into the hole amongst the walls…

In one breath, the giant spider killed around six of its own brethren. Some were dismembered and some were bitten to death by that enormous mouth…

Chen Xiaolian could clearly hear the swarm of spiders issuing cries of misery… the sound was clearly carrying a sense of dread.

Chen Xiaolian watched as the spider swarm within the cove dispersed in retreat, leaving behind the giant monster.

His mouth became parched and he swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Suddenly, as though purely subconscious in nature, he used the ‘interface vision’ of the system to face the giant spider’s outline, trying to check it…
[Prompt: Black Widow, Melee Type, [A] cla.s.s War Beast].

[A] cla.s.s? Isn’t that one cla.s.s higher than my own Owner Entrapping Cat?

He could not even duke it out with a B Cla.s.s Four-Eyed War Cat under perfect conditions. Now that he was seriously injured and partially crippled, he had to face an [A] cla.s.s?

Subsequently though, another line of prompt below caused Chen Xiaolian’s heart to pound!
[Prompt: Target Black Widow is in the weakened phase of sp.a.w.ning, all attributes cut in half].

Weakened phase?

All attributes cut in half?

Chen Xiaolian who had already mentally embraced death suddenly found a ray of hope!


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