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General Above I am Below is a web novel completed by Ju Hua San Li.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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General Above I am Below Chapter Three ” Ten li of red trousseau”

The marriage of Xia YuJin and Ye Zhao, not as honorable as the royal wedding, not extravagant as the princess wedding, also not as exciting as the wedding ceremony of a w.a.n.g manor, but because of the special status of the generals and the absurd ident.i.ty of the junw.a.n.g, attracted more attention than all the wedding ceremony in the city for hundreds of years.

The bride Ye Zhao from childhood does not have a woman manner, obsessed with martial arts and the art of war, extremely talented, her two brothers also cannot rival, paternal grandfather and father both felt bitter, both of them raised her like a son, only regret that cannot forget she was a girl and turned into a real son. Furthermore eight years went on an expedition with the soldiers and spends time studying together, during daytime to march on the battlefield and discussed the strategy, at night drinks and eat meat discussed about woman, s.e.xual confusion soon became habit, penetrated deep in the bones, hard to change. Moreover, Ye Zhao as General took over the two hundred thousand troops to defend the city, lots of work to be done, sometimes was so busy even did not return to the house, so basically never had any consciousness to get married at all.

Duke Zhenguo old Ye grandfather once again is muddled, every time met with outsiders happily said: “My family grandson is going to marry a wife.” Even if people explain again was also useless, everyone don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The groom Xia YuJin still faking illness lying on bed but secretly ordered people to go to the Duke Zhenguo manor to spread his bad rumors, wishing that the other person will loathed him and withdraw the marriage. He is not afraid of the bad reputation but is more afraid of that troublesome person, now he would rather die than going through the marriage, the Emperor and Empress Dowager are helpless, can only jointly put pressure and declared that if he did not listen, his mother will be beaten, prohibiting him from doing any other behavior.

Regardless of the n.o.bles or commoner both extending their neck to see the jokes. There is even a private gambling shops that begin to set the bets to see how long they will be married before starts fighting and getting divorced.

【The customs of Dai Qin, the dowry is prepared by the mother.】

When north desert was broken through, Duke Zhenguo manor entire property was looted, even the dowry furen left behind for her daughter also gone. Now Ye Zhao was promoted to Great General of the army, through many years of warfare, raids of the various tribes, plus the royal reward, the fortunes is considered well off but most are used to buy the land shop, there is no collection of fine carved mirror or jewelry the commonly used dowry items for women.

And her mother has pa.s.sed away, the person in charge for the house now is her widowed sister in law Huang shi, because of the overpowering authority of Ye Zhao she dares not make a decision. When tactfully reminded her to prepare for the dowry, she recovered back to find the wedding is only half a month away.

Huang shi braced herself, she anxiously asked: “General, we do not lack money, but where to buy things?”

Ye Zhao inside the study room browsing through the list of military high ranking officers resume, the head bow down: “Just casually things together, is already good.”

Huang shi continue asked: “Or find some acquaintances in the court, borrow some of their daughter dowry, in the future can return it back?”

Ye Zhao absent mindedly say: “You can decide ok.”

Huang shi again asked: “There is also wedding dress, head ornament, you take time to pick it, is it the pearl phoenix hairpin or the gold silk buyao? Or perhaps to match the eight jade phoenix b.u.t.terfly hairpin with indigo orchid inlay earring and sheep fat jade bracelet……”

Ye Zhao at the side is busy to half dead, while listening to her chattering feels light headed, endured almost half hour at last erupted: “So long winded, I am a big master, how can be patient to pick these young lady things?! You pick a few things and throw in is enough.”

“Big master?”

Huang shi was dumbstruck.

Ye Zhao sees the opposite person in shocked, after a while finally realized has said something wrong.

Huang shi weep bitterly.

【The customs of Dai Qin, woman must personally embroider her own wedding dress】

Ye Zhao wearing a black attire, the waist is wrapped narrowly, oblique sword, sitting upright inside the study room, holding a handful of hidden weapon, a solemn look.

See her left hand move with great speed, two of the house fly is pierced by long needles, firmly stuck at the wall, her right hand launching a rain in the sky, seventeen eighteen flying needles flying towards the cat who was trying to steal the flesh out of the window, straight to the ground near the tops of its claws, scaring the cat to death,

Followed by her own bodyguard soldiers loud cheers, one by one to praise:

“I studied about the hidden weapons, can obtain General directions, is indeed a blessing.”

“General is masters in eighteen kinds of weapons, is indeed an unrivaled martial feats!”

“True hero.”

Ye Zhao coldly points out: “Martial arts way, is valued in intentions.”

Everyone praises yes.

Huang shi appeared from behind, dragging a tone, twisted a handkerchief, grief voice asked: “General……is valued in intentions ah……”

Everyone is speechless, quietly to withdraw.

Ye Zhao ice like expression distort to some degree, she lower the head, staring at the embroidery frame that did not fit in with the rest of box filled with military weapons and books inside the study room, on top of it is a big bright red wedding dress with no decorative pattern on it, only hate can not find a hole on it, then from the small box she extract a hidden weapon needle, hesitating for a moment then with an upheaval force stabs.

【The customs of Dai Qin, the dowry is attached with boudoir of woman favorite things.】

Ye Zhao became the cause of her sister in law three roots of white hair, then listens to her crying talking about her dead brother for three hours, feeling guilty her action is well matched. The remaining dowry is collected from the east to the west, in addition to Dezong Emperor and Empress Dowager rewarded some things, finally is completed.

The day to send dowry arrived, from the Duke of Zhenguo manor to the An w.a.n.g manor the streets are filled with crowds, many people temporary stops working even most shop does not open business, all crowded to see the lively scene, making the restaurant along the street to sell twice more tea, even roadside stalls selling herbal tea and wonton have made a lot of profit.

An Qinw.a.n.g manor since early morning open the gates, after a while the joyful sound comes, carrying the dowry is not ordinary people, but rather is the uniform soldiers of tiger wolf cavalry squad, all spine is straight, neatly steps, lifting the heavy furniture as if it were light and easy, imposingly walking on the streets, the face is dignified as if carrying out the military mission.

From ancient time till now, who can use the military troops to send off daughters to marry?

In front of the domineering forces, everyone cannot help to gasped.

The first dowry pa.s.sing through is bestowed from Dezong Emperor the black iron whip, the second dowry is bestowed from Empress Dowager the valuable seven color gemstones gold headpieces, each radiant gemstones mutually shines, so glorious to everyone’s eyes making them squeeze shut. Following that is from the Empress, Imperial Consort, cabinet ministers all adds up the woman makeup, exquisite eight precious chambers, west mirror table, red sandalwood dresser. Delicate things, it is suspected that they want to flatters the current most powerful general and take out their own daughter best objects. Then from the Duke Zhenguo manor to acquire the practical things, including all kinds of posterity buckets and other common auspicious goods, the production of materials is very elegant, design is simple without the slightest lady boudoir flavor.

One hundred and twenty dowry chest, from the head to tail lasting several miles, the head enters the door, the tail have not leave the house yet.

Xia YuJin wearing a gorgeous red attire, the original beautiful face is already pale like a paper, dispirited standing outside of An Qinw.a.n.g manor to welcome the guest, his eyeball shifting left to right, seems to look for a retreat, the whole person does not look like going to marry a wife but more like in the execution ground. Older brother Xia YuQue pleasantly smiles and greet every guests, but he also felt his brother’s expression is too unlucky, in the spirit of siblings fellowship, speaks to comfort: “Don’t take it too hard, you are also surname Xia, the current emperor younger cousin, even if the general temper is arrogant, she will still give some face, unlikely to go so aggressive. You now is already a Junw.a.n.g, married a wife, should also restrain yourself and don’t make trouble anymore.”

“Elder sister in law is sensible, gentle and virtuous, you can talk all you want.” Xia YuJin unsatisfied coldly refute, but his expression eased a bit, “As for that Ye Zhao, can obediently become the general, I will not acknowledge such things as a woman!”

“What things?” Xia YuQue frown and chide back, “Ye Zhao captured Man Jin, have power to shake over the north desert, is Dai Qin top grade outstanding service officials, also won the emperor favor. You don’t be absurd and so rude! Admit it! Other people might not necessarily be virtuous!”

Xia YuJin ugly face slightly eased, Xia YuQue strike while the iron is still hot and continue to gave him some advised. Unexpectedly, not far from there an imperial clan member who once been bullied by YuJin, make eyes and yell out: “General Ye a heroic talent, Xia Junw.a.n.g a great beauty, really is a brilliant female, born as a pair! Later on, the good wife sings the husband follows[1], eternally in the anecdote ah!”

Xia Yujin born beautiful, is a taboo for people to make a jest of his appearances. Those few sentences is like a sharp knife, strongly stabs at the weakest point in his heart and shed blood.

Xia YuQue brace oneself, trying hard to comfort: “It’s not that bad, don’t listen to their nonsense, let’s look at the dowry, still very feminine style, those precious twinkling mirrors looks very delicate ah, this means in the general heart there still have some parts of female sentiment, what is behind there? The shape is strange, looks very heavy ah……”

The dowry that pa.s.sed through, large furniture’s and materials all received a praise, after the boxes and baskets, the final thirty is a strange looking objects wrapped with the red cloth, the carrying pole is pull down low, the soldiers responsible for transporting on their forehead there are a few drops of cold sweat, seemingly quite a strenuous job .

Everyone is very curious, wishing one could find a hole on that red cloth.

Fortunately the heavens answers their wishes. Almost approaching at An Qinw.a.n.g manor, the carrying pole can no longer withstand the heavy load and suddenly snaps, the objects falls on the ground, unexpectedly the bluestones ground cracks in two, and then rolls down.

All eyes wide open, suspended breath, staring at the object on the ground.

A ghastly chilly glow flashing on the long wolf teeth club lying on the ground, in between the sharp teeth appears to be a dried bloodstain.


The two soldiers in charge of transporting were very calm to change the pole, put the weapon back into the dowry, shouted, once again raised and strode away.

Still silence……

Continue silent……

“Come quickly ah! Don’t let Junw.a.n.g climbs the wall!”


[1]The correct sentences is the husband sings and the wife follows meaning a harmonious marital.The person reversed the sentences to insinuate that YuJin will be the lady one and not Ye Zhao.

Can you imagine the dowry objects? Of course the generals dowry will includes her favorite weapon. hehehe


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