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Read Genius Daddy in the City Chapter 295 – Breaking All Methods with A Single Force!

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Chapter 295: Breaking All Methods with A Single Force!

“Old Master Murong is here!’

When Murong He showed up, the people in the Murong clan grew serious. There was burning desire in their eyes.

Many of them looked on in disdain, and they were gloating at Ye Chen. They thought it was sure death for Ye Chen.

Old Master Murong was the No. 1 in Ganzhou with powerful spells. So what if Ye Chen killed four peak-stage Illuminating Pulse experts consecutively?

Murong He’s expression was grim. Dressed in a gray robe, he walked over while using a walking stick with a dragon’s head on top. Although he was walking slowly, ripples appeared beneath his feet as if he was stepping on a lake. Despite standing so close, he gave a feeling as if he was distant, as though he was someone who was too far away to reach.

“How powerful!” Zhang Mengqi, who was in the crowd, secretly inhaled sharply. “Old Master Murong must’ve mastered the Dao of Nature.”

Even Huo Yushan and his daughter could not help but be immersed in the rhythm with which Murong He was walking.

A moment later, Murong He stopped less than two meters before Ye Chen. He ignored the crowd directly and looked at him coldly.

“You arrogant brat, do you know that Yang’er was our family’s most outstanding descendent? I’ve put in so much effort and hope in him. How dare you kill him?”

“I’ve already killed him, so what are you going to do about it? He’s just an ant. His death means nothing!” Ye Chen smiled calmly. “Moreover, he offended me many times for some medicinal formula. He deserved to die. If I’m not mistaken, it must be you who ordered him to do that, hmm?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Murong He grinned.

Although the Murong clan was the giant of Ganzhou while he was the No. 1 in Ganzhou, he could not let his filthy deeds surface.

“Old thing, you sure are shameless. You’re exactly like your useless grandson who died.” Ye Chen shook his head slightly with slight contempt on his face. “It’s no wonder that you’d do something like threatening me with an innocent lady. Now, come here to accept your death!”

His voice turned cold as he spoke. He took a step out and leaped onto a tall maple tree outside the Murong clan’s villa.

“Great!” Murong He looked ferocious. “Since you’re begging for death, I’ll send you to h.e.l.l!”

A wind blew under his feet as soon as he spoke. He hovered onto another maple tree with the help of the wind.

They were less than ten meters away from each other.

At that moment, everyone stared at both of them while their hearts raced. Until now, they were sure that Ye Chen had an Illuminating G.o.d cultivation base, and so did Murong He.

The battle of two Illuminating G.o.d powerhouses was hard to come by in 20 years.

Zhang Zijian, who was among the crowd, looked at the silhouette with a complicated look in his eyes. He said by instinct, “Mr. Ye, you must win.”

He said that although he thought it was impossible. After all, they knew how powerful Murong He was.

“You want him to win? Aren’t you overthinking?” Zhang Haoxuan who was standing aside could not help but mock, “Although this brat is really something, he definitely isn’t Murong He’s match. Otherwise, how could Murong He’s name have shone in Ganzhou for decades?”

“That’s right!” Zhang Mengqi nodded and said, “Murong He might’ve comprehended the Dao of Nature. His ability is even more powerful than regular Illuminating G.o.d powerhouses. Ye will definitely die today!”

Joy filled her eyes as she spoke. ‘Ye, you refused to give our family the Heart Repairing Pill. Now, you’ll go to h.e.l.l.’

“Dad, is he a Spell Master?” Huo Sisi, who was standing aside, asked with her eyes wide open.

Huo Yushan said after taking a deep breath, “Yes, he’s the most powerful among the Spell Masters.”

“Then, that guy named Ye is in trouble,” Huo Sisi mumbled. Even she had little confidence in Ye Chen.

At the same time, Murong He, who was standing on top of the maple tree, stared coldly at Ye Chen. “Ye Chen, you’ve broken through to Illuminating G.o.d when you were so young. You’re a genius even if we compare you to everyone in China. If you continue to grow, your name will spread all over the spell world within ten years. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t have killed Yang’er. You shouldn’t have offended my family! Today, I’ll show you what I’ve got!”

His aura exploded as he spoke to this point. Subsequently, he performed hand seals with both hands, and a red flame shot out of his hands as if there was a giant fireball charging at Ye Chen.

“Making fire out of thin air?!”

The people’s expressions changed upon watching that. All of them were stunned by what Murong He displayed. As expected, an Illuminating G.o.d powerhouse’s technique was beyond their imagination.

“Child’s play! Break it!” Ye Chen scoffed and stretched his arm to grab the giant fireball that was coming at him without even lifting his eyes.


As the fireball exploded from the impact, sparks flew all over. The people who were standing closer could not help but flinch from the scare.

Someone exclaimed instantly, “Did he just break all the methods with a single force?”

One must know that Murong He was an Illuminating G.o.d powerhouse. The Fire Consolidation Method that he had performed casually could have destroyed a tree. However, Ye Chen had just broken it like that!

Even Murong He was slightly stunned, but he said after a scoff, “You’re not too shabby. No wonder you dare to come here to seek death! Blowing wind!”

He performed hand seals quickly after saying that. A black glow appeared in his hands, and it grew like a black sun.

At the same time, he shouted, “Falling leaves!”

A strange wind blew within a radius of 1,000 meters with him as the center. The gale was growing, shaking countless maple trees. They looked like they were going to collapse.

The maple leaves were gathering in his hands as if it was raining. Eventually, it became a gigantic, black sphere. The sphere rotated at a high speed like a black hole, and it had a terrifying suction.

At that moment, the people on the ground staggered and almost fell. Their expressions changed as they watched on with slight shock.

“So, is this a S-Spell Master’s technique?” Hua Sisi held onto Huo Yushan tight while her face was pale.

Zhang Mengqi mumbled, “No wonder Grandpa warned us that we can’t offend the Murong clan no matter what before coming here. They’re just too scary.”

While Murong He hovered in the air, his gray robes fluttered in the wind. “Hahaha! Ye Chen, I’d like to see how you’re going to handle this now!”

As soon as he spoke, the black sphere made of countless maple leaves in his hands flew out at Ye Chen like a tornado.

Dust flew everywhere the black sphere pa.s.sed by. A long trail was created on the ground directly as if a bull had plowed the ground tens of times. The scene was majestic.

Within the blink of an eye, Ye Chen was covered by the black sphere that was like a mini hill entirely whereas the maple tree beneath his feet was crushed into pieces.

“This brat is going to die!” Zhang Haoxuan could not help but exclaim while watching that scene.

Everyone secretly shook their heads. If one was attacked by the black sphere, even a hill would be crushed into a flatland, let alone a human.

“Hahaha! I thought you’re powerful. So, you’re just pretending!” A hysterical burst of laughter came as Murong He smirked. “This is the price to pay for killing my Yang’er and going against my family. It’s unfortunate that the medicinal formula you have will be destroyed…”

Before he was done speaking, the giant black sphere exploded as a loud thud came. Immediately, a skinny silhouette flew like a dragon soaring into the heavens.

“Old Murong, it’s too early for you to be celebrating!”

In the next second, a golden fist was flung out at Murong He.


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