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Read Genius Daddy in the City Chapter 504 – Remember, the One Who Killed You Is Mad Southern Ye from China!

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Chapter 504: Remember, the One Who Killed You Is Mad Southern Ye from China!

The night sky was as dark as ink on the pitch black Dobongsan Mountain!

Ye Chen stood proudly in the air. His green robe fluttered in the wind. Golden flames flickered in his eyes as he floated in the wind like a G.o.d.

As he slashed out in the air, the blade light instantly expanded by thirty feet. The unrestrained blade aura directly cut the air within a radius of several hundred meters, creating an ear-piercing sound.

The thirty-feet-long blade flare slashed at the distant Kim Tiansheng!

Sensing that the attack was even more powerful than before, Kim Tiansheng’s face froze. His black robes seemed to have turned into a huge umbrella, protecting him.


The blade landed on the black robe in the blink of an eye. The force that erupted forced Kim Tiansheng back several steps.

“That powerful?”

Kim Tiansheng’s expression changed slightly.

He did not expect that his opponent would be so good at using blades at such a young age. Furthermore, his internal energy was so strong. If it were anyone else, that slash would have exhausted a lot of internal energy. At most, they would have been able to execute one attack.

“I said that your blade can’t cut through me!” He looked down and realized that his black robe was still completely undamaged. He could not help but laugh.

Ye Chen did not say anything. Instead, he made a motion as if grabbing the air. A golden blade gleam erupted from his hand again. As the blade gleam appeared, the surrounding air went berserk.

Kim Tiansheng instantly felt dizzy.

Suddenly, a flash of blade light swept across the sky. The sound of the blade breaking through the layers of wind could no longer be heard above the plain. The blade light broke through the azure sky and the color of the sky, and only the heavy blade light could be seen.

Not good!

His heart skipped a beat, and an extremely bone-piercing chill a.s.saulted his heart. He let out an angry shout, and the black robe suddenly expanded several times, wrapping him completely within it like a black curtain that could hold up the sky.


Suddenly, a long roar resounded in the skies. Ye Chen held the blade in one hand and slashed out ferociously. It was as if he was holding up the entire heaven and earth with that slash.

In an instant, the blade Qi traveled thousands of meters like a storm in a night battle. The sun shone on the east sea’s thousand layered waves. When the blade was lifted, it looked as if a king’s head was held in his hand. Then, the long blade slashed across the moon as swift as a horse swooping across the stars.

As the blade slashed out, his aura also reached its peak!


A sound like a bolt from the blue resounded within a radius of five kilometers. A wave of energy surged through the entire Dobongsan Mountain like a tidal wave. Wherever the wave of energy pa.s.sed, rocks, earth, and wood were toppled, as if the heavens and earth were shaking.

On the other hand, Ye Chen was still standing where he was. He stood still like a stabilizing needle. Meanwhile, everything around him was in a mess. Booming noises were heard, and there were faint screams coming from the ground.

The next moment, a disheveled figure fell from the skies.

The black robes on Kim Tiansheng had already been reduced to pieces. His body was covered with densely packed slashes, and blood flowed from the wounds. He looked like a b.l.o.o.d.y person.

“You … Who are you?”

Kim Tiansheng glared at Ye Chen while breathing heavily. His gaze was pale like a ghost. Ye Chen’s blade had torn his black robe into pieces in a flash. If he had not reacted fast enough and hid in the dark sky, he would have been killed instantly by the blade.

Even so, he was still attacked by the dispersed blade aura and his body was on the verge of falling apart. At the thought of this, he could not help but secretly regret coming to seek revenge on Ye Chen!

This d.a.m.n Chinese kid!

Who was he?!

Could he be the descendant of a holy land in China?

“Remember, the person who killed you is Mad Southern Ye of China!” Ye Chen looked calm as if that slash was just a casual attack.

“What? You’re Mad Southern Ye?”

“The strongest person in China, Mad Southern Ye?” Deep shock immediately appeared on Kim Tiansheng’s face when he heard that. His voice was extremely sharp, as if he had heard something unbelievable.

His voice was neither loud nor soft, but it rang out within a radius of five kilometers, shocking the people from the Kim family who were watching from Dobongsan Mountain and the people waiting outside.

The crowd burst into an uproar.

It turned out that the person who fought the Kim family’s patriarch was not from Korea but from China. Moreover, the No. 1 in China was Mad Southern Ye!

They were extremely familiar with this name!

After all, because the Samsung group had pressured China previously, netizens from both countries had been arguing online about it!

At that time, the netizens of Korea provoked Mad Southern Ye because they were from a far away land. They thought that it was just online. Never did they expect Mad Southern Ye to really attack Han Country!

Thinking to this point, countless people felt dizzy.

The Kim family were immediately stupefied!

“It’s a misunderstanding, Mad Southern Ye. This is a misunderstanding!” Kim Tiansheng’s expression changed drastically when he realized what had happened. He really felt like retreating from the battle.

Mad Southern Ye’s slash almost crippled him!

Meeting such a person, how could he continue fighting?!

“Can my blade kill you?” Ye Chen closed in with a cold expression.

Kim Tiansheng’s strength was at most equivalent to Shen Tiannan’s. However, in terms of battle strength, he was no match for Shen Tiannan. After all, he was nearing the end of his lifespan, and he had already run out of blood essence and life force.

He wasn’t a match for Mad Southern Ye!

“No, Mad Southern Ye, you can’t kill me!”

Kim Tiansheng’s expression changed drastically when he saw Chen Ye closing in on him. “I’m from the Kim Family, and I’m Yins.h.i.+’s…”

Before he could finish his words, he was killed by Ye Chen’s blade!

The two halves of his corpse fell on the ground!

Kim Family’s family head, Kim Hongyu opened his eyes to look, and then he spat out a mouthful of blood, almost fainting. “Patriarch! ”

The other Kim Family members seemed to freeze.

Their Kim Family’s patriarch died!

Moreover, he was killed by the No. 1 in China, Mad Southern Ye!

“You can’t stay!”

Ye Chen took a good look at the scene below. Subsequently, he slashed at the surrounding cliffs with his sword. Countless crushed rocks crashed onto the ground with a rumble, and screams were heard.

Outside Dobongsan Mountain, there was an uproar!

Everyone was shocked by Kim Tiansheng’s last words before he died. “You are the strongest person in China, Mad Southern Ye!”

Chen Feng and Lin Yinuo were even more stunned. They had never imagined that the person fighting against Kim Tiansheng would be Chinese.

Lin Yinuo could not help but ask the old man surnamed Han, “Mr. Han, may I know who this Mad Southern Ye is?”

“You’re Chinese. You’ve never heard of Mad Southern Ye?”

Old Man Han frowned. Seeing that she didn’t seem to know, he was about to explain when a member of the Kim family rushed out from Dobongsan Mountain. As he ran, he wailed, “Dead, the patriarch is dead, the patriarch is dead, he’s dead, he’s dead!”

The world was dead silent!

Everyone’s expressions froze!

The patriarch of the Kim family, who was the head of the Four Great Families of Korea. Kim Tiansheng, who had dominated the world decades ago was dead!

Moreover, he was killed by Mad Southern Ye from China!


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