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Read Genius Daddy in the City Chapter 73 – : Elder Priest Qingyang

Genius Daddy in the City is a web novel created by Beneath The Lonely Mountain Tree.
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Chapter 73: Elder Priest Qingyang

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Although Elder Priest Qingyang did not point out who he was talking about when he said that, everyone present knew that he was clearly targeting Ye Chen.

Third Master Gu’s expression changed. Just when he was about to speak, Elder Priest Qingyang scoffed in disdain. He left with his hands on his back in an extremely arrogant manner.

Wei Dong followed after him. There was disdain in his eyes when he looked at Ye Chen.

One could say that Wei Dong a.s.sumed Ye Chen to be a scammer.

The Old Master Gu had been honored throughout his life. He wondered how he had a son as useless as Third Master Gu.

However, Ye Chen looked normal from the beginning. He watched as Elder Priest Qingyang walked far away in silence with squinted eyes.

Gu Yingying was worried that he was upset so she tried to console Ye Chen. “Master Ye, Elder Priest Qingyang has always been like that. I hope that you won’t take him seriously.”

“Did you say this Elder Priest Qingyang can inscribe talisman?” Ye Chen seemed to be in deep thought after looking at the old man.

He did not sense any spiritual power fluctuations on Elder Priest Qingyang’s body at all. It would mean that he was probably not a cultivator, so how could the talisman that he inscribed work?

Third Master Gu took over the conversation. “Indeed, Elder Priest Qingyang can inscribe talisman. He was very popular among the Tiannan’s upper cla.s.s, officers and wealthy people are eager to know him. I heard that he once burnt a talisman and treated a blind man’s eyes before everyone.”

“Is that so? I hope that I get the opportunity to witness it.”

Ye Chen smiled and said nothing more. They walked to the auction in the underground black market under Gu Yingying’s guidance.

According to Third Master Gu’s introduction, the entire antique town underground had a total of six floors. The top three floors were the parking lots, while the bottom three floors held the black market that everybody talked about.

They took the elevator to the fourth floor.

In reality, the so-called black market was a lounge that was similar to a cinema. It was oval in shape with dense seats all over. Meanwhile, the auction stage was in the middle.

The entire lounge had three floors.

Gu Yingying took Ye Chen straight to the third floor. There were private rooms of the same style on the third floor. They could clearly see the auction from up there.

The private room had all amenities, there was everything in there.

Just when they took their seats, Third Master Gu got people to bring in a lot of food. He even ordered two bottles of red wine, whereby he poured three

Gu Yingying stood up and said to Ye Chen while raising her gla.s.s, “Master Ye, this is to you. It’s for avenging my Third Uncle today.”

Ye Chen picked up the wine gla.s.s and accepted the toast. However, surprise flashed through his eyes as he saw Gu Yingying finish half a gla.s.s of wine in one sip.

Perhaps she was not a good drinker, her pretty face flushed after she drank. Her eyelashes slightly fluttered and she seemed rather attractive under the dimmed lights.

“Master Ye, please help yourself.” Gu Yingying’s pretty face was flus.h.i.+ng even more now as she seemed to have noticed his stare.

Ye Chen took a small sip, he felt like a ball of fire flowed deep into his throat.

“It’s not too shabby, right? This is a 1982 Lafite, it came from a winery in France.”

Third Master Gu took a sip too and asked after changing the topic, “Master Ye, there’s something that I don’t understand. How did you know that you would definitely get jade inside when you were stone gambling?”

As soon as he was done speaking, Gu Yingying could not help but look at Ye Chen.

What happened earlier was just too shocking. He had the ice red jade first and subsequently the green imperial jade. Ye Chen was calm from the beginning until the end, he did not have the behavior of a gambler at all.

Most importantly, Ye Chen could tell in advance that her Third Uncle would lose during the last bet with Liu Chuang. Did he have the sixth sense?

Ye Chen coldly said after looking at the duo’s confused faces, “Do you guys believe if I tell you that I have a fluoroscopic ability?”

The smile on Third Master Gu’s face became stiff at the moment. “You sure are funny, Master Ye.”

Who would have the fluoroscopic ability in this world? He thought Ye Chen was just unwilling to tell and decided not to ask any further.

Gu Yingying did not believe as well. Just when she was going to ask something, a ringing noise came from downstairs.

“The auction has begun,” Third Master Gu instantly said.

Ye Chen lifted his eyes to look below. He noticed that all of the seats on the first floor were taken. Meanwhile, there was a fatty standing on the stage in the middle of the seats.

The fatty weighed around 200 pounds. He wore a suit that could not fit his size at all. He had pompadour hair and looked harmless.

“Master Ye, this man is called Jin Defu. His nickname is Big Teeth Jin. He’s considered one of the personnel in charge of the auction, everyone who knows him calls him Master Jin.”

Ye Chen nodded and proceeded to look below.

As Big Teeth Jin appeared, the extremely noisy auction became silent right away.

Big Teeth Jin went straight onto business after a short opening. “The first item in the auction today is a set of ten bottles of white grape wine from the Han dynasty.”

Subsequently, a few staff in uniform moved a big box to the auction stage. There was a red cloth covering it.

“This is what the Tibetan Empire gave to the prince of the Han dynasty as a tribute. This is the wine that’s in the saying ‘Fine wine in a luminous gla.s.s, one wants to drink but the mounted pipa player orders us onwards’. Due to a special sealing technology, even though it’s been 2,000 years, this wine hasn’t gone bad and deteriorated at all.”

To prove what he said, Big Teeth Jin got someone to remove the red cloth and opened up a bottle of wine before everyone. There was a solidified, milky-white rubber in the bottle.

It filled the entire auction with wine fragrance in an instant. People had their spirit lifted from sniffing it and one could tell its value from the fragrance alone.

Big Teeth Jin did not dilly-dally as he said with a smirk, “This wine will be auctioned officially. The starting price is one million, the minimum bid is 10,000.”

As soon as he was done speaking, people started raising the paddle in their hands.

“1.1 million!”

“1.2 million!”

“1.3 million!”

Eventually, the ten bottles of white grape wine were sold at a total of 2.4 million. They were sold to an old man in traditional Chinese attire.

Seeing the man’s excitement, Ye Chen could not help but secretly shook his head. He thought a person’s hobby had a magical power, whereby it made someone willing to spend over two million on merely ten bottles of ancient wine.

Subsequently, Big Teeth Jin auctioned many items. From antiques to calligraphy pieces, they were all sold at insane prices.

What disappointed Ye Chen was that none of the items interested him.

Just when he was feeling bored, Big Teeth Jin got the staff to bring out another auction item.

It was a sandalwood box that was approximately 50 centimeters.

At the same time, two men were sitting in another private room. They were Wei Dong and Elder Priest Qingyang from before.

As the sandalwood box appeared, Elder Priest Qingyang who had been looking cold, suddenly stood up from the couch. He emotionally said, “This is it, this is it. Director Wei, you must get that for me!”

Meanwhile, Ye Chen looked slightly serious as he scanned with his Divine Consciousness. “Eh…”


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