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Chapter 1317

Chapter 1317: “Bone Corroding Forest (3)”


Without mentioning anything else, just the constant drop in temperature and the ever increasing concentration of the poison in the foggy mist were already highly deadly. In order for the companions to maintain warmth in their bodies with the freezing temperature, it called for a steady drain upon their spirit powers, and as to how long that depletion would go on for, none of them could be sure.

Along their pa.s.sage, Qiao Chu had once tried to drink from the water sack he carried close to his body and as it had been placed against his body, it had not froze under the dismally low temperature. But as he drank from it, two water drops accidentally fell from the corners of his mouth and the drops immediately froze once they fell beyond where his spirit power encompa.s.sed, and two frozen solid ice beads then hit the ground.

The high concentration of the poison within the fog was also highly tormenting. Spirit power could be used to guard against the freezing cold, but it was unable to filter out the poison in the air, where it was breathed in straight into one’s lungs to enter the bloodstream, and the poison would soon claim a person’s life.

If that was not handled properly, it would soon evolve to become the biggest obstacle to most.


This most deadly obstacle, in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes, was a problem easiest to resolve. What she had most with her, were various kinds of elixirs to counter poisons sitting quietly a crate full within her Cosmos Sack that would be enough to last them a year in this place.

Under the brutally harsh environment, Little Jue just followed behind everyone quietly. Although he was the youngest and the awareness of his mind was not very clear, he at least knew he did not want to add on to Jun Wu Xie’s troubles. Every instruction that Jun Wu Xie gave, he would always follow to the letter more than others.

But there was one point that was strange.

Spirit energy was not detected on Little Jue’s body but he was able to maintain sufficient amount of body warmth. When Jun Wu Xie had occasionally gone to hold his tiny hands, she found that those little paws would feel hot and warm, like a little walking stove.

Within that group, without having to use spirit powers to alleviate the problems their bodies faces, besides Jun Wu Yao, were only Ye Mei and Ye Sha, and Little Jue was the next exception.

What was even more interesting was…..

After Jun Wu Xie finished giving out the elixirs, she noticed a highly interesting scene.

After Little Jue received Jun Wu Xie’s elixir, he hold it carefully within his two hands and then pretended to stuff it inside his mouth. He then clenched a small hand into a fist and reached his fist deep into his robes, which caused Jun Wu Xie who was observing him to wonder what he was doing for a moment.

“Take out the thing you have hidden within your clothes.” Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes as she looked at the always obedient Little Jue.

Little Jue blinked his eyes and shrunk his head into his shoulders knowing he had been caught while he looked at Jun Wu Xie as he retreated back a step.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyebrow arched up. The little one was keeping a secret as she thought!

“Dumb Qiao.”

“Right away!” Qiao Chu called out having caught on immediately and he carried Little Jue up from behind. Little Jue opened his little mouth in a unintelligible chatter like he was trying to say something but could not express himself properly.

Jun Wu Xie finally walked over to him and from within Little Jue’s clothes, she found a bunch of elixirs…..

That’s right.

A bunch…..

From the number of elixirs she counted, the little rascal had from the moment before they descended the Heaven’s End Cliff, kept away every single elixir given to him into his clothes, never eating even a single one!

Fortunately he held enough power on his own as if it had been Qiao Chu or the others, they might have already keeled over midway through.

After Jun Wu Xie ascertained that Little Jue’s well being was not compromised in anyway, she then sighed out in relief. Under Little Jue’s tearful gaze with those big eyes, Jun Wu Xie confiscated all the elixirs that Little Jue had stowed away earlier.

“Ahh ! !” Little Jue uttered as he looked at Jun Wu Xie in despair, the expression on his face disappointed and aggrieved.

After Qiao Chu put him down gently, the little fella just remained squatting down at the side to wipe the tears flowing down his face in silence.


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