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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss is a web novel created by North Night, 夜北.
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Chapter 1329: “Highly Deadly Place (1)”

For an entire month at the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff, Jun Wu Xie and her companions experienced the most agonizing one month of their lives.

Quicksand that could possibly claim a person’s life, beautiful and alluring yet deadly flesh eating plants, tyrannical flowers that gave out a lethal pungent stench, and even venomous snakes that waited to strike hidden underground…..

Every single day, the companions lived immersed in danger, where even every single plant life might just cost them their lives.

Throughout that one month’s time, they lived a life that could only be described as inhuman where their physical bodies and their mental state of their minds were stretched to their limits.

By the time they found a place where it was relatively safe and were able to finally sit down to take a breather, they had all by then looked a total wreck.

“I had thought I would have died here.” Qiao Chu said as he lay in a limp heap upon the ground. He did not even have the strength to move a finger anymore and his spirit powers had been quickly drained to become completely depleted. Even if any ferocious beasts were to appear before them at that moment and bared it fangs right at him, he still wouldn’t have wanted to move an inch.

The clothes upon their bodies were all filthy and in various states of being torn and tattered. With the way anyone of them looked now, have them squat right at the gates of any one city and they would make a model beggar, needing only a chipped bowl and they would be ready for a career in begging.

In the beginning, they had still paid attention to their cleanliness. Two weeks into the ordeal and they dumped those tiring matters to the back of their minds where surviving and putting one foot before the next was their one and only objective.

A race with time, the feeling of s.n.a.t.c.hing every second from the jowls of death was dangerous yet thrilling.

“How I wish, that there’s a nice lake before my eyes to let me have a good soak.” Fei Yan said, similarly stretched out upon the ground and not moving an inch. As it was more convenient for the mission, he had specially changed into regular male clothing and on that pretty face of his, was a mask of dirt and grime, where his original skin colour could no longer be seen.

“Don’t even mention the word lake! You will just remind me of that Heaven d.a.m.ned place again.” Qiao Chu complained with a frown. They had indeed come across a lake before. The water was crystal clear and its surface calm without a ripple. Several large clumps of plants and various vegetation lined the edges of the lake and it was a pristine and beautiful sight of harmony.

However, they had not even had been able to replenish their water skins when the lake started to bubble like it was boiling over.

A humongous beast that was as big as Lord Meh Meh’s true form reared its head from within the lake. It was a giant leviathan that looked like an octopus that pursued Qiao Chu and the others for a good stretch, where they ran till their hearts almost wanted to come out of their mouths.

“I understand it already. In here, not a single place is safe. All those beautiful flowers and the lush green trees, they are all highly deadly. Tell me, from where in the Heavens did they get all these deadly playthings of theirs? Aren’t they afraid of it themselves?” Qiao Chu admitted defeat before these guys. Even when they returned to the Middle Realm to settle scores with the Twelve Palaces in the future, he swore to himself to stay far away from the Dark Regions.

The people there are just a wee bit too terrifying!

With all the terrifying things here, a regular person would not encounter even a few among them throughout their entire lives. But the Dark Regions had gathered them all together in a complete set, and stuffed them all here into the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff.

“You should be thankful that we are still alive.” Rong Ruo said, looking to be in a slightly better condition than the others as she leaned back against a rock, but her face was nevertheless still a little pale. Throughout the entire way, the companions could no longer count the number of elixirs they had b.u.mped off Jun Wu Xie, and the number of times Jun Wu Xie had moved to save their lives.

They all suddenly felt, that Jun Wu Xie was the lucky star that the Heavens had blessed them with. Without Jun Wu Xie, even if they managed to gather all the maps, they would not be able to live through this one month at the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff.

Moreover, Jun Wu Xie’s appearance and come attached with the peerless weapon of destruction, Jun Wu Yao, which had saved them from quite a bit of trouble as well.

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