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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss is a web novel completed by North Night, 夜北.
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Chapter 1610

Chapter 1610: “s.h.i.+elding One’s Charge (4)”

That situation was very strange as it made what Gu Ying’s objective in coming here in the first place highly muddled and unclear.

Jun Wu Xie secretly noted this in her mind and in order not to make Su Ya worry, she did not bring the matter up again much.

Seeing Jun Wu being so considerate for her sake, the expression on Su Ya’s face softened quite a bit. She swept her hand out and smacked Jun Wu on the head, neither to heavy nor light, but made Jun Wu’s heart fill up with feelings of being indulged and doted upon.

“Little brat, why is this woman even harping on this so much with you? With your skinny arms and legs, not to mention a Purple Spirit, even when you meet a blue or indigo spirit that you have to deal with alone, you had better go running away. In future, you should either obediently follow behind this woman here or go find yourself a peerless and unmatched powerful protector to protect

you. Don’t go running around blindly as you little pint sized frame is sure to attract trouble and it wouldn’t do you any good to be running around on your own.” Su Ya was really finding it a little hard to understand. Her little disciple was so “honest and naive”, so why was he attracting so much strife all the time?

Xu Mu, Gu Ying, and that entire bunch of pipsqueaks in the Cloudy Brook Academy. Why have they all set their eyes on little Jun Wu?

In Su Ya’s eyes, her own little disciples really wouldn’t give people any trouble, never stirring up any headaches for her. Ask him to clean the place up and he cleans the place up. Ask him to go practice his cultivation and he goes practice his cultivation. Never hearing any word of protest. Low profile in the way he carries out task which causes people to often overlook his existence. So why did he attract the hatred of so many people so easily?

Towards these questions Su Ya had in her

her mind, Jun Wu Xie would really not be able to adequately explain easily.

If there came a day that Su Ya knew that the guileless and honest disciple that she knew was in fact a fluffy sheep that ate people without even spitting out bones, it was wondered what Su Ya would then think.

Jun Wu was then dumped aside to quietly go practice cultivation and the Master and disciple pair then went on with their own tasks like nothing had happened before, doing what they needed to do.

Tian Ze brought Gu Ying out from the Spirit Mastery faculty and the two of them did not speak at all the entire way. Compared to another pair of people, the Master and disciple inside the Spirit Mastery faculty who shared such an utterly shameless harmony, Tian Ze held only wariness and more wariness against Gu Ying.

“Teacher Tian Ze.” Gu Ying said as his steps suddenly stopped.

Tian Ze halted himself and his face was dark as he said: “What is the matter?”

Gu Ying went on to say with a

with a smile: “My objective in coming here to the Cloudy Brook Academy has been achieved and my Father is still waiting for me to report back to him. Hence, I will not be able to stay here long and am intending to leave soon.”

[Heh, when did this kid grow to become self aware? He knows that the Cloudy Brook Academy does not welcome him and he is intending to make himself scarce already?]

Tian Ze almost wanted to clap his hands in joy and celebration, his heart soaring in high spirits. However, his face still had the same stern and stoic expression.

“Oh? Is that so? Then you had better go back quickly to deliver your report. I will escort you outside now.” Tian Ze almost could not wait to send Gu Ying out of the Cloudy Brook Academy and he did not even ask Gu Ying whether he would want to go bid farewell to Gu Xin Yan at all but immediately just sent Gu Ying off to the main gates of the Cloudy Brook Academy.

Gu Ying
Brook Academy.

Gu Ying went out through the gates of the Cloudy Brook Academy and saw the stern gaze Tian Ze was still looking at him with. Gu Ying knew better than to stay there longer and he immediately opened his stride wide to walk forward.

Inside the Cloudy Brook Academy, Lin Hao Yu who was still waiting for Gu Ying to avenge him would never even have dreamt that the courage he had struggled so hard to summon up in order to win Gu Ying’s help, would finally end up having Gu Ying leaving the place just like that without even a flick of his sleeves.

It was silent on the summit of Mount Fu Yao and the slanting rays of the brilliant dusk sun fell over the dense woods, shrouding the green mountain with a faint warm glow.

Gu Ying walked down from the summit and after coming aways not to far away, he stopped in his tracks on one side of the wide broadwalk. He then turned himself around and stared in the direction of the Cloudy Brook Academy.


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