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Chapter 1796: “Taken Ill (3)”

Over that night, the Shadow Moon Palace Lord’s condition did not show any improvement and the big group of physicians stood watch within the sleeping chambers throughout the night, not daring to take a single step away. The various Shadow Moon Palace’s Elders heard the news and came rus.h.i.+ng in, similarly keeping watch within the sleeping chambers as well.

That night, the entire group of people who held great power and high authourity within the Shadow Moon Palace could not sleep soundly.

Meanwhile, in the dungeon, Jun Wu Xie was enjoying a sound and restful sleep.

Till a slight slight sound rang out, and Jun Wu Xie who had been leaning her back against the wall to rest opened her eyes within the dim candlelight.

“Young Miss.” It was not known from when that Ye Sha came into the dungeon.

“Hm?” Jun Wu Xie stretched her neck a little, as she sat herself up.

“The item that Young Miss ordered your subordinate to find has been found. Will Young Miss please have a look at it.” Upon saying that, Ye Sha then took out a brocade box and put it in Jun Wu Xie’s hand.

Jun Wu Xie had given the jade piece that Elder Ying had handed over to her to Ye Sha earlier in the day and asked him to go to Elder Yue’s residence to look for clues, never thinking that Ye Sha would act so fast to locate the item in just half a day.

Jun Wu Xie opened the brocade box and found two incomplete jade pieces lying inside, where the two separate pieces could be joined together perfectly. No matter whether it was by the quality of the jade or from the carvings and lines upon it, the two pieces of jade were originally whole.

“You found it in Elder Yue’s room?” Jun Wu Xie took the two pieces of jade out and inspected them within her hand. Because of the Soul Calming Jade, Jun Wu Xie had developed a kind of interest towards jade artifacts and the fact that Elder Ying paid so much attention to the jade told her that there must be a special reason.

Unfortunately, after looking over it for a while, she did not discover anything peculiar about it.

The jade, was just an ordinary jade ornament. Besides the fact that the jade was of an extremely high quality, it was no different from any other piece of jade.

“Yes. Elder Yue did not go back today, and it made it highly convenient for your subordinate to search through the place.” Ye Sha admitted truthfully. Actually, with his skills, even if Elder Yue was around, it would still be highly difficult for him to detect Ye Sha’s presence but with him not around, Ye Sha was able to conduct search without any worry.

Jun Wu Xie nodded her head, and then suddenly stood up from the bed of straw.

“Young Miss, Lord Jue had something he needed to go attend to and he told your subordinate that if Young Miss needs to find him at any one moment, he would immediately rush back.” Ye Sha said.

Jun Wu Xie sighed lightly. Towards Jun Wu Yao’s quiet arrivals and soundless departures, she had grown accustomed to it.

For Jun Wu Yao to have rushed here from the Lower Realm, Jun Wu Xie knew that he must have abandoned many important things behind, and she would not ask for him to remain by her side at every moment. Just like it was for herself, she had things she needed to deal with, it would be very much be the same for him as well.

“Then what does Young Miss intend to do from here on?” Ye Sha asked.

Jun Wu Xie kept the jade pieces away properly, and the corners of her mouth curled up into a chilling smile.

“Since I have the item in my hands now, I should naturally hand it over to the person who has a need for it.” She had not forgotten what Elder Ying had promised her, and she believed that the two jade pieces could very well bring her some unexpected rewards.

“Young Miss really thinks Elder Ying can be trusted?” Ye Sha asked curiously.

“Do not suspect the people you use, and do not use people you suspect.” Jun Wu Xie said, lifting up an eyebrow.

Jun Wu Xie then blatantly walked out from the dungeon, as Ye Sha remained hidden within the shadows to protect her.

The jailors guarding the dungeon had already fallen into a deep sleep and were drooling as they lay sprawled across the table, not noticing in the slightest that Jun Wu Xie who had been imprisoned inside was walking out unhindered right before them.

It was deep into the night and Elder Ying was sitting alone in his room. While the entire group of Elders went to watch over the Palace Lord, only he alone chose to disregard it.

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