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Chapter 2331
Chapter 2331: Soul Bone (4)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes slightly when she saw the cloud sculpture was destroyed by her own hands . Her mood became extremely heavy as she stared ahead .

When the dust settled, the cloud sculpture had turned into a heap of rubble .

However, at this moment, everyone’s attention was on a small piece of bone that was floating in mid air!

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes widened as she looked at the bone that was enveloped in a halo of light . She subconsciously turned her head to look at Bai Xu .

“Ren Huang never took the soul bone away from Cloudy Brook Academy . The one that he took with him that time was just but a fake . It was to draw away the attention of the people from the Upper Realm . ” Bai Xu stared at the real soul bone and sighed deeply .

Ren Huang never had the complete confidence to be able to evade the pursuit of the Upper Realm . That was why from the very beginning, he had already planned out the worst-case scenario and had hidden the real soul bone . He never dared to carry it with him, he was afraid that there would be a day that he would fall into the hands of the Upper Realm . He had since started his plan and started carving that sculpture, hiding the soul bone within . No one would think that he dared to put such an important thing at such a place where anyone could have access to!

Bai Xu was the only other person who knew the actual location of the soul bone . Even Su Ya and Tian Ze did not know this secret .

“That is the soul bone you wanted . Take it with you to complete your plan . ” Bai Xu looked at Jun Wu Xie for a while . Ren Huang’s bold tactic ensured that the soul bone was not discovered during the past five years . Things would have turned for the worst if the Upper Realm really took control of everything in the Middle Realm . If they had complete control over the Middle Realm and yet still couldn’t find the soul bone, they would definitely come back to Cloudy Brook Academy again . At that time, they would truly find the soul bone .

This was also one of the reasons why Bai Xu dared to give the soul to Jun Wu Xie .

The tip of Jun Wu Xie’s foot tapped lightly as she leapt into the air and caught the soul bone in her hand .

The soul bone was slender and cold to the touch . After looking at it closer, she noticed that this so-called soul bone was actually a human’s phalanx 1  . With her medical expertise, this phalanx should belong to an adult man .

It was just that she could not determine the age of this phalanx . From her observations, she noticed that it was covered with small scratches . Although it was well preserved, it still could not escape the ravages of time .

“Thank you Master Bai Xu . ” Jun Wu Xie carefully wrapped the soul bone with her handkerchief and placed it into her Cosmos Sack .

The soul bone was now in her hands and this meant that her bait thrown to the Upper Realm had been completed .

Bai Xu shook his head emotionally .

“You don’t have to thank me, all I did was just to tell you the location of the relic that belonged to your Grandmaster . Now that this thing is in your hands, how you want to use it in the future, it’s all up to you . Jun Wu Xie, I believe that you will not let the blood of Ren Huang flow for naught .  Sweep through the Upper Realm and exact revenge for your Grandmaster!” Bai Xu’s gaze was suddenly as sharp as a sword!

The death of his good friend had successfully provoked the anger of this gentle elder . He only hated himself that all he was good at was his medical skills . He could not fight with strength hence he could not use his life to fight with the Upper Realm!

“That is for certain . ” Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes as a dangerous glint flashed by . She raised her head slightly and saw her companions standing behind Bai Xu with burning gazes . No matter what kind of turbulent storm awaited her, she had already stepped out and there was no way left for retreat . She could only go forward with courage!

After attaining the soul bone, the moment that they left Cloudy Brook Academy, Jun Wu Xie lit the Cloudy Brook Academy ablaze and burned it . Everything that Ren Huang had left should not be defiled by those people from the Upper Realm .

She stood before the sea of flames and swore that one day, she would rebuild Cloudy Brook Academy!


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