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Chapter 2759: Open rivalry (1)

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

The City Lords of the 72 cities chatted in small groups. Their main topic was about the City Lord of Sea Spirit City as not many people had seen him before.

It was said to be the City Lords of 72 cities. But the number of people present was less than seventy. It was because other than Dongfang Ku Bi, several City Lords had been killed by Jun Wu Xie when she took over the cities.

At the start of the feast, the City Lords had taken their seats. Now, they started to look forward for the City Lord to appear.

Among the City Lords in the banquet, a man dressed in white was very eye-catching. The handsome man was smiling. He had thin lips and was talking to the people around him. He looked like a young man of age twenty-seven. No one would have guessed he was of this young age.

Bai Zhu, the City Lord of White Night City, faced many challenges since he took over the White Night City. He was able to defend the White Night City against the enemies. This was how he kept his status as the City Lord of the city till now.

Other City Lords couldn’t help looking at the Bai Zhu. Bai Zhu was smiling and looked gentle. But everyone remained careful and wary of him.

As known, ever since Bai Zhu took over the White Night City, he had killed countless people. At that time, White Night City had once been a place washed in blood. This was how the city got its peace and stability today.

Although Jun Wu Xie had not yet appeared, the atmosphere between Bai Zhu and Nangong Yan had started to stir as a storm brewed. Bai Zhu was more handsome and younger than Nangong Yan who was middle aged. Their clas.h.i.+ng gazes were flas.h.i.+ng across like thunder and lightning.

The other City Lords were afraid of getting involved in the conflict and tried to avoid the war between them.

“Smiling tiger.” Nangong Yan sneered. Although his voice was not soft, the other City Lords could still hear it very clearly.

Bai Zhu slightly raised his eyes and looked at Nangong Yan. He swirled the wine cup in his hand slowly with a grin on his lips, and said, “Brother Nangong, I thought you would not come this time.”

Nangong Yan snorted, “Is there a reason why I should not attend?”

Bai Zhu laughed and said: “Brother Nangong, you have a wide heart. If my army was slaughtered outside the Sea Spirit City, I’m afraid I won’t dare to come here again. After all, I will definitely not want to recall my failure again whenever I step into this city? ”

Bai Zhu was smiling in his voice. This had angered Nangong Yan that he almost spat out blood.

Blazing Flame City was the leading city that sent the coalition armies to the Sea Spirit City to fight. But they did not expect that their army would be the ones buried here. Only Bai Zhu had the guts to outright point out Nangong Yan’s failure. Not only that, Bai Zhu did not spare any feelings for Nangong Yan.

Nangong Yan gritted his teeth in anger and stared at Bai Zhu. He tried pressing down his anger: “It was Master Nangong who ordered us to send the five cities coalition. Do you think that it is possible to refuse Master Nangong’s request?

Nangong Yan’s words stunned everyone.

Does this mean that it had all become Nangong Lie’s fault?

One has to know, now that no one knows whether or not Nangong Lie was dead or alive, everyone knew exactly why the army came. However, there was no testimony of witnesses against Nangong Yan’s remarks.


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