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Read Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1084 – Astonished! Shaken! (8)

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Chapter 1084: Astonished! Shaken! (8)

Translator: Zen_  Editor: Rock

“When did my master agree to treat people?” Lin Ruobai unhappily asked with a snort.

Ou Ya’s gaze turned to Yun Luofeng and her company. “Miss Yun, the Families of these people are very powerful within Endless City, and some are only beneath our three great Families. I did this because first, I wanted to help them solve their difficulties, and second, I wanted you to acquire their favor. If you save them, they will certainly be extremely grateful to you! From now on, it will be easy for you to do business inside Endless City.”

These people were specially invited here by her, and some even have extensively complicated illnesses. If Yun Luofeng couldn’t cure these people, then she can use other people’s mouths to harshly humiliate her! And if she can cure them… then these people will definitely thank her and be on the same side as the Ou Family from now on.

Whether Yun Luofeng would reject her was not in her considerations. After all, she would need to have guts to reject so many handsome and talented youths from n.o.ble Families!

Yun Luofeng glanced at Ou Ya. “Should I save them and then let them thank you? Do you think I would do a task so arduous and thankless?”

A faint smile appeared on Ou Ya’s face. “Miss Yun, you’ve misunderstood me. I only know you have extraordinary medical skills, which is why I wanted to help them. It’s not that I wanted to acquire their favor. Moreover, the one who saved them is you, so the one who acquires their favor will also be you!”

“Apologies, I decline to treat them! Nangong, Xiao Bai, let’s go!” After leaving those words behind, Yun Luofeng turned around, wanting to leave.

“Hold on!” Anxiety appeared in Ou Ya’s expression. “Miss Yun, just what do you want in order to save them?”

Yun Luofeng’s steps paused, and she looked back at Ou Ya with a grin. “Are you willing to do anything as long as I save them?”

Ou Ya was startled, and struggle flickered through her eyes. Over the past years, the relations.h.i.+p between the three great Families has become more and more tumultuous, and the great Families all did their utmost to recruit other factions and expand the power in their hands. This was her purpose for coming here. So, she must agree no matter what!

“Yes, I’m agreeable to anything!”

As expected, gratefulness entered the youths’ faces upon hearing Ou Ya’s words.

“Then alright,” Yun Luofeng raised her brows, “If you marry Nangong, I will save them!”


Ou Ya’s face abruptly turned white!

She was very confident in her attributes, but if she really married Nangong Yunyi, it would be the same as ruining her whole life. How could she use those attributes to seek an outstanding husband then? She must sell herself for the Ou Family!

“Miss Yun, can you change the terms?” Ou Ya bit her lips. “Even if you want to demand money from our Ou Family, I’m willing to pay!”

Yun Luofeng chuckled. “You previously said that you could accept any terms for the sake of saving them! Are you backing out now? I’m not interested in your Ou Family’s wealth and treasures! I only want you to marry Nangong.”

No matter how wealthy the Ou Family was, they were not as wealthy as her currently! The Physician Tower was especially the most valuable a.s.set in her possession! As long as the Physician Tower was established, then countless medicinal ingredients would end up in her hands, and all of those ingredients would have an exorbitant price if they were brought out.

Ou Ya’s expression became more unsightly, She never expected Yun Luofeng to propose this condition.


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