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Read Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1408 – God Of Plague (3)

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss is a Webnovel completed by Xiao Qi Ye, 萧七爷.
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Chapter 1408: G.o.d of Plague (3)

Translator: Iris8197  Editor: Rock

Slow-witted, Huang Yingying hadn’t figured out what had happened, but Yun Luofeng and Ji Jiutian both discovered something from this conversation. The sapphire hairpin stolen by Ou Ya was the token of the Witchcraft Tribe, which meant that… the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe was actually Huang Yingying?

“Why are you interested in these things?” Yun Luofeng cast a sidelong glance at Ji Jiutian and asked.

“Well…” Ji Jiutian stroked his chin, with a wicked smile on his enchanting face, “because I find there is a better solution than fighting. You know, I’m always mild-mannered and don’t like killing and fighting. I think we’d better convince them by reasoning.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.”

Ji Jiutian smiled, “Fine, I like flogging the cur that’s fallen into the water.”

Yun Luofeng gave a faint smile. And then the man’s low and wicked voice rang behind her again.

“Besides, if you expose the true colors of Ou Ya and make Huang Yingying the Saintess, the Witchcraft Tribe will present you anything you want from them.”

Yun Luofeng sighed, “I finally understand, why Chen Yuqinq wanted me to help Huang Yingying.”

“Chen Yuqing?” Ji Jiutian scowled. “Who is this guy? Little Feng’er, you are really popular with men. First you have the Ghost Emperor and now you have that Chen Yuqing. Since you’ve already had so many men, why don’t you give me a chance too?”

Yun Luofeng cast a wicked glance at the stunningly handsome man beside her, “I’m not interested in a girly man!”

A girly man?

Ji Jiutian’s face was so dark that it couldn’t get any darker. Wasn’t he like a man?


As Ji Jiutian was thinking about how to refute Yun Luofeng, Ou Ya’s angry voice resounded again, “I asked you to bring Yun Luofeng here, because she can cure me. But now, I have a better way to cure my insidious disease, which is to use Huang Yingying!” She raised her chin triumphantly. “Give her to me. I will soon be able to take the inheritance and develop the Witchcraft Tribe.”

As she expected, her words moved the leader. He endured this woman so long for the sake of the Witchcraft Tribe! As long as the Witchcraft Tribe could prosper, he was willing to do anything!

“Cough,” the leader coughed and turned to Huang Yingying, “Miss, you…”

Before he had finished speaking, there came a chuckle that was filled with contempt. “What a good show! Now, is the Witchcraft Tribe going to bully an innocent woman?”

With a frown, the leader turned to the man beside him who was so beautiful that he didn’t even look like a human being.

“This is our Witchcraft Tribe’s affair. You’d better mind your own business.”

“Leader,” hearing their leader’s words, the two guards wiped the cold sweat from their foreheads and reminded him carefully, “he’s Ji Jiutian.”

“I don’t care who he is. No one can stop me from…” All of a sudden, the leader realized what the guards were speaking and widened his eyes in astonishment, “Wait, you said he was Ji Jiutian? Ji Jiutian of the West Province Academy?”

Oh No!  His face immediately turned pale, his lips quivered, and his eyes were filled with shock.

Ou Ya was stunned. She didn’t understand why this name had such a power that even the leader was terrified by it. Was the West Province Academy… that powerful?


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