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Chapter 1844: 1844

“Lin Qing, your children are still in my hands . If you don’t wish for Qi Ling to be sold, immediately apologize for the crimes you’ve committed!” Qi Zheng revealed a cold expression as he sternly berated .

A trace of anxiousness streaked across her eyes . “What are you going to do to Ling’er?”

“Apologize or else, I’m sure you know Qi Ling’s ending!”

To Lin Qing, she was simply in a living h.e.l.l during this period of time . Therefore, she had already been prepared to die than submit .

But… there was still someone who she cared about in her heart, and they were her son and daughter .

“My lord,” Jian Feifei glanced at Lin Qing with pity and held on Qi Zheng’s arm, “Let’s forget it, the grievances I’ve suffered don’t matter . In any case, this was how I lived for numerous years while Sister lived like a princess, so how can she endure such humiliation? Therefore…”

On the surface, her words were pleading for Lin Qing but in actual fact, it had aggravated the situation, causing Qi Zheng to be even more enraged .

“Kneel down!”


Qi Mo who was standing behind Lin Qing kicked on her knee, causing her to fall and kneel on the ground . As her body was very weak, the fall was extremely painful as her complexion became increasingly pale .

“Hold the teacup and apologize!” Qi Zheng cast a meaningful glance at the guard on one side .

The guard handed the teacup to Lin Qing and she tightly gripped on the cup . She had wanted to smash the cup several times but thinking of Qi Ling, she forcefully restrained her internal urge .

“Please… have a drink . ” Lin Qing seemed to have exerted all her strength to speak as her body wavered, nearly collapsing on the ground .

Jian Feifei lowered her eyes, concealing the complacent smirk within while reaching out her hands to receive the cup in Lin Qing hands . Yet, she secretly released spirit energy to cause pain in Lin Qing hands and as a result, the teacup toppled over .


The tea was spilled on Jian Feifei’s hand and she cried out in pain, while her tender hand was flushed red . Even her eyes had reddened while br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears .


Qi Mo and Qi Le hastily ran to Jian Feifei’s side and their expressions were filled with worry . Soon after, they used a furious gaze to stare unwaveringly at Lin Qing .

“Lin Qing, I know you’re a jealous woman but I didn’t expect it was to this extent . Are you that unwilling to accept Feifei?”

Qi Zheng angrily struck Lin Qing’s chest and in that instant, her body flew out like a released arrow . He did not even give her an opportunity to explain herself, but frankly speaking, Qi Zheng wouldn’t believe her even if she explained .

The instant she fell, Qi Su and Qi Ling’s appearance surfaced in her mind and a bitter smile emerged on her face as she slowly closed her eyes .

“Mother!” Suddenly a heart-wrenching shout suddenly sounded . It was familiar yet distant, causing Lin Qing’s mind to explode .


Was that Su’er? Why did he return to Empire City?

Lin Qing tried to open her eyes with all her might to look at her son who she yearned for day and night, yet was powerless to do so . The strength to even talk had disappeared as she lost consciousness .

Within the lobby, Qi Su charged in swiftly and Yun Luofeng entered while carrying Qi Ling .

Qi Su saw Lin Qing who had been struck back by Qi Zheng and his entire face was deathly pale, with worry and fury alternating, while the old blacksmith was the last to enter the hall .

The old blacksmith had been contemplating for a few days whether to let Lin Qing know the news of Qi Su’s return and ultimately, he felt that he should let her know .

The moment he wanted to enter the Qi Family, he encountered the housekeeper who ran out in haste . The housekeeper had told her that Qi Zheng brought a concubine back, with intentions to make things difficult for Lin Qing .


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