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Read Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 630: Tian Ya Showed Up Coolly (1)

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“Sorry, I forgot him.” With a wicked smile on her lips, Yun Luofeng moved her feet away, grabbed him by the collar and dragged him up from the ground. “I’ll give you one more chance. Tell me, who made you pretend to be ill?”

The young man’s face changed and he growled, “I told you I’m not pretending!”

“Really?” Yun Luofeng raised the corners of her lips and threw the young man to the front of Lan Hong. “Feel his pulse again.”

Lan Hong was stunned, but he still crouched down and put his fingers on the pulse of the young man. Then he looked startled and said incredulously, “It’s impossible! Just before his pulse was beating abnormally, so how did it become normal now? According to his current pulse, he is in good health!”

“That’s impossible!” A terrified looked flashed through the young man’s eyes, and he shouted indignantly, “My body really has something wrong. You are talking nonsense!” His body trembled uncontrollably as he spoke.

If he couldn’t finish the task Qiuping a.s.signed to him, his wife would be in danger! But he didn’t understand what had happened and why his pulse would suddenly become normal! Before he came here, Qiuping gave him a bowl of medicinal soup. It was the soup that messed up his pulse, and made him feel great pain! He almost succeeded, but why was there a sudden change at the critical moment?

Suddenly, as if thinking of something, the young man turned to Yun Luofeng, his eyes full of fear…

It was this woman! It must be her!

Just now, when the woman stepped on him, he clearly felt a trace of spiritual energy entering his body! It was the spiritual energy that worked and invalidated the medicinal soup that he had taken!

Lin Yating frowned tightly and looked at Qiuping standing next to her, a sharp gleam in her beautiful eyes.

Noticing the look in her eyes, Qiuping felt so anxious that he ignored Lan Hong’s position in the a.s.sociation of Physicians and hurriedly said, “Elder Lan Hong, all the patients have been strictly selected, so how can there be any mistake? Your diagnosis must be wrong! He can’t be a healthy man!”

Looking impatient, Lan Hong coldly glanced at Qiuping. “So you think my medical skills are so poor that I can’t even diagnose whether he is healthy or not?”

The crowd suddenly quieted down!

No matter the disciples of the Physician a.s.sociation or those who came to attend the Compet.i.tion, all the people kept silent! It seemed that this change was totally unexpected and to everyone’s surprise!

“Elder Lan Hong,” finally relieved, Elder Rong got up from his seat and chuckled, “how about asking all other elders to diagnose the patient? Then we can all be convinced of the result.”

“Okay,” Lan Hong nodded and said coolly, “Guards, invite all the elders of the a.s.sociation to come here, telling them there is something for them to decide on!”


Taking his order, one of the disciples left, and soon the figures of all other elders of the a.s.sociation came into the crowd’s eyes from afar. After hearing Lan Hong’s explanation, the elders came forward to diagnose the young man one by one, and even Lin Yating’s master Luo Fu was among them.

Soon, the result had come out. Lin Yating hurriedly cast a nervous look at Luo Fu only to see the latter shaking his head at her, and she felt her heart skip a beat.


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