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Read Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 733: Lin Ruoxin Looking For Death (7)

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Among the crowd, someone asked the question that everyone was thinking about.

Xiao Mo blinked his eyes and pointed towards a huge bag that was used to hold the tent. “I was too lazy and didn’t want to walk, so I’ve always been inside that bag all along.”

In reality, he was originally inside the G.o.d Code World s.p.a.ce and hearing how these people were slandering Yun Luofeng, he couldn’t restrain himself and came out!

“I have another question. I heard from your father that… he wanted your mother to rape him. It seems like your father and mother have yet to consummate their marriage so how did you come about?”

Xiao Mo tilted his head and asked. “What is consummate marriage? Can it be eaten?”


That man’s mouth twitched as he continued to ask, “That means when both of them sleep together in a room, is there any physical body contact? Something like both of them in a tangle together?”

“You mean wrestling?” Xiao Mo’s face had a naive and harmless smile, “My daddy and mommy often wrestle at night. However, last time daddy wrestled with mommy her lower half bled, so they haven’t wrestled for a while.”


In a child’s heart, their parents being in a tangle at night was the same as wrestling. Whereas bleeding from their lower half…

Wouldn’t it refer to her monthly menstruation?

Yun Luofeng looked at Xiao Mo but ultimately did not say anything as she turned away and coldly looked at everyone before her.

At this very moment, everyone’s line of sight fell on this young man’s body and their expression changed from its initial astonishment to disdain.

The pressure Yun Xiao exerted on Lin Ruoxin’s body disappeared and she hastily went up to the young man while her hand slapped his face with a loud sound.

“Why did you do such a thing?” Lin Ruoxin was angered to the point her whole body shook, “Not only did you want to molest her, you even tried to frame her! If your actions were revealed, the face you are throwing is the City Lord’s Estate’s face.”

The young man opened his mouth. He wanted to say, wasn’t this all instigated by you?

Of course, facing Lin Ruoxin’s hate-filled expression, he was shocked to the point that he didn’t even dare to say a word.

“I know, I know this is all my fault! It’s because I didn’t discipline them strict enough, and caused this lady to suffer such grievances. I can only use my death as an apology!” Lin Ruoxin shut her eyes and raised her hands, pretending like she was going to hit her own head.

She knew that she wouldn’t die! These people here would never allow her to die!

Of course, Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao were naturally not included among them!

At the time when her palms were about to hit her head, a hand rapidly caught hers and his voice was angry. “Ruoxin, what are you thinking of doing? This isn’t your fault!”

“No, it’s my fault!” Lin Ruoxin opened her eyes as her line of sight fell on Lin Yuan, “It’s my fault! Previously, I had accidentally purchased a marriage stone from an expert and coincidentally, that stone fell on this young man’s head.”

Lin Ruoxin tightly bit her lips as she swept a glance towards Yun Xiao.

“That expert told me that the person which the marriage stone hits is my destined man. However, he already has a wife! As such, Ah Jun then wanted to seduce his wife, in hopes of separating them!” Lin Ruoxin’s eyes were filled with tears, “Father, it’s my fault. If it wasn’t because of me, Ah Jun wouldn’t have committed such an offense. I should offer my death as an apology!”

“No, Ruoxin, you aren’t at fault! Since the marriage stone selected him, then he’s definitely your destined person. However, as you appeared too late, you had missed him!” Lin Yuan tightly held onto Lin Ruoxin’s arms and spoke emotionally. “Rest a.s.sured, what should be yours will always be yours. No one can s.n.a.t.c.h it away!”


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