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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss is a web novel completed by Xiao Qi Ye, 萧七爷.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 1894: 1894

“Since you’ve been asked to leave, why are you being thick-skinned by staying?” Mu Xuexin coldly smiled, “Could it be, to spy on Qi Su?”

The red-robed lady was startled . What did the princess mean?

Mu Xuexin did not care about her internal struggle and continued speaking . “Liu Yue, don’t think I’m unaware of your thoughts . On account that your father has contributed much to the Liufeng Kingdom, I’ve closed one eye towards your actions . Don’t take an inch even when you’ve been given face!”

No matter how Liu Yue acted sweet-tempered, that was only before the opposite s.e.x . As a woman, Mu Xuexin only wanted to describe her with these two words: superficial b*tch!

Liu Yue’s complexion paled as she lowered her eyes . If someone unaware of the situation saw her expression, they would think that Mu Xuexin bullied her with her authority .

“Your Highness . ” Su Xue clearly belonged to the brainless and fearless type . Furthermore, she was like an unbeatable c.o.c.kroach that could continue getting up after suffering from that kind of attack . “We aren’t coveting the position of head woman in the Qi Family and only wanted to become his concubines . Isn’t a man having three wives and four concubines normal? As the princess, you don’t have the rights to stop him from taking in concubines . “

“Concubines?” A bone-chilling voice suddenly sounded from behind them .

They saw Yun Luofeng who hadn’t spoken since earlier on, with hands across her chest as a devilish smile surfaced on her lips . She had a forced smile as she glanced at Qi Su . “You’re thinking of taking in concubines?”

Hearing her words, Qi Su was extremely alarmed . “No, I will never have concubines! Especially these women who are so brazen . I wouldn’t even want them if they were given to me . “

These women did not have any sense of propriety and even ran over to the Qi Family, repeatedly wanting to become his concubine . Weren’t they being brazen?

As expected, their expressions paled after hearing Qi Su’s words as they became even more infuriated . However, they did not dare to get angry at Qi Su and Mu Xuexin, and could only redirect their furious looks at Yun Luofeng .

A thousand or more thoughts were flas.h.i.+ng across Liu Yue’s mind . What did she mean? Not allowing Qi Su to have concubines? What about me who aimed to become the Qi Family’s head woman?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting .

Yun Luofeng grabbed Qi Ling’s hand, seemingly not noticing those furious gazes as she faintly smiled . “Then remember my words! If a person is too halfhearted, I don’t think they can continue working for me!”

How much spare energy would they have to work for her when they had a harem that could easily catch fire? Because of that, she would never allow those alongside her to take in concubines! That was her most basic demand!

Qi Su hastily swore an oath, “Miss Yun, you can rest a.s.sured that I will never have concubines in my life . I’ll never let my wife down . “

Yun Luofeng smiled and no longer commented . Since Qi Su had returned, she would let him handle these women .

“I want to cultivate in peace . If others disturb me, I’ll have them leave while lying on a stretcher!”

Upon hearing her words, Su Xue was instantly enraged . “Who do you think you are? What rights do you have to control young master Qi? Do you think you’re the head woman? You…”


Before Su Xue finished speaking, she had been kicked out .

Qi Su clenched his fists as veins bulged from his temples while he furiously shouted, “Men, tie Su Xue up and have the Su Family redeem her!”

Su Xue panicked . Qi Su was actually so ruthless, without protective feelings for the fairer s.e.x? He could bear to do so?

Mu Xuexin coldly glanced at Su Xue and exhaled . “It isn’t your fault for being stupid . But being used by someone, that’s your fault . Furthermore, before finding trouble for Miss Yun, please ask around about exactly what happened in the Qi Family a few days ago . ”


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