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GJ Bu is a web novel produced by ARAKI Shin.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Volume 2 – Chapter 19: p.r.o.nunciation Practice


Kyouya spoke while holding an old electric fan in his arms.

He wasn’t sure why, but when you spoke into an old electric fan like this, your voice would vibrate and change into something else entirely.

It became something almost alien-like.

“Since the blades are spinning, some of the sound waves. .h.i.t the blades and bounce off while others pa.s.s right through, creating a vibrato… is what I read in a book once.”

Once again, Shion-san answered Kyouya’s question, as if she knew what he was thinking. He hadn’t even asked yet.

“Stop slacking off! Practice properly. If you can’t do it by the end of the day, then I’m kicking you out of the club.”

The president leaned back in her chair arrogantly as she spoke.

She was leaning back so much that she was almost lying on her back.

With her small stature, lying down on the chair was a special move of the president’s that no one could copy.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m practicing.”

Kyouya replied casually. It was already the second day of the p.r.o.nunciation practice. The president had said the same thing yesterday, but she hadn’t kicked him out of the club. Just one more day would probably be ok.

Kyouya faced the fan, and started speaking–


His voice became the voice of an alien as he said such things.

“No. Do it again.”

The president muttered while filing her nails.

“What am I supposed to be practicing in the first place?”

“It’s a greeting. The GJ-Bu greeting.”

“In what kind of situation would I use this weird greeting in?”

“When we have club activities, obviously.”

Kyouya had been told that there were club activities for everyone else that happened secretly without his knowledge. He was told that he couldn’t come along since he was still not a full member.

“Why am I using a fan, anyway? Am I going to be dragging the fan back and forth everywhere when I have to do it for real?”

“It’s because you’re still in training. If you can’t do the vibrato yourself, then you have to at least know the feel of it. The real thing is, of course, like this.”

And so, the president raised the palm of her hand up to her mouth. She began vibrating it back and forth as she began vocalizing with an “AH. WA. WA. WA.”, creating her own vibrato.

“Why do we need the vibrato?”

“What are you talking about? That’s the most important part.”

“Then at least give me some examples. Prez, up until now you were just criticizing me without even giving me a demonstration.”

“Don’t think, feel.”

“I have no clue what that means.”

“I’ve reflected on my actions. I was too soft on you last time. I said you could take a week for the salute, but I didn’t think you would actually use up the whole week.”

“Ah, sorry. Actually, it was a week and two days. You counted the days wrong so I just went with it.”

“You little brat–”

The president deepened the tone of her voice.

Being called a “little brat” was also a menacing change.

“If you have no motivation, then get out of my sight right now.”

“I’ll do it.”

Kyouya felt that he had almost pushed his luck too far, so he immediately returned to practice.

He sat on the floor and repeated the meaningless exercise over and over again.


“Not good enough.”


“Not even close.”

Kyouya couldn’t understand what was not good enough. Was it the accents? The intonation? He tried lots of different things, but in the end, none were considered good enough.

“Good luck, Shinomiya-kun.”

Megumi-chan left a cup of black tea beside Kyouya. Kirara-san and Shion-san were also watching over him.

Kyouya tried his hardest. He wanted to be in the same club as Megumi-chan. With Shion-san. With Kirara-san. And, of course, also with the president.

After dozens of attempts, as he was worn down from fatigue–


Kyouya was already too tired; the words he spoke were only out of inertia. It was a voice without any hint of enthusiasm. As he cringed, ready to be yelled at again–

“That’s it!”

The president yelled.

Huh? That certainly was anticlimactic.

So this is how you’re supposed to do it? This feebleness was the correct answer?

In any case, it seemed like Kyouya had begun to grasp the meaning of the “GJ-Bu spirit”.

The fan has to work hard during the summer.

Kyouya: Prez. Please get an air conditioner. It’s the president’s job.

Mao: I understand how you feel, but I can’t do that. Summer is boring if it isn’t hot.

Kyouya: It doesn’t matter if it’s interesting or not, let’s just be comfortable instead.


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