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Read God and Devil World Chapter 1139: Fish Taking to Water! (Direction Translation; actual meaning: Sexual Relations)

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Read WebNovel God and Devil World Chapter 1139: Fish Taking to Water! (Direction Translation; actual meaning: Sexual Relations)

George stared at Yue Zhong, his expression frozen as he thought, “What a terrifying fellow! My choice was right! But… he’s has gone and offended the Fang Clan thoroughly. If I continue this friends.h.i.+p with him, it might affect me. What should I do?”

Dong Yu Yao was filled with shock as well, “This man’s strength is truly domineering! No wonder Father wants me to be with him. If I do this properly, it would be of great help to Father.”

Yue Zhong’s single slap had caused Fang Shang to disintegrate. He then turned to look at Fang Ming, his eyes exuding a sword-like gaze at him.

Glared at by Yue Zhong, Fang Ming felt a chill in his heart, “s.h.i.+t, he discovered me!!”

“Come on down!”

Yue Zhong grabbed out at the direction, and a huge energy palm directly caused the entire box to be destroyed, as he grabbed Fang Ming and pulled him towards himself.

Fang Ming felt the overwhelming killing intent and his eyes went wide as he screamed out, “I’m Fang Ming from the Fang Clan, my father is the Holy Son of the Western Temple, Fang Xuan! This time, many people know that I came here to the Holy Sirius Empire! If you were to kill me, the entire Sirius Empire would be buried!!”

When George heard this, he was taken aback and quickly shot out of his box, coming to Yue Zhong, persuading, “Yue Zhong, give me some face, why don’t you forget about this. Both sides should take a step back, and treat it as though nothing happened. How about that, Young Master Fang?”

Fang Ming seemed compliant as he agreed, “Yes, yes, Yue Zhong, as long as you let me go, I will forget about today. I will find some way to cover Fang Sheng’s death… let’s have it that he died protecting me from some Mutant Beast.”

Although he seemed cooperative on the surface, his inner thoughts were entirely different, “Treat it as though nothing happened? Impossible!! Since you guys dare to kill someone from my Fang Clan when I’m home, I will definitely report this, and wipe all of you from the face of this world.”

Yue Zhong stared straight at George, speaking solemnly, “George, from the moment I killed Fang Sheng, there’s no way of repairing the relations.h.i.+p with Fang Clan. Do you think the Fang Clan would let someone who killed a Type 8 powerhouse from their Clan, off?”

George felt a shudder, and his expression turned dark, as he could not deny that. A Type 8 powerhouse would be a core character within the Fang Clan. Now that he was killed by Yue Zhong, this meant there was no reconciliation between Yue Zhong and the Fang Clan.

Unless a Type 9 powerhouse came out to intervene or mediate, the Fang Clan would not let things go. Furthermore, most Type 9 powerhouses were peak characters, while Yue Zhong and George were just considered small-time characters in front of them. They did not know any Type 9 powerhouses, so it would be a stretch to hope for reconciliation.

George had a cold look, as he ordered out, “Roger, seal the exit. Clean up everything here!!”


The silent guardian of the location appeared and replied with a low voice, before disappearing.

Fang Ming’s face changed as he shrieked, “No!! No, please, don’t kill me!! I will go and plead the ancestor from the Fang Clan!! You guys can take me as hostage!! With that, the Fang Clan would not touch you! An imprint of my consciousness is placed in our Fang Clan’s Soul Hall if I were to die, and the imprint goes out, the Fang Clan would definitely send people to investigate, and you guys will have no way of hiding it.”

Yue Zhong’s heart shook slightly, as he grabbed Fang Ming and knocked him out, “So there’s such a thing, I’ll spare your life then!!”

At the same time, a Type 7 Puppet Rune was sent into his head, turning Fang Ming into his puppet.

George stared at the unconscious Fang Ming and laughed bitterly, his expression sullen, “This time, we’re really in trouble.”

He had intended to give Yue Zhong a surprise, by giving Dong Yu Yao to him, in order to pull both sides closer. Who would have thought that someone from the Fang Clan would be here, and caused such trouble? This was a huge headache for him. If not handled properly, the Holy Sirius Empire was in danger of being annihilated.

Yue Zhong laughed lightly, “Don’t worry, as long as I join the Northern Temple and become a Holy Son, the Fang Clan would not dare touch me either.”

George squeezed out a bitter smile, “In that case, I’ll have to trouble you then.”

Since things had come to this point, George could only rely on Yue Zhong.

Seeing the broken center, everyone lost interest and began to clear out the place.

Yue Zhong then brought Dong Yu Yao and the puppet Fang Ming and left.

After reaching the palace, Dong Yu Yao followed Yue Zhong silently, towards where he was supposed to stay.

“Greetings Master!”

When Yue Zhong came to his a.s.signed room, there were 20 beautiful young women kneeling outside the room, greeting him.

These were all incredible beauties, and could easily command attention anywhere in the world, and yet, with a single sentence from Yue Zhong, they would give their all obediently.

Under their welcome, Yue Zhong led Dong Yu Yao into his room.

When Yue Zhong entered the room, the women kneeling outside stood up and gazed at his back with shock in their eyes.

One of them spoke up with uncertainty, “Wasn’t that… Dong Yu Yao?!”

“The Dong Yu Yao?! The idol of all 4 empires?! She is actually Master Yue Zhong’s lover?! Unbelievable! Isn’t she supposed to be a pure maiden?!”

“I was her fan!! Seems like her image is broken now…”


The few beauties began to engage in small talk. Dong Yu Yao’s appearance had shocked them thoroughly. They could not imagine that the top superstar would actually become Yue Zhong’s women.

One of them who exuded an elegant demeanor frowned and barked out softly, “All of you, quiet. This is the palace. How could you guys talk behind your master’s back? Are you sick of living?”

Hearing that reminder, the rest of them quickly fell silent, not daring to speak further. They knew how strict the rules of the palace was, and if they were not careful, they could be reduced to an ice-cold corpse without them knowing.

Upon entering the room, Yue Zhong saw someone who he did not expect, “Why are you here?”

Lying on the soft bed, with a healthy skin color and an alluring figure that was dressed in a tight suit, accentuating her curves, while her flushed face turned away from Yue Zhong in shyness.

The woman was precisely Aisha, who had followed Yue Zhong all the way from Adenia Town.

Aisha gathered her courage to speak to Yue Zhong, “I want to be with you!”

The moment she said that she felt as though a huge weight had been lifted, and she stood up bravely, burrowing into Yue Zhong’s embrace, while she moaned out in a fl.u.s.tered voice, “Take me!!”

Yue Zhong felt the lithe and nimble body in his arms as he took in her scent, and his body burned with desire. He hugged her back and placed her on the bed, getting on top of her.

Not too long after, there was a sharp moan from Aisha, as a small red puddle formed on the pure white bed sheet.

Dong Yu Yao stood at the side, her face scarlet red as she watched the scene of spring, before hesitating a short moment and entering the bathroom to take a bath.

After taking an entire hour to bathe, the fairy-like Dong Yu Yao finally walked out from the bathroom.

Dong Yu Yao had just walked out of the bathroom when a huge hand reached out to grab her into his embrace and his lips locked deeply with hers.

Dong Yu Yao was startled, but soon, she stretched out her tongue to meet Yue Zhong’s pa.s.sion.

The 2 of them embraced and after a while, there’s another puddle of blood on the bed sheet.

At the moment when Yue Zhong and Dong Yu Yao were joined as one, a cooling sensation traveled from Dong Yu Yao into his body.

This energy was the Xiantian Primordial Yin from Dong Yu Yao’s Yin-Jade Physique and it was extremely precious. It could transform a person entirely, reaching higher potential through metamorphosis.

The Xiantian Primordial Yin would not be of much use to someone like George, who was already at the limit of his talents and had spent much of his lifeforce. However, to Yue Zhong, who had a bountiful life force within him, it was a powerful nourishment.

As the clear and soothing Yin energy went into Yue Zhong’s body, it joined with the life force within him. At that instant, it felt like his entire body was ignited, and the life force transformed, charging into his sea of knowledge. The golden energy that resulted then coursed through his body once more and seeped into his bone, transforming even his marrow into the color of gold.

After the energy was gone, Yue Zhong’s bones were transformed into G.o.dly bones, and he finally reached the high-Type 8 realm.

Early the next morning, Yue Zhong opened his eyes and felt refreshed. He looked at Dong Yu Yao’s fragile expression beside him, as his eyes flashed with warmth, “This la.s.s seems to be a lucky star, to think that she helped me break through to the high-Type 8 realm. I should be able to take on a half-step Type 9 powerhouse like this.”

At this moment, Dong Yu Yao stirred awake. She took a look at Yue Zhong beside her, and was frightened as she squealed, “No more, I can’t take it!!”

Seeing that lovable expression, Yue Zhong was stirred, and could not help but pounce towards her, and hugged her tightly.


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