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Read God and Devil World Chapter 239: Reinforcements!

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Chapter 239: Reinforcements!

The moment Dong Zi charged forward, his entire person looked like a specter speeding towards the bungalow.

As Guo Quan and the remaining warriors watched Dong Zi draw closer, they raised their guns and fired wildly at him. It was just that their eyes could barely keep up with his movement trajectory, whilst their gun handling simply wasn’t fast enough at all to hit him accurately.

Dong Zi zig-zagged his way towards the bungalow at high speed, making full use of his Level 3 Danger Perception Skill to help him avoid incoming attacks. Those bullets would be enough to take his life if they landed on him, but as long as they did not hit, even 35mm Grenades would not be able to cause him any harm.

Dong Zi had a smug look on his face as he dodged each of the bullets with relative ease, before arriving in front of the bungalow. He fired several shots at the lock and destroyed it as he viciously kicked down the door.

The moment he kicked the door open, his smug look was wiped clean from his face, which promptly turned ash grey.

With a resounding ‘BANG!’, the claymore that Guo Quan had placed behind the door exploded upon the impact of the door being kicked in. The fearsome expulsion of flame and whistling shrapnel completely engulfed Dong Zi, directly blasting his head off and turning his body into a fountain of tattered, b.l.o.o.d.y pieces.

“Dong Zi!! d.a.m.n b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!!!”

Zhang Bao’s eyes were filled with fury and shock as Dong Zi, an Evolver with tyrannical strength, had actually died to a claymore!

Evolvers were naturally gifted. As long as they were nurtured, their latent potential far outstripped that of normal Enhancers. If it was a normal battle on the ground, Dong Zi, as an Agility-based Evolver, could easily take care of Guo Quan and his men. However, due to his carelessness and complacency, Dong Zi had fallen for the claymore trap set by Guo Quan. This led Zhang Bao to feel angry, since he had always been proud of being an Evolver and believed Evolvers to be a special existence. Yet Dong Zi had been killed by a normal person, which led to his belief being shaken.

When Dong Zi was killed, the morale of the Ning Guang County soldiers plunged. Dong Zi, Zhang Bao and Niu Sheng were the strongest Evolvers in the whole of Ning Guang County, yet one of them had actually died while trying to a.s.sault the bungalow! Coincidentally, this gave rise to fear in the remaining soldiers’ hearts.

“Haha, we killed that b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Inside the bungalow, Guo Quan and the other 4 remaining warriors were celebrating with raucous cheers.

Dong Zi’s dodging capabilities and wraith-like speed had allowed Guo Quan and the other recon warriors to experience for themselves the fearsome abilities of Evolvers. The fact that they had actually managed to bring one down filled them with pride.

One of the warriors piped up worriedly,

“Squad Leader, our ammunition is running low. Each of the .05 Light Machine Guns have only a handful of bullets left. We are also left with only 4 grenades, while hand grenades number about 39. I’m afraid we won’t be able to hold out much longer.”

As they had been constantly laying down suppressing fire in attempts to push back the enemy troops, they had expended a huge amount of their ammunition.

Guo Quan brought out a canteen of water and he took a large gulp before saying lightly,

“We’ll just allow them get closer before using the hand grenades to bomb them!”

Guo Quan looked at his fellow soldiers who had fought hard, as he spoke out apologetically,

“I’m sorry my brothers, initially we were to pull back after destroying one of their vehicles. I should have brought you guys and retreated. This time, I’m afraid that I’ve caused you all to face death in battle with me!”

Gu Lian looked at Guo Quan as he guffawed,

“Leader, why are you standing on ceremony?! We are definitely willing to fight by your side all the way. Since we have become warriors, there will definitely be a day when we have to die. Even if it’s not during a battle with enemies, it will likely be during a battle with zombies. Being able to die with you, I have no regrets! After 18 years, I’ll be a hero once again!* Haha!”

[TN: A Chinese saying where people believe that after death, they get to reincarnate and can still lead a good life, especially if they are worthy in the current life/good karma. Adulthood is reached at 18 years of age, so after 18 years in their next life, they’ll become great once again.]

“That’s right!! Leader, we have already killed so many of those evil b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, it’s definitely worth it!”

The rest of the warriors cheered enthusiastically. Even at death’s door, their morale remained high. They had previously led lives not worth living at Clear Wind Camp while under Lie Tianyang’s rule, and it was Yue Zhong who had given them a new lease on life. He brought them into the army, gave them strength and respect, and led them on to victory after victory. They were completely willing to fight for him.

Right at this moment, in the blink of an eye. The back wall of the bungalow had a hole blown right through it and Yue Zhong strode in. Upon seeing his valiant warriors in such dire straits, he said, “Don’t worry, you won’t die here!”

“Battalion Commander!!”

“Commander, you’ve come!!”

Upon seeing Yue Zhong appear, Guo Quan and the rest stood up excitedly.

Yue Zhong patted Guo Quan’s shoulder and said,

“This time, it’s all thanks to you guys that they have been stalled. Join me and we shall stop their advance for a while! Let’s kill them all!”

In fact, Guo Quan and the other recon warriors had dragged out the advance of Ning County for so long, that it actually went far beyond Yue Zhong’s high expectations. After all, although the recon warriors had excellent equipment, they were still only a 10-man team that was up against a force over 1000 men strong!


The efforts of the recon warriors gave Yue Zhong’s side precious response time, and a huge ‘net’ was being cast out swiftly right now to surround and decimate the invaders in one go.

“Yes!!” Guo Quan and the rest cried out, full of exhilaration.

Yue Zhong then threw a large bag on the ground, revealing its contents: a great amount of ammunition! When the recon warriors saw it, they immediately stepped forward to take 3 magazines each, reloading their weapons.

Next, Yue Zhong activated his Encompa.s.sing Body Armor, before walking to the front of the bungalow to observe the enemy’s current situation.

Zhang Bao hesitated for a while, before ordering the advance of the Elite 3rd Company once again.

Under the pressure of Zhang Bao, the elite warriors set out on another a.s.sault attempt.

Yue Zhong watched the incoming soldiers before laughing coldly at their actions. Taking out his .05 Submachine Gun, he proceeded to fire in wild swathes at the elite soldiers of Ning County.

Regardless, Yue Zhong’s shooting skill was now extremely valiant after he had polished it countless times in the past; he constantly shot at the elite soldiers charging at him, killing them one by one.

Those elite soldiers also began to return fire at Yue Zhong one after another. However, he did not dodge as the bullets simply ricocheted off of his armor. He was like an indestructible killing machine that was constantly bringing death to all the enemies, decimating the elite Ning Guang County soldiers one after another.

Once twenty of the enemy soldiers had been wounded or killed by Yue Zhong, the Elite 3rd Company’s morale plummeted once again. They flooded backwards in retreat, leaving behind corpses and injured comrades alike.

After several charges, the 3rd Company had already lost 45 of its members, the loss amounting to more than half of their initial size. The final result was the loss of all fighting spirit. Of course, It would be the same even for actual military troops before Z-Day, not to mention these soldiers who have not even gone through strict military training.

Only zombies with no intellect or Mutant Beasts would be able to continue attacking under this much mental pressure.

Zhang Bao gritted his teeth as he ordered fiercely,

“Elite 4th Company, you’re up! Bring 4 of the rocket launchers, destroy that building and annihilate the enemies!”

Zhang Bai had coincidentally packed along 8 rocket launchers with 40-round drums. He had intended to use them against Yue Zhong and Lie Tianyang, but he had never expected that such a small resistance force could force him to reveal his hand. He had no choice but to thoroughly exterminate them.

Heavy weaponry like 40-round Rocket Launchers were considered valuable a.s.sets in Ning Guang County, and they were obviously limited in numbers. Zhang Bao was also quite conservative in their usage. However, after being forced to such a state, he had no choice but to blow them away.

If Zhang Bao didn’t give his all in exterminating this troublesome enemy, he wouldn’t be able to dispel the shadow in his heart.

“40-round Rocket Launcher! Are they finally using heavy weaponry?”

Yue Zhong gazed at the four enemy soldiers hoisting the precious weapons as he laughed icily. With a few gestures, he ignited 4 Devil Flame fireb.a.l.l.s in the air, before sending them away swiftly to bombard the four rocket launchers.

Following four horrifying sounds, the four 40-round Rocket Launchers immediately exploded! The resulting blast directly killed or injured the four elite soldiers carrying them, as well as wounding eight others in the vicinity, leaving behind little but their resounding wails of agony.

After Yue Zhong had raised his Devil Flame Skill to Level 2, he was able to summon the flame with just a thought. He could also conjure up four blazing fireb.a.l.l.s simultaneously, which he could use to attack enemies far away.

Upon destroying the four 40-round rocket launchers, Yue Zhong took out his own deadly QJZ89 127mm Heavy Machine Gun, firing wildly at the remaining warriors of the 4th Company who had only just begun to charge at the bungalow.

The terrifying 127mm-caliber Heavy Machine Gun was like a frenzied killing machine as it spewed forth a terrifying hail of bullets. Any elite soldier caught in its line of fire would be immediately torn apart with their head exploding, shoulders blasted to pieces, and even their limbs shredded by the bullets. The entire scene of blood and carnage was quite terrifying.

The elite soldiers who had tried to rush forward earlier had instead served their lives on a platter to Yue Zhong, and within moments, another 20 soldiers had perished. The remaining soldiers discarded all thoughts of advancing as they dove for cover and s.h.i.+vered while thinking about the scene they had just experienced.

“An Evolver? There’s an expert on their side!! It’s very likely that the a.s.sault this time around has already failed, so our priority right now is to retreat.”

“Retreat immediately!!”

Zhang Bao looked at the defeated soldiers of the 3rd and 4th Companies, his expression turning sour as he quickly issued orders to flee.

The moment the Ning Guang County soldiers heard Zhang Bao’s orders, they immediately began to scramble back towards their vehicles; not a single person was willing to stay here even a moment longer.

“We’re finished!! The return route is blocked!!”

“Tank!! It’s a tank!! Oh my G.o.d, there’s actually a tank!!”

Just when the soldiers were preparing to escape in their vehicles, four Type 69 tanks suddenly appeared behind them and cut off their retreat route, leaving them momentarily stunned. The appearance of the tanks filled all the soldiers’ hearts with a creeping sense of dread and despondence, as none of them were equipped to deal with tanks.


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