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Chapter 69 – DATE HARD 2.0 #2  

Seo Ha-ran returned home on the weekend. She ran over without gloves, so her hands were red. Every time she opened her mouth, a white plume of steamy breath billowed out.

She opened the front door and trembled,

“Tae-hyuk, s-sorry. Is Noona late? Are you hungry? I’ll cook you delicious food at once!”

Ha-ran took off her coat and ran to the kitchen, but there was an unexpected scene awaiting her. Her younger brother was cooking in the kitchen.

“Eh? Noona came? It’s cold out, so sit down and rest. You’ve been studying for a long time so I will prepare dinner tonight.”

“Oh my…”

An ap.r.o.n-clad Tae-hyuk carried food to the table. At first glance, there were many things that looked delicious.

Ha-ran looked at Tae-hyuk with an impressed expression.

“It will only take another 10 minutes. Before that, warm up your body. There is hot water in the bathroom.”

“Yes, yes. I came home. My Tae-hyuk is all grown up.”

“Aigoo. Ms. Go in and wash your body.”

Ha-ran picked clothes from her room and entered the bathroom. The hot water came out, even in the winter. 

In their old room in the bas.e.m.e.nt, the boiler would be frozen, if it was only slightly cold outside. In the end, she had to boil water with a portable burner for her younger brothers and clean with lukewarm water. She also had a brief shower with freezing cold water. It was cold enough in winter to make her stunned.

Her eyes turned red as she remembered those times. A smile came to her face as she bathed in warm water.

“Now, shall I see how good my little brother is?”

There were a variety of dishes on the table, such as steak and salad. There were also California rolls that looked appetizing. They were all Ha-ran’s favorite foods. However, these things were expensive and not easily eaten.

“W-Wah. Tae-hyuk prepared all of this?”

“In fact, a friend helped me.”


“No, we just study together.”

“Ahum. I see. You should bring some back for them.”

In fact, An Eun-young had prepared most of these dishes. Tae-hyuk only cut the cabbage, roasted the meat in the oven, and placed it in bowls.

“I don’t know if this will suit Chef Seo Ha-ran, but let’s eat.”

“Yes. But I can’t eat so much.”

“I will wrap the leftovers and give it to Tae-min.”

“Tae-min still hasn’t finished?”

“He won’t be done until 10 p.m.”

Tae-hyuk and Ha-ran chatted as they started to eat.

Ha-ran sliced the steak and was pleasantly surprised. The knife smoothly sunk into the meat, as if she was cutting through tofu. She could feel that the meat was of the finest quality. The red flesh and white fat layer were in perfect harmony. The steak looked so delicious that saliva filled her mouth.

Ha-ran asked gently.

“This seems very expensive…”

Tae-hyuk didn’t slice the meat. He just tore it with his mouth and spoke while chewing.

“Ah, the local butcher store was having a sale. It wasn’t that expensive so feel free to eat.

Of course, it was an absolute lie.

The ident.i.ty of the meat was Kobe beef, one of the top three wagyu in j.a.pan. It was also the most expensive Chateau brand. It was a dish that boasted a price of over 100,000 won per person, even if it was just the cheap lunch menu.

Ha-ran cut it into small pieces and raised it to her mouth without knowing it was such an expensive meat.

“W-Wah… So delicious…!”

The rich juices ran down her chin as Ha-ran started to energetically eat the steak.

Next, her fork headed towards the salmon salad. Ha-ran was baffled. There were unidentified black things sprinkled into the salad. When she looked closely, they seemed to be fish eggs.

“Huh? What type of fish egg is that?”

“I got it in a 1+1 sale at the mart. It is delicious when eaten with salmon.”

“I see.”

She didn’t know that the fish eggs were caviar, one of the three great delicacies that caught the taste of gourmets all around the world. Just seven ounces of it were sold for an exorbitant price of over $500. That precious food was now being eaten with salmon salad.

“Although it is a little salty… It is unbelievably delicious, and completely changes the flavor of the salmon.”

Ha-ran made a sound of admiration with every bite of food.

“It is okay. There is still a lot left so we can eat it with some rice tomorrow morning.”

“These ingredients seem expensive…”

“Aish. They are cheap.”

Ha-ran’s eyes narrowed and she sent him a suspicious glance. Tae-hyuk just smiled like he didn’t know anything. It had been a long time since he last met his sister, so he wanted to give her the best foods. The two people faced each other and smiled brightly.

“At any rate, Noona can just study hard and not worry about money.”

“That sounds like something I used to say.”

Ha-ran twisted her brother’s face.

Tae-hyuk once again swore to himself after seeing his sister smiling so brightly. He wouldn’t make his sister unhappy unlike the previous life.

This was the only favor that Tae-hyuk could do for her.

“Ah right. Kang-suk hyung says to expect a date. He is preparing.”

“Omo. Kang-suk?”

“Yes. I’m sure it will be the best date.”

Ha-ran blinked.

She didn’t show it on the outside, but it seemed like she was expected a lot.

‘The concept of this date isn’t Beauty and the Beast, but Cinderella…! The problem is whether Kang-suk hyung can do this properly. If it was Beauty and the Beast then he could do well as the beast.’

The actors were ready, but he was worried about how well Cho Kang-suk could do.

At the same time.

In the base of the Nuclear Bomb, the second ranked Kang Han-seong stared at his juniors with cold eyes.

“Hyung-nim helped you… It wasn’t for you to look like this.”

His position in the circle wasn’t low. Rather, his charisma and strong power made him one of the high ranking members. The only thing he was lacking in was his amount of contacts.

Therefore, Kang Han-seong desperately tried to increase the number of his followers. If he added just five more people, then he could become a captain of Nuclear Bomb. He had no intention of being underneath someone in a gang. He planned to grow it as much as possible and turn it into an organization.

Of course, he would do his job, but once he was recognized, he would be able to relax from a high position. The juniors he gathered were his footholds to success.

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But what were these pathetic brats? In order to join the group, they had to be able to take money and then hand the money over. They roamed around this area for that reason.

“So… You were beaten up by one person?”

Kang Han-seong caught the eye of a nearby junior, who had one arm in a cast. He couldn’t go to the toilet alone.

The sight was enough to make Kang Han-seong sigh.

His juniors bowed their heads.

“I-I’m really sorry. I-If that b.a.s.t.a.r.d didn’t have the iron pipe then… He is a cowardly b.a.s.t.a.r.d.”

Kang Han-seong struck the cheek of his pathetic junior.


“Hey, you jerk. Is that something to be proud of? Aigoo. I can’t believe I invested in sc.u.m like this…”


The juniors clung to Kang Han-seong and bowed. No matter how pathetic, they were still people who followed him. In the end, Kang Han-seong’s heart weakened.

“I understand, you brats. This strong Kang Han-seong will solve it.”

“T-Thank you. I swear allegiance to Hyung-nim.”

“I’m getting gooseb.u.mps. Stop before you make me sick. Yes, he was wearing the uniform of A High School?”

“Yes, that’s right. It is a school in the area. I am sure he goes to that school.”


A High School was a famous school nearby, not necessarily as a prestigious school, but for the second generation of good families attending it. Therefore, it had an ambiguous position.

In the end, their money entered the wallets of this gang. However, if the school had a good fighter, then he should check it out. Once they met, Kang Han-seong would see about bringing him into Nuclear Bomb. Even if he did have an iron pipe, he had fought four people alone.

“He might not be a good guy. So let’s act in moderation and go to A High School.”

“H-Hyung-nim, then we…’

“s.h.i.t. I’m not your mother. Handle this yourself. Wipe your feet and go home and sleep.”

“Yes, I understand. Thank you, Hyung-nim.”

Kang Han-seong sighed and started to investigate A High School.

-Oh, it must be Seo Tae-hyuk. But he isn’t 1st in the school. He did a test a while ago and was ranked 2nd.

–Ah, is that so? Then who is 1st?

–That… An Eun-young. She is completely crazy (about studying).

–Hah. That female is good (at fighting)? [TL: the words in brackets are implied but aren’t actually said.]

-Completely brilliant. Seo Tae-hyuk is her apprentice. He can’t even compete with An Eun-young.


“…H-Hyung-nim! I-I’m really sorry. It really was like this.”

Kang Han-seong glared at his henchmen.

“There is someone bigger than him? In addition, a woman?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Huhu, I see. I guess I have to believe what you are saying. What type of person is she?”

“I-I don’t know.”

Kang Han-seong imagined Arnold Schwarzenegger with long hair. At that moment, his palms became damp.

“Ah, I guess I should take a look for myself.”

It seemed like it would become a mess if he left the job to his henchmen. In the end, Kang Han-seong decided to go himself.

“So, where is that person called Tae-hyuk now?”


A henchman stuttered. He was hesitant about something.

Kang Han-seong muttered with annoyance.

“I told you to know for sure!”

“Ah, no. I know.”

“Really? Where?”

“I heard he is at a restaurant cafe in the suburbs right now.”

It was a restaurant popular with couples.

Kang Han-seong was currently sitting in a factory where the heat wasn’t working properly and he was surrounded with the smell of stinky men.

What, a date?

Kang Han-seong’s lips twitched. The suburbs were usually deserted, and thus, it wouldn’t be a problem if he wanted to beat someone up.

“He is playing very wildly on Christmas Eve. Are 10 people available right now? We have to take care of that b.a.s.t.a.r.d, even if we get in trouble.”

Kang Han-seong chuckled.

They were still minors, so they wouldn’t be punished properly, even if they damaged the restaurant. The laws protected them.

Then he would punish that b.a.s.t.a.r.d who ridiculed four of his men.

“It is me. Gather immediately. From now on, we will start a war.”

Kang Han-seong mobilized all the strong people.

“H-How is it?”

Kang-suk asked nervously as he gazed at the suit that was tailored to his body.

Tae-hyuk raised a thumb.

“Wah… You look really cool. It is like a drama.”

The custom made Oxford suit with a expensive price of three million won transformed the bear.

“Really? But this clings to my body too much. If a criminal suddenly appeared…”

“Aigoo. Kang-suk hyung! You should only think about dating today!”

“I understand.”

Cho Kang-suk smiled as he placed a handkerchief in his pocket.

“At any rate, the booked limousine will soon come. Then you will go pick up Noona.”


Kang-suk’s eyes turned red.

He thought of the bleak days where he just caught criminals. He never once had a date, yet Tae-hyuk had prepared everything perfectly.

He really was the best brother. Tae-hyuk prepared everything: His clothes, his transportation, and even his reservation at the restaurant. He made Kang-suk practice all of the scripts until he memorized them completely.

“Hyung. I’ll be watching from afar. Don’t tremble. Have a good time with Noona.”

The two men gazed at each other warmly. Soon, a gorgeous limo arrived in front of them. Now he would go and meet the princess.

Tae-hyuk smiled as Kang-suk went to pick up Ha-ran.

“Nevertheless, doesn’t a prince need a villain?”

Tae-hyuk knew that the gang he just met were looking for him so he had deliberately leaked information and even bribed people to spread rumors for the past three days. In the end, there was going to be a fight today. Indeed, Kang-suk was the best when catching criminals. Furthermore, what if he fought to defend the princess?

A wonderful scene from a fairy tale would come out. The actors were gathering without knowing they were being used.

“Then it will be the best date.”


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