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Read God of Fishing Chapter 1547 – An Altar Deep in the Ancient Graveyard

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Chapter 1547: An Altar Deep in the Ancient Graveyard

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Han Fei didn’t even know that the essence blood of the G.o.d of War hadn’t been completely absorbed and dissolved by him.

In his essence blood, there was still a trace of the essence blood of the G.o.d of War.

If he hadn’t entered this Holy Land, Han Fei wouldn’t have discovered this problem. Who knew if it was a hidden danger?

Han Fei asked, “Old Yuan, is there something wrong with my essence blood?”

The old turtle said, “There shouldn’t be a problem. The reason you didn’t refine it completely should be because of your realm and strength. Your strength is not enough to digest the power of this essence blood. After all, this is imperial blood. Only by constantly becoming stronger and constantly changing the strength of your bloodline can you completely absorb the imperial blood.”

Han Fei’s lips curled. “Now, something is wrong with the imperial blood.”

Although there was a problem with the essence blood of the G.o.d of War, Han Fei wasn’t too worried. After all, the Nine Palace Luck Ruler showed “Greatly Auspicious”. This was his current luck.

Since he couldn’t find the way or see the array, there were only two ways.

Han Fei canceled the fusion and let Little Black and Little White appear.

Han Fei said to Little White, “Girl, see if there are any great benefits here? Help me find a way out.”

Xiaobai blinked her big eyes and spun several times. “Daddy, I can’t feel it.”

Han Fei frowned slightly.

He didn’t immediately use the Vast Ocean Navigator. After all, there were many things that the Vast Ocean Navigator could do. He only had two hours. If he could reach the depths of the Holy Land, the Vast Ocean Navigator might play a great role…

But now, Han Fei had to use it.

Putting away Little Black and Little White, Han Fei extended his hand and grabbed, and the Vast Ocean Navigator appeared in his hand. Soon, the Vast Ocean Navigator pointed in a direction, which was constantly changing.

“Oh! An invisible array?”

Han Fei was surprised.

Since this walking method was rhythmic and regular, this spiritual barrier still couldn’t escape the concept of an array.

However, the realm of this array was so high that he couldn’t see, touch, or even estimate it.

Han Fei secretly remembered that in this Demon Beast Holy Land, this spiritual barrier itself was a treasure. If he was strong enough in the future, he could come again and see if he could walk out of the spiritual barrier with his own strength.

At this moment, Han Fei’s speed became extremely fast.

The Vast Ocean Navigator kept changing. After it pointed to more than 300 points, Han Fei finally walked out of the rain curtain barrier after walking less than a hundred kilometers.

At this moment, in Han Fei’s eyes, there was no mist or rain, but a gra.s.sland.

However, on the gra.s.sland, an altar attracted Han Fei’s attention.

Han Fei was stunned to see the altar. “Is this… the altar of the G.o.d of War?”

Feeling his blood boiling, Han Fei already knew what this place was.

The altar of the War Giants? Could it be that this secret realm was once the territory of the War Giants?

Han Fei stepped into the air and looked around, but he didn’t see the Royal City of the War Giants. This made Han Fei a little unsure. Perhaps this was just an altar built by future generations.

After all, the Grand Myriad Mountains had fought too many battles. Perhaps the royal city of the giants had long been destroyed in the flames of war…

At the four corners of the G.o.d of War’s altar, there were a few piles of campfire wood, but no flames were lit.

Han Fei scratched his head. Do I have to make offerings?

Clearly, the purpose of this altar was to make people offer sacrifices.

On the altar, there were two square bronze tripods with nothing inside.

Han Fei remembered that flames were supposed to be burning there. When the flames formed a curtain, an oracle would appear.

The old turtle couldn’t help but ask, “Huh? An altar?”

Han Fei suddenly chuckled. “Old Yuan, do you believe that the G.o.ds are still alive?”

In Han Fei’s heart, the old turtle’s body trembled. “Impossible. The Age of the G.o.ds has ended, and the G.o.ds have died.”

“Oh? Really?”


Han Fei snapped his fingers, and four camp fires were ignited, so were the two bronze tripods on the altar.

Since there was campfire wood, he couldn’t just sit by and do nothing, could he?

Therefore, Han Fei set up a grill next to the fire. There were roasted fish, old lobsters, clams, sea cuc.u.mbers… Anyway, he roasted a lot of food.

Then, Han Fei stood on the altar and recalled. Then, he put a finger between his eyebrows, leaned forward, raised his neck, and murmured,

The Great G.o.d of War

Grand Myriad Mountains

Eyes of the Earth

The Sound of the Ancient Waves

In the distant gaze of Blackstone City

Beneath the holy city of giants

Pray for triumph in the war

Pray for the peace of my king

Pray for the safe return of soldiers

Pray for the eternal existence of the mountains

May you listen to the pious prayers of your people

May your light be eternal,

Please give us your oracle

Although there were no longer Grand Myriad Mountains, Black Stone City, Giant City, or anything else, and even this kind of wish didn’t seem to exist.

However, Han Fei felt that this might let the G.o.d of War know that someone was calling him.

However, Han Fei waited for a long time.

From time to time, Han Fei looked back and found that no pillars of fire rose at all.

“Is it wrong? Are the words wrong, or is the ritual wrong?”

Thinking about it again, Han Fei waved his hand and placed a few Half-Venerable corpse puppets at the four campfires, helping them put their fingers between their eyebrows, lean forward, and raise necks.

Then, Han Fei threw out more than a thousand corpses of Explorers and made them sit cross-legged under the altar.

Then, Han Fei pondered for a long time before he shouted again,

The Great G.o.d of War

Faith of the War Giants

Eyes of the Earth

The Sound of the Ancient Waves

In the cage that was sealed forever

Under the sincere expectations of the countless beasts of the Ten Thousand Beast Island

Pray for the eternal continuation of the Giant Race

Pray for the peace and happiness of the beast race

Pray for the extinction of the sea demons.

Pray for me becoming a king.

May you listen to the pious prayers of your people

May your light be eternal,

Please give us your oracle

Han Fei thought to himself, These words should be able to be changed. After all, the giants used to sacrifice in this way. At that time, they were still at war. Therefore, the praying words were based on that war.

Han Fei thought that if it still didn’t work, I’d have to dig the altar…

After two or three seconds, Han Fei turned his head back, only to hear a whoosh, and the flames behind him soared high.

On the curtain of flames, a few words were written awkwardly, “You are really shameless.”

Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei gasped. “Shoot! Are you still here?”

Han Fei thought to himself, F*ck, it’s been a hundred thousand years. Why can’t the G.o.d of War be old? Maybe he died of old age too… However, his random praying words got a reaction!

On the flame curtain, a line of words quickly appeared. “I am not the faith of the beast race.”

Han Fei was stunned when he saw the words.

Han Fei remembered what the Giant King once said. He said that if the G.o.d of War was in a good state, he could even chat with the G.o.d of War…

Before, Han Fei had thought that it was nonsense. Now seeing the G.o.d of War’s writing speed, Han Fei completely believed it!

Han Fei hurriedly said, “Senior G.o.d of War, I, Han Fei, am w.a.n.g Han! In the Age of Doom, when I was in the Grand Myriad Mountains, you gave me a divination. Now, after hundreds of thousands of years, the war giants are already gone, and the beast race is trapped in the cage and devastated. Sea demons are rampant and harming all other races… Senior, is there any way to solve this?”

The flame curtain quickly replied, “It’s better to rely on you than on me.”

Han Fei was speechless. “Hey, no… If it’s up to me, why is your altar still here?”

The flame curtain: “I don’t know who set it up.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei couldn’t have felt worse. F*ck, are you kidding me! So… after all this trouble, I just found a useless altar?

Han Fei immediately said, “Senior G.o.d of War, why don’t you give me some hints, or at least some benefits… The beast race has been struggling for a hundred thousand years to enter this secret realm to find this altar… But they couldn’t find it! Now, I’ve found it. If I go out, I can’t just tell them that I came over to chat with you for a while, right? How about improving my strength a little bit? For example, upgrade my strength to the Half-King realm?”

The flame curtain: “F*ck off! There’s no free lunch in the world.”

Han Fei wasn’t annoyed. He shrugged. “Okay! However, Senior G.o.d of War, have all the G.o.ds really died? Why did everyone go east? What’s in the east? Should we go east in the future…”

Before Han Fei finished speaking, the words on the curtain of flames read, “Stop… don’t come to the east before you become an Emperor. Otherwise, you will die. And everything else is none of your business.”

Han Fei’s heart trembled. Is it so dangerous? It seems that I have to be careful in the future. I’d better make do with the Yin-Yang World and the Water-Wood World first. Then, I’ll deal with the matter of the Thirty-Six Mystic Worlds and the Merman Clan first before thinking about other things.

Han Fei thought again, I got a “Greatly Auspicious” divination result. How can’t I get anything?

Han Fei said, “Senior G.o.d of War! Well, it’s okay if you don’t improve my strength… However, since you appear once in a hundred thousand years, at least leave some benefits for me! It’s very tiring for me to save the beast race, human race, Sky G.o.d race, Insect race, and demonic plant alone!… I’m under a lot of pressure…”

Han Fei talked without stopping. It wasn’t easy to have a chance to chat with the legendary G.o.d of War! He should get some benefits anyway.

Perhaps the G.o.d of War felt that what Han Fei said might really make a little bit of sense. The flame curtain suddenly surged and wrapped Han Fei frantically.

At that moment, Han Fei’s body stiffened, and he seemed to see thousands of pictures in his mind.

It said that all the power he had once learned, studied, and comprehended… was rapidly absorbed by him.

When all of this disappeared, Han Fei stood on the altar like an old monk in meditation, motionless.

Under the altar, the thousand corpses kept a finger between their eyebrows, leaning forward and craning their neck as if they were bowing to Han Fei.

And in Han Fei’s heart, there seemed to be a line of words: “The darkness is about to come, the ominous shrouds over, the Imperial Road has no return, and all races are going to disappear. Go find your way…”


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