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Man Gu’s clothes were entirely torn down. The sheets of animal skins on his body turned into pieces, scattering all over the sky. A flow of wild, delirious, tremendous power suddenly projected from Man Gu’s body.

The green veins on Man Gu’s body looked like as if they were interweaving together, which were similar to some black streaks moving along in different directions on his body.

It also looked like a blind painter with a paintbrush in his hand drawing bold lines, creating some formation.

In just a few seconds, the vessels’ positions inside Man Gu’s entire body had changed.

After the green veins had emerged, they then transformed into a kind of pattern, which resembled a tattoo binding around his body. This tattoo was both arrogant and mighty like a Green Horned Savage Buffalo.

The Green Horned Savage Buffalo that surfaced on his skin brought people a feeling that his strength had tremendously been reinforced and was about to shoot out.

“The Power of the Barbarian G.o.d Veins!”

In the tavern, many warriors suddenly screamed out in shock.

The Power of the Barbarian G.o.d Veins was the Scared Level Martial Technique of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect, which definitely shouldn’t be underestimated. It was said that Man Gu was an anomalous innate genius. His vessels were naturally more exceptionally st.u.r.dy than ordinary people.

When he used the Power of the Barbarian G.o.d Veins, his vessels pounded as if there was some kind of the barbarian power continuously spreading out nonstop from his bones and vessels.

“Man Gu is known as the person with the G.o.d power that is ranked the first among the young generation in the Endless Sea. It isn’t necessary for him to use any secret treasure; Man Gu only needs to rely on his G.o.d power of his own. Not to mention the warriors at the same realm, the Nirvana Realm warriors are unlikely to resist him.”

“That’s right. It has been said that Man Gu used to launch a strike that made a Nirvana Realm warrior explode and die. If a Nirvana Realm warrior wants to defeat him, he must use the support of his Sea of Consciousness and activate the oppressive soul to waste the profound Qi in Man Gu’s body. That is how he can defeat Man Gu hopefully.”

“That little rascal is screwed now. He dares to fight one-on-one with Man Gu. He doesn’t care about being dead or alive.”

A crowd of warriors screamed out in astonishment, didn’t hold back but discuss the miraculous Martial Technique of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect.

Many people were standing and watching beside the bathing area.

Man Gu’s veins, which were prominently bulging, had created the Green Horned Savage Buffalo tattoos. His bones crackled like the sound of the explosive fireworks. Horrendous aura gradually came up.

“Launch!” A shout bringing along the power that was as strong as the landslide of an ice mountain reverberated from the bathing area, creating a huge wave.

Man Gu’s two-meter-tall body solemnly stood in the lake like a Barbarian G.o.d, creating many ten-meter-tall waves. The aura around him was indescribably tremendous.

In the air, an imposing figure plunged down right in front of Man Gu as fast as the lightning. This person didn’t choose to take actions from the air.

“Come here!” Man Gu’s face displayed great arrogance. His chest muscles were like a chunk of cold steel. His hands constantly pounded on his chest as if he was insane.

s.h.i.+ Yan knitted his eyebrows; his face was as cold as black ice. He gently took a deep breath.

Suddenly, in front of many people’s eyes, his mighty body gradually shriveled and turned to be scraggy.

As soon as his body was bone dry, a flow of horrendous aura that dragged along different emotions of violence, despair, disgust, and murder suddenly rose up and blended with the steam in the bathing area, creating some kind of a peculiar white substance that was covering his entire body.

When watching, other people would have the feeling that s.h.i.+ Yan’s body was covered with a splendid silver armor that was full of evil aura.

His body’s transformation was different from Man Gu’s.

After Man Gu had become crazy, his body expanded, becoming bigger and more audacious.

s.h.i.+ Yan, on the contrary, became mute. His imposing body had shriveled and dried up. The spiritual aura surged up bringing the extremely ferocious forces which could freeze other people’s hearts.

“Never before has a single warrior in the same realm dared to carry out a full-frontal a.s.sault against me,” Man Gu excitedly licked his lips as if he was a ferocious, bloodthirsty beast. “You are dangerous though. You haven’t got injured after receiving one full-power strike of mine. No wonder why you are so ambitious like this.”

s.h.i.+ Yan’s eyes were as cold as an icy saber. He dragged a faint smile out of the corner of his mouth, “Let’s continue.”

Man Gu roared, violently stomped on the ground. The blue stones on the bottom of the lake were broken into pieces under his trample.

Countless horrendous forces emitted from his feet.

With Man Gu as the center, in the range of fifty meters, the blue stone bottom of the lake was smashed into small pieces under his aggressive feet as if it was pounded by hundreds of big clubs.

Man Gu was still standing there motionlessly. The blue stones in the fifty-meter range surrounding had crumbled and scattered here and there.

The bluestone rubble which dragged along the turquoise water had created numerous water arrows that flew up in the air altogether.

While these water arrows were still flying in the air, Man Gu suddenly took actions.

Like a vast mountain that could walk, Man Gu mopped up towards s.h.i.+ Yan. The ground was shaken wherever he had pa.s.sed by. Inside the bathing area, the rumble reverberated nonstop.

Tens of thousands of tons of water, which were conducted by an unknown force, condensed and converged to Man Gu’s body.

The water of the lake became viscous and then turned to be more solid, constantly plastered on Man Gu’s body. His body seemed to be presently bigger. Before arriving at s.h.i.+ Yan’s place, these thousands of tons of water had made him much stronger.

Like a giant in the ancient times, Man Gu launched his iron fist which brought along numerous spectacularly splendid water drops. Inside of each of these water drops contained a force that was violent enough to crush an ordinary Earth Realm warrior’s flesh and bones.

“Very strong.”

“This Man Gu has the terrifying G.o.d power indeed. This tremendous force is created by the condensation and refinement of his body and the Profound Qi. Those tons of water not only are adhered altogether but also contain the power that can make an earth-shaking explosion. This Man Gu deserves to be the once-in-a-thousand-year genius of the Uncultivated Barbarian Sect.”

“That guy hides the terrifying forces inside those water drops which can explode at any given time. He uses the flabbiness of the water drops to neutralize the rapidity of the forces, preventing them from instantly exploding. This Man Gu is absolutely not a blunt guy. Being able to do this has proved that he is not an idiot.”

“That’s right. This Man Gu is very dangerous. No wonder he wasn’t defeated when fighting with a Nirvana warrior. He does have some potential.”

Everyone opened their eyes widely, bewilderedly watching the scene in the lake. Their faces displayed an unimaginable sense of astonishment.

Many of people who were bathing in the lake had to run away without caring if they were wet or not. They hurriedly climbed to the terraces of the taverns and then watched the battle from there.

“The second combat capability in the Power Rankings deserves the praise from everyone.”

Ye ZhangFeng was standing next to the window, quietly nodding his head. He then glanced at Lin Ya Qi and said with a big smile, “Jie, if you confront Man Gu without using any secret treasure, just only rely on your physical strength to fight, what do you think about the possibility of winning?”

Xia XinYan’s beautiful eyes brightened, surprisingly looked at the girl beside her.

She didn’t know the relation between s.h.i.+ Yan and these two persons. As she had seen them sit at the same table with s.h.i.+ Yan, she had a.s.sumed that s.h.i.+ Yan and Ye ZhangFeng, Lin Ya Qi were friends. Therefore, she had secretly paid attention to them since she had entered this tavern.

Both Ye ZhangFeng and Lin Ya Qi had brought her a strange feeling. She could vaguely feel that they were emitting some kind of aura that could make other people’s hearts vigorously pound.

She felt that Ye ZhangFeng and Lin Ya Qi were exceptionally outstanding, and their cultivation base wasn’t low at all.

Right now, as she heard Ye ZhangFeng’s question, she was startled inside and extremely astonished.

Man Gu was the high-cla.s.s warrior who was ranked number 2 in the Power Rankings of the Endless Sea. It was said that n.o.body had the barbarian power that was as strong as his.

Although Ye ZhangFeng had witnessed the danger of Man Gu, he still raised that question. Would he perhaps feel that this beautiful girl was even mightier than Man Gu?

“The winning possibility is only five-five” Lin Ya Qi knitted her eyebrows, seriously thought for a while before speaking. “If merely relying on the physical strength to fight, it can only be a draw. But, if it were a mortal combat, the dead one would be him.” The girl said with a confident face.

Xia XinYan was surprised. Her beautiful eyes flared up suspiciously as she didn’t know if Lin Ya Qi was telling the truth or not.

“Uh.” Ye ZhangFeng unexpectedly nodded as if it was obvious. “If it is mortal combat, the dead one will no doubt be that guy Man Gu. I have no second thoughts about this. But I also believe that if you take the risk, using only brute physical strength, your possibility to win is still higher.”

Lin Ya Qi lifted her face up and angrily said, “It is obvious.”

The astonishment was getting bigger in Xia XinYan’s eyes.


Right at this moment, at the bathing area, a vortex appeared and swept along the water drops from the lake. This vortex sucked all of those water drops which contained the tremendous forces. Each water drop falling into the vortex had released an earth-shaking explosion.

The water in the lake splattered everywhere. None of the water drops that contained violent forces, which had been condensed by Man Gu, could touch s.h.i.+ Yan’s body because it was attracted by that vortex and was then dissolved.

While Man Gu was frothily snarling, at the lake below him, s.h.i.+ Yan was lingeringly levitating just above the eye of the impending vortex when he abruptly leaped up and surfed the waves. The devilish misty smoke condensed on his body. He now looked like a dragon leaping out of the sea, das.h.i.+ng straight toward Man Gu.

Each of those two men condensed and created a huge water pillar, putting all of their forces into their own water pillars. The aura emitted from these water pillars was so powerful as if it could crush mountains and the ground into pieces. These two water pillars then fiercely collided with each other.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh.”

The collision of these two colossal water pillars darted out many water arrows here and there. Each of the water arrows contained a terrifying power that frightened people out of their wits.

These arrows which were like the thick water curtains shot out everywhere.

Many ear-splitting noises resounded. Twelve imposing taverns unexpectedly suffered an extremely destructive power all of a sudden.

In just an instant, five of them were pierced through by the water arrows and collapsed.

The remaining seven were shaking uncontrollably and were on the verge of collapsing. Luckily, a flock of warriors from the taverns united their forces in preventing them from perilously plunging down.

However, the fight between s.h.i.+ Yan and Man Gu was still raging on.


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