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God Of Soul System is a web novel made by 夜南听风, Ye Nan Ting Feng.
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Chapter 239: Double release!

Ennetsu Jigoku!

This move can even turn hundreds of kilometers into a scorched earth in moments, That’s in Yamamoto’s hands, but in Roja’s hands it wasn’t as strong, but it was still strong.

Witnessing this terrible flame from afar, Marco and the others who already retreated joined their powers to resist the terrible flames.


“What a terrifying attack…”

After seeing this blaze of fire, Marco and the others finally exposed a little bit of worry and fear. Some couldn’t stand still and wanted to rush and help Whitebeard.


The air cracked like a mirror as dense cracks filled it and started spreading from where Whitebeard fist was.

In nearly six years, Luffy would set sail, Nearly seven years from now, the war will start and until then, Whitebeard’s strength would decline.


The gathered up pillars, continued even under the influence of the shock.

Whitebeard continued breaking the pillars, but it was impossible to completely destroy them all.


The land beneath Whitebeard started shattering, in addition to that, the earth was becoming magma due to the flames.


Whitebeard knew that he won’t be able to break the flames. His eyes flickered and finally took a deep breath and increased the shock’s power.

He was worried that Marco and the others would get hurt if he goes all out. But now that they were away, he could let everything out.

How strong was Whitebeard in his peak?

I am afraid only Garp and Sengoku’s generation would know that Now his power was in decline!


With the sound of gla.s.s breaking, The power of the shock broke out in all direction. This time it wasn’t just the ground beneath his feet, the entire island started trembling.

In the distance, the sea was divided into pieces, twisted and tilted. The island was almost overturned.


The flames were completely shaken off whitebeard, within a few hundred meters, there were no flames at all.

If this power hit Roja, it will definitively destroy him.

“This is good!!”

Seeing the move that almost exterminated the Big mom and her crew being blocked by Whitebeard, Roja didn’t panic, instead, the flames in his eyes burned even more as he suddenly squatted.

Ever since opening the Shikai, He didn’t experience this feeling, the excitement of fighting someone strong, this didn’t happen even against Big


The pressure Whitebeard was releasing made him feel excited, his battle spirit was ignited.


After the shock pa.s.sed, Roja took his sword and slashed toward Whitebeard.

Whitebeard wasn’t afraid, he took his Bisento and used the power of the shock and destroyed the Sword energy that was coming toward him.

After the Whitebeard went all out, many of the weak captains were stunned.

Even Blackbeard, who was hiding in the crowd, looked at the battle as if he was drunk.

“Oyaji is almost going all out. Someone making him go all out, this hasn’t happened in years. The power of this Marine Admiral is really terrible…”

“But, Oyaji is still stronger with his Earthquake.”

Looking at the whitebeard from afar, Blackbeard’s face revealed his greed.

On the island, Whitebeard held his Bisento arrogantly toward Roja, he was full of self-confidence.

“This degree of flame could only light some candles, brat.”

“Is that so?”

Roja wasn’t angry at what Whitebeard said, instead, he smiled. His eyes sharpened as he began pushing his Reiatsu to the limit.

“Since you said this, then I will end this fight using ten candles!”

When Roja’s voice fell, the flames began to dissipate. Roja held his sword and stood in his place as Hoashoku emerged from his body.

What was this ability?

Haki? Swordsmanship? Ryujin Jakka?


Roja’s power is in his ability to combine various abilities as he like he could combine using his Sen Maboroshi.

Roja turned his sword upside down, then let go of it.

“Bankai… Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!”

With this sound, Sen Maboroshi fell to the ground and turned into countless sakura petals, this was the ability that he didn’t use for a long time now.

But the strange thing wasn’t Roja using it, the strange thing was that the petals were golden red in color, as if they were hot molten iron.

This wasn’t just a few sakura petals, they were extremely hot.

This is… The release of Ryujin Jakka and Senbonzakura!

As the flames dispersed, The crew of Whitebeard saw the billions of the golden red petals that Roja just released.

“What are those?”


“No… Those things are extremely dangerous!”

Marco showed a hint of worry in his eyes as he felt the terrible power of those petals.

Compared to the flames, the feeling he got from them is much more terrifying.



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