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Read God Of Soul System Chapter 521 – The Shock Of The Tailed Beasts

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Chapter 521: The Shock Of The Tailed Beasts

The stand was almost completely destroyed. Only Roja’s place was untouched, and although the majority of the civilians were rescued, many died as well.

But at this time, Shukaku’s position was in front of Roja, while Naruto was behind Roja.

Both sides seemed to ignore Roja and the others.

Naruto was losing his sanity and only saw Shukaku in front of him. He wanted to kill him, but Shukaku was the same. He wanted to kill the Kyuubi. Even if he wasn’t complete, it didn’t matter.

“I won’t show any mercy, and you go and die.”

Shukaku looked at Naruto and grinned; his chakra was being concentrated in front of him; he was going to use the ultimate attack of a Biju.


But Naruto already felt the danger and similarly roared, with this roar, his fifth tailed appeared as chakra wildly moved in front of him.

“This isn’t good!”

“Retreat quickly!”

The Sand and Konoha’s ninjas directly shouted and moved away, and it didn’t matter which side they were from; it was something they didn’t want to experience at all.

The ninjas directly stopped fighting and moved away.

But, they suddenly saw that in the middle of the two attacks, was Roja. This means if Kurenai,, and Roja didn’t move away, they would be caught in the attack.

Many Konoha’s Jonin realized this, but their expression didn’t change to horror, but to surprise, as they all knew Roja’s power, they could tell that he wanted to face them head-on.

“This… He’s planning to intercept the attacks head-on?”

“This kind of attack, even if he is the no Kami, he won’t be able to resist it.”

But, when the Bijuudamas was about to be released, Roja stood up and looked up at a distant place.

“It seems it’s almost finished…”

Roja turned his head toward Shukaku and the Kyuubi, and took a step, disappearing from his place.


The Bijuudamas were ready to be released finally, and the air around it was vibrating.

“Hahaha! Die for me, you stupid fox!”

Shukaku opened his mouth and jumped while releasing the Bijuudama at the Kyuubi.

At this moment, something emerged in front of it, a hand caught the Bijuudama directly in midair and pressed it toward Shukaku’s mouth.

“You’re too noisy.”

Shukaku didn’t know what happened and directly swallowed the Bijuudama.

Not only that, but a foot met his chin directly, sending him up into the sky.


Shukaku was directly blown in the sky.


After that, he fell beside Konoha. At this time, Roja disappeared again and appeared beside Naruto.

He was about to release a Bijuudama as well, it has to be released, or he will injure himself. But suddenly, a hand grabbed it and extinguished it as if he was popping a balloon while kicking him at the same time.


Naruto, the same as Shukaku, flew into the sky before falling the same as Shukaku beside the village.

From the start to the end, the two-tailed beasts couldn’t react at all.

Kicking tailed beast as if he was kicking soccer b.a.l.l.s, without a doubt, the only person who can do this was Roja.

At this time, the sand shin.o.bis were stunned as they couldn’t believe what they saw.

“Is this a joke, are we inside a Genjutsu?”

“He unexpectedly defeated the tailed beasts…”

“This is… The power of the no Kami?!”

Their eyes almost fell to the ground, even though Kakashi and the others didn’t have that kind of expression, their mouths were twitching and bitterly smiling.

After experiencing Roja’s power, they doubted whether they were really shin.o.bis.

Kurenai and weren’t that surprised, Kurenai expected such a thing, if Roja was unable to cope with two Jinchurikis with ease, she would be doubtful.


After kicking the Kyuubi and the Ichibi, Roja returned beside Kurenai and as he looked at the Four violet Flames formation.

“Is the Shiki Fujin (Dead Demon Consuming seal) complete? It seems almost finished…”

Roja stared at the Four Violet Flames Formation and Sarutobi being defeated by Orochimaru and didn’t interfere, he only looked without anyone knowing what he was thinking about.

Kurenai and saw this and didn’t move at all.

After the shock, the fight between the ninjas started again.

It seemed like a warning from Roja, he could defeat a tailed beast so easily, so what he could do to them was imaginable.

This is the first time for Shukaku to eat his own Bijuudama.

“That fellow…”

Shukaku remembered Roja’s aura, and he couldn’t help shrink timidly.

Roja gives him the feeling he gets from his Father, the Sage of the Six Path!


Naruto, still in his five tails form, looked at the forest he was in and stood up.

Although it couldn’t control Naruto completely, it felt everything clearly.

“That aura…”

Even though he seemed calm, he was really shocked by the feeling Roja exuded.

Even if it was just a little faint aura, but he was sure, although it wasn’t the same as his father, it was at the same level as him.


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