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Read God Rank Upgrade System Chapter 441 – Number 1!

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Read WebNovel God Rank Upgrade System Chapter 441 – Number 1!

Chapter 441: Number 1!

Both the energy turned into huge dragons and the scene was horrifying.

Then, at that instant, both of them collided with each other!

Kong Loong – –

There was an ear trembling noise that blasted when the black dragon collided with the black dragon.

Everyone in the stadium subconsciously covered their ears because of the loud noise.

With both the dragons who were madly fighting each other in the air, Lin Xiu and Yu Mucheng who were on the ground continued their battle as well.

Clang Clang Clang – –

Under the frantic collision that was happening between the spear and the halberd, the loud noises rang through the room one after another.

Lin Xiu grabbed onto Dark Edge and gave a hard swing and as he met the Heavenly Painted halberd that was in the hands of Yu Muchen, the force that was coming from it was so hard that Lin Xiu took a few steps backwards.

But, as he took a few steps back, he used the opportunity to move both his legs as he grabbed onto the spear and leaped into the air.

At that moment, there was a light glow that appeared at the tip of Lin Xiu’s spear.

Lin Xiu looked like a meteor as he was high up in the air and he was heading for Yu Muchen who was on the ground.

As the spear moved through the air, there was a ringing sound in the air as if it was being pierced through.

Then, the black dragon stopped fighting the blue lightning dragon that was released by Yu Muchen. It followed Lin Xiu’s direction and was heading towards Yu Muchen as well!

‘Ninth Heavenly Galaxy Fall’!!!

“Bring it !!!”

As Yu Muchen looked into the air, he screamed out loud. With the Heavenly Painted Halberd in his hands, the blue lightning dragon appeared right before him as well.

At the very next moment, the both of them collided once again. A loud explosion rang throughout the room and the ground started shaking vigorously!

Zi Zi Zi Zi – –

The light around them and even the screen that was right behind the stage started flas.h.i.+ng as well.

Back on the stage, both the warriors were in contact once again and soon there was a bright, eye-blinding light that came from the stage.

The audience that was watching them covered their eyes because of the bright light and none of them would clearly see what was happening on stage.

Ka La –

Suddenly, there were huge pieces of rocks that started falling all around the stage.

“This….. This is scary…..” There were a few of them who tried to see what was happening on stage and when they saw the scene right before their eyes, they were all extremely shocked.

The stage may look as though it was made of stones but it was actually made of a material that was extremely durable. It wouldn’t have been destroyed even with a large explosive.

However, there were signs of it breaking down now!

Some of the students who were closer to the stage were blown away because of the strong force.

There were also a few whose skills were below average that got injured as well.

“What…is happening…” Zhang Ying asked as he looked at the bright glow of light on stage that was now slowly disappearing.

Nan Zhengjun’s eyes were fixed on the stage as well and didn’t dare to move a single muscle.

The light on the stage soon disappeared and most of the students were able to see clearly what was happening on stage.

Soon, there were two figures that slowly became visible.

Lin Xiu and Yu Mucheng were standing extremely close to each other with their weapons pushed against the other person. Their eyes were locked onto each other and none of them were moving.

After taking a closer look at both their faces and parts of the bodies that were exposed, there were lots of wounds on both parties.

There were also large amounts of blood that were trickling down from their wounds.

Especially Lin Xiu’s combat suit, there were a lot of cuts and damages seen on his combat suit.

So…..who was the winner?

There were two thousand students present and all of them held their breath as they stared at the battle on stage.

Pffttt – –

Then, there was a huge spat of blood that came right out of Lin Xiu’s mouth.

“HAHAHAHAHA….it’s not that easy to win!” After seeing the blood that came out of Lin Xiu’s mouth, Yu Muchen laughed.

“We won! HAHAHAHAH looks like the first cla.s.s from the Northern Campus is the winner today!”

Most of the students from the northern campus started celebrating.

“d.a.m.n it!” Ouyang Hang might be unhappy with Lin Xiu but he was even more unhappy when he saw that Yu Mucheng was the one who won.

As he looked towards the other side, he noticed Luo Yue was standing by the edge of the stage.

Luo Yue was still looking at the stage and there wasn’t a single expression on her face.

When Ouyang Hang saw her reaction, the look in his eyes changed as well.

Shouldn’t she be nervous?

“It hasn’t been decided yet on who the loser is.” Lin Xiu said to Yu Muchen, ignoring the blood that was slowly coming from the edge of his mouth.

As soon as Lin Xiu finished his sentence, Yu Muchen’s pupils narrowed and his body shook. The halberd in his hands slowly slipped away.

Clang – –

The huge halberd was dropped onto the ground and as it heavily fell onto the ground, it caused a huge sound.

Yu Muchen was confused but at that moment, he couldn’t move his body anymore. All the energy in his body had been drained away and he directly fell onto the ground.

He instantly pa.s.sed out as soon as he hit the ground.

“Did I win?” Seeing this, Lin Xiu turned around and asked the referee behind him as if this were all within his expectation.

After hearing Lin Xiu’s question, the referee, who was stunned previously, finally came back to his senses.


“The winner is the tenth cla.s.s from the Southern Campus!”

As soon as the referee announced the result, the entire stadium went crazy.

Lin Xiu won! The tenth cla.s.s of the Southern Campus actually won!!!

“Lin Xiu!!!” Zhang Ying and the rest of the tenth cla.s.s screamed out loud because of the excitement. This was really exciting! The tenth cla.s.s of the Southern Campus actually won all of the other!!

“No. 1! No.1!”

Someone from the crowd started cheering and instantly, every single student in the stadium followed as well.

However, at that moment, Lin Xiu felt his vision become blurry and he was starting to feel lightheaded.

Everything before his eyes turned black and his body instantly fell forward.

Luo Yue, who was below the stage, quickly jumped onto the stage and went towards Lin Xiu. Then, she carried Lin Xiu who fell onto the ground.

She carried Lin Xiu with one hand and picked up his spear, Dark Edge, with the other, jumped off the stage and left.

“Send him to the treatment room!” Nan Zhengjun was still in awe and in shock when he saw Lin Xiu’s victory but started panicking when he saw Lin Xiu who was now unconscious.

He quickly gave the instructions to Luo Yue when he saw her carrying Lin Xiu.

Everyone who was present turned their attention towards Luo Yue.

However, Luo Yue did not bother about how anyone else was looking at her. She carried Lin Xiu who was knocked out and quickly walked towards the exit.

Leaving only her shadow for everyone in the room.


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