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Read God Rank Upgrade System Chapter 542 – Killing the Green Dragon

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Chapter 542: Killing the Green Dragon

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

The Green Dragon, who was already injured, got hit by such a powerful impact from the Dark Edge spear and was not able to dodge in time.

The spear’s head pierced its body and caused a large number of blood holes.


The Green Dragon seemed to feel severe pain in his body and at the same time it let out a miserable howl, another loud roar broke out.

Then it bit towards Lin Xiu wildly.

But Lin Xiu was in the most powerful condition now and his body’s reaction speed was very fast, so he could easily dodge it.

Just when Lin Xiu wanted to attack it reflexively, he found that the monster opened its mouth wide and a ball of lightning energy quickly gathered in its mouth.

Then he vomited violently and charged towards Lin Xiu!

This energy ball was huge and fast and at Lin Xiu’s position, it was almost impossible to dodge it!


The entire energy ball hit Lin Xiu’s body and made the ground where Lin Xiu landed dent.

Lin Xiu held the Dark Edge spear in both hands and gritted his teeth.

All the lightning from the lightning energy ball hit Lin Xiu’s body, but Lin Xiu didn’t feel much pain.

It was probably because he absorbed the energy of the Thunder Lotus Fire. Now Lin Xiu could still absorb the impact of this thunder attribute energy body to a certain extent!

“Go to h.e.l.l!!!”

Lin Xiu rushed out of this huge energy body at this time, holding the Dark Edge spear in both hands, he was about to continue to stab the green dragon’s body!

The Green Dragon obviously didn’t expect that Lin Xiu would react so quickly after being hit by its energy body.


The long spear that Lin Xiu was holding instantly penetrated into its body!

A blood hole was directly pierced and blood splattered from the Green Dragon’s wound to Lin Xiu’s body.


Because of the severe pain, the Green Dragon let out a roar at this moment, opened its mouth wide and was about to bite Lin Xiu’s body.

Lin Xiu forcefully pulled the spear out of its body and s.h.i.+fted slightly, dodging the green dragon’s bite.

Bang bang bang-

The Green Dragon seemed to be going crazy at this time and attacked Lin Xiu frantically and even the tail kept swinging towards Lin Xiu.

“It’s slowing down…”

Lin Xiu had turned into holding a Dark Edge spear to dodge the attack of the green dragon and muttered to himself secretly.

There were still eight minutes remaining before his ‘Fury’ was gone but that was enough!

“Go and die!”

After Lin Xiu dodged another attack from the Green Dragon, he swung the Dark Edge spear in both hands and continued to charge towards the Green Dragon!

Lin Xiu didn’t dare to use ‘Awe of the Phoenix’ in this s.p.a.ce because the burning of the flames might cause a shortage of air.

Bang bang bang–

The spear frantically attacked the Green Dragon’s body, making a dull sound.

Green Dragon’s body was very tough. Lin Xiu stabbed it several times in a row, but he didn’t penetrate its body again.

Moreover, the Green Dragon was great at counterattacking. While being attacked by Lin Xiu, it also frantically wanted to bite Lin Xiu’s body.

At this time, there were already many wounds on the Green Dragon’s body and blood was constantly flowing out of its body.

But it is immortal!


The ‘Fury’ skill was almost over. If he doesn’t kill this Green Dragon now, as soon as the current ‘Fury’ expires, he would be the one who would die!

This kind of dragon-like creature was likely to have evolved from snakes. As the saying goes, to beat the snake, one must strike seven inches below its head.

Lin Xiu wasn’t sure if that would work…


The Green Dragon suddenly let out a huge roar and continued frantically biting towards Lin Xiu. It had too many wounds on its body, but it simply wouldn’t die which gave Lin Xiu a headache.

Time is running out, only one minute left!

“‘Heavenly Dragon Wrecks the City’!!!”

Lin Xiu, who was being chased by the green dragon, turned around and stabbed directly. The black giant dragon transformed from his source strength directly charged towards the green dragon, biting its body!

When he saw Green Dragon being restrained by the black dragon, his Dark Edge spear stabbed directly at its vital point!


This position seemed to be a little weaker than other parts of the Green Dragon.

At this time, as Lin Xiu stabbed it violently and his spear instantly penetrated through the body of the green dragon!

A large amount of blood sputtered out from the penetrated part and it sputtered directly onto Lin Xiu’s body.

Lin Xiu’s body was dyed red. In the next moment, a strong burning sensation spread throughout Lin Xiu’s body.

It was as if the whole body was melted by its blood.

It hurts too much!

At this time, Green Dragon also seemed to become even crazier because Lin Xiu had penetrated this part of his body.

With a sweep of its tail, it slapped Lin Xiu’s body down.

The next moment, Lin Xiu’s body was swept away and fell into the turquoise lake.


Green Dragon continued to let out a roar and rushed towards Lin Xiu.

Soon, it plunged into the lake, frantically searching for Lin Xiu’s figure.

The Dark Edge spear was still stuck in its vital point.

Lin Xiu, who sank into the lake, didn’t suffer much damage. Due to the evolution of his body, it was as if he was on the land when he was in the water.

Lin Xiu swam, even in the lake, he was as fast as a sharp arrow.

Looking at the lower body of the Green Dragon under the lake, Lin Xiu could still see that his Dark Edge spear was still stuck on its body.

Go to h.e.l.l!!!

Lin Xiu frantically swam over and held the Dark Edge spear, then he triggered a thought and the spear instantly turned red!


The Green Dragon’s body trembled wildly and the entire lake was lit up in red.

Clap clap-

Even the lake water appeared like it was boiling.


The Green Dragon struggled for a while, then the whole body fell down and the huge body floated on the lake.


At the same time, Lin Xiu also swam up from the bottom of the lake, with his head above the lake surface, he panted for a while.

Looking at the gigantic Green Dragon with half of its body was floating on the lake, it seemed to have died and Lin Xiu heaved a sigh of relief.

And at this time, the lake water was all dyed red because of the blood shed by the green dragon.

“It’s so hot…”

Lin Xiu, who was soaking in the lake, trembled at this time and the skin on his body could clearly be seen turning red..


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