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Read God Succession System 57 Before The Battle

God Succession System is a web novel completed by Harry_Dresden.
This webnovel is currently ongoing.

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Read WebNovel God Succession System 57 Before The Battle

When Alex awoke the next morning Akeno was still curled up next to him. He smiled and gently shook her awake,

“Funyan?” She said while waking up, before she could do anything Alex sealed her mouth with a kiss and said,

“Good morning, I’d let you sleep in but we have some things to take care of today.” When she heard his words Akeno suddenly appeared less sleepy and a focus appeared in her eyes. The two got up and she left for her own room to get ready. As she did do Alex could tell that she was in a better mood than the last couple of days and hoped that he helped the issue she had with Barakiel. It was at rare moments like this that he considered issei’s Pervy powers useful, but he was also glad not to have them. He made his way downstairs a while later to find her now making breakfast with a smile. Rias and the others showed up a few minutes later, and also noticed the difference.

“You said something to her, didn’t you Alex?” Rias asked with a grin. Alex just shrugged noncommittally, and started eating when his plate was put in front of him. After breakfast, he pulled both Kuroka, and Rias up to his room. After placing several barriers to ensure privacy, started talking to them.

“Rias, I made Kuroka my queen.” When she heard his words Rias raised and eyebrow and Kuroka just smirked at her. She started glaring at Alex, and he just said,

“You are almost exclusively a magic user, while shes already proficient in almost every aspect, plus she rivals an ultimate cla.s.s devil in magic. I think she qualifies.” Rias started grumbling but didn’t say anything, Kuroka looked as she was going to start teasing her, but a look from Alex stopped her. He then continued,

“Since you both have access to my system, I think it’s time we discuss what we can do before the battle tonight.” They both suddenly looked sharp, and Alex asked Lauren what he wanted before continuing.

“We can send messages to each other, so with this we can keep in contact even while Kuroka’s with Vali.” And to prove his point Alex sent her a quick message simply saying h.e.l.lo. Kuroka was surprised, and swiftly tried sending something back. When Alex confirmed he received her message, she then got a mischievous look in her eye, and ran off to the bathroom. Alex and Rias were both confused, until he received another message from her. When he opened it his screen was suddenly covered with a nude picture of her. Alex’s face started twitching, as he didn’t even know you could take pictures with the system, and the door to bathroom opened to reveal a laughing Kuroka.

“I love this thing!” She declared, causing Rias to become even more confused, until Kuroka explained and Rias got a weird light in her eyes as well. Alex couldn’t believe this, he was trying to have a serious discussion about a power that isn’t usually seen in this world, and Kuroka was trying to turn it into a s.e.x chat for his harem. He figured it fit her personality though. After getting the situation under control he went back to the previous discussion.

“Kuroka, while you’re with Vali I want regular updates on your strength, just when you get a job change or something would be fine. Don’t worry I don’t want you to spy on him for me, but when I leave this world you’re coming with me, understand?” He expected her to be annoyed at him “ordering” her, but she actually smiled and clung to his while saying,

“Of course I understand, as long as you keep your promise and ensure I stay with Shirone.” Alex nodded and said,

“While she won’t be with us constantly, I’m trying to make it so that I don’t leave anyone behind. But I have another two years to work out the kinks, ok?” Kuroka smiled again, before turning to Rias and asking,

“By the way, you gave Shirone her new name, correct?” Rias nodded and said,

“After she was left behind I intended to have her start over, and gave her a new name for that reason.” Kuroka nodded, while also feeling guilt at leaving her. Then she surprised everyone by asking,

“Do you mind if I take the name Toujou as well?” Rias didn’t seem to know how to respond, while Alex smiled. After a moment Rias also smiled and said,

“If you don’t make me regret it, then yes, if you want to you can have the name Toujou.” Kuroka smiled and started humming to herself. They continued the conversation for a little bit, then they started getting ready for the battle that night.


A little after dark, Alex stood on top of a building with the rest of the partic.i.p.ants of the battle. The plan was to be teleported to the location they’ll fight with Loki when he arrives. They had the ORC, Irina, Ravel, Barakiel, Tannin, and the Vali team on standby. The student council was in charge of activation the teleportation, and Saji was kidnapped by Azazel at some point, and they only heard he would be arriving later. Alex tried not to snicker when he recalled what they do to him. He held the replica of Mjölnir in his hand, unbelieving that it wasn’t as heavy as he thought.

Soon a distortion formed above them, and Loki and Fenrir appeared from it. He looked down on them and said,

“You didn’t heed my warning, now you will suffer for it.” But before he did anything the area distorted, and they suddenly found themselves in another area altogether. While Loki was trying to figure out what happened, everyone was already preparing to attack, the battle had started.


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