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Read Godfather Of Champions Chapter 196: The Disruption Of Tony Twain Part 1

Godfather Of Champions is a web novel produced by Lin Hai Ting Tao, 林海听涛.
This lightnovel is presently Ongoing.

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Chapter 196: The Disruption of Tony Twain Part 1Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Tony Twain and Dunn, who had bought Piqué, soon left Spain.

The English Premier League would start earlier than the champions.h.i.+ps in other countries, and would be in full combat in the middle of August. For that reason, the Premier League teams’ preparation time was earlier than those of any other country.

Now, for Tang En, there was a problem that needed to be addressed: his partner’s coaching certificate.

Tony Twain had a FA Level 4 (UEFA A) coaching certificate; of course, the examination was pa.s.sed previously and had nothing to do with Tang En, who transmigrated. Even though Dunn was the original Tony Twain, his current ident.i.ty as a Chinese man did not even have a FA Level 1 coaching certificate.

Strictly speaking, without a coaching certificate, the English Football a.s.sociation would not permit him be a coach for a Premier League team. But if this was the case in a lower-level league, the Football a.s.sociation would turn away and pretend that they had not known about it. This was a tradition of English football. Since retired players could put on white gloves and become a team doctor, why couldn’t the retired players put on a suit and become a coach?

For almost all the English football clubs, letting a retired player who had played for the club for years become a coach was the best reward for his loyalty. And loyalty was what they valued most.

Dunn was not a retired player in the Forest team, but he could be an a.s.sistant manager. Nottingham Forest could get into trouble with the English Football a.s.sociation and if anyone had any objections, it would not be because Dunn did not have a coaching certificate, but rather because he was too young, and because he was not an Englishman.

Tang En and Dunn had no way to solve these two points. They could not change Dunn’s nationality or age. The only thing they could do was to have Dunn obtain a coaching certificate, and to make the appointment of the new a.s.sistant manager more convincing. How did they expect anyone to trust a young a.s.sistant manager who was a foreigner and did not even have a coaching certificate?

Tang En had specifically asked Dunn before making any arrangements, and Dunn had no objections with re-taking the test for the coaching certificate, since he was quite certain he could pa.s.s.

So, Tang En left Dunn in Nottingham and flew off on another trip.

This time, he went to Denmark to bolster the team’s frontline.

The only Forest players left from last season who could play at the frontline were Freddy Eastwood and Peter Crouch. Two strikers were too few for a team that needed multiple attacking avenues.

Tang En’s transfer strategy for this summer was primarily to get a hold of the future star of hope. Whether he would become a future leading Forest player, or be sold for money, it was all worthwhile. Just like Piqué.

He went to Denmark this time for a young forward who was still relatively unknown at the time: Nicklas Bendtner.

He was a 6 foot, 3 inches tall center forward, but his footwork was better than most other center forwards. He was fast, excellent at headers, and had a strong physique and outstanding techniques. These were his strengths, but his greatest strength was his youth.

In the first half of 2004, he played three times and scored three goals, representing the Denmark national team for under-16 games.

In Tang En’s memory, he was s.n.a.t.c.hed up by a.r.s.enal this summer, and since then he would be training in the a.r.s.enal youth team and reserves. Later on, in the 06-07 season, he would be on loan to Birmingham City and was the biggest contributor to Birmingham City’s promotion to the English Premier League.

It was the summer of 2004 now, and if Tang En did not act, Bendtner would be taken by Wenger. Although Tang En did not have a bad impression of the a.r.s.enal manager, Wenger, he would have to be ruthless and relentless when it came to matters regarding the team’s performance. Taking the non-stop flight to Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, he used the same approach as he did with Piqué, and contacted Bendtner and his agent himself, which led to another negotiation.

The negotiations with Bendtner were more difficult than Piqué’s had been.

A position in the First Team, a younger lineup, an English Premier League team, and the UEFA Europa League qualification were the four key conditions that Twain used to attract players to join the Forest team. They were very tempting, but Bendtner had some hesitation.

Wenger and a.r.s.enal were extremely famous. Unlike Piqué, who grew up in a wealthy, big-name football club, Bendtner did not know that the big clubs were crowded with many talented players, just like him. Going to a.r.s.enal could satisfy his ego. After all, it was a wealthy, English Premier League club, and who had ever heard of Nottingham Forest?

Twain could only repeatedly state his a.n.a.lysis that if Bendtner went to the big clubs, he would only play in the Second Team as a reserve and then experience the pain of only being able to play in matches through being on loan. Whereas in a small team, there was the benefit of playing often for the First Team as a regular player. Furthermore, the Forest team would be able to join the UEFA Europa League this season, and it was the winner of the EFL Cup last season. Its reputation was not so bad.

But the notion of a big club was too deep-rooted. For a younger player who played in Denmark, the call of a European powerhouse was too irresistible. Arsène Wenger thathad promised him that the future of a.r.s.enal would belong to him. Even though Bendtner knew he would not be able to play in a First Team game now if he went to a.r.s.enal, it was a glorious thing to be the main striker for the Gunners in the future.

Therefore, Twain told him a tale about a big club, and trotted out the example of Barcelona’s young center back Gerard Piqué. Barcelona was also a big club, but Piqué tried every possible way of leaving. Now that he was a player for Nottingham Forest, he had no need to worry about not playing in matches.

The negotiations with Bendtner lasted three to four days, and the golden-haired Danish guy was finally convinced. He agreed to reject Arsène Wenger’s call, and joined the Nottingham Forest team.

Then, just like the situation faced by the Manchester United’s Manager, Ferguson, Wenger received a call from his scout in Denmark informing him that a.r.s.enal’s must-have Danish genius forward, known as the “Danish Ibrahimović,” Nicklas Bendtner, had given them the brush.

Wenger’s first thought was that Ferguson had gone behind his back. He did not expect the scout to tell him that it was the manager of Nottingham Forest, Tony Twain, who had gone to Copenhagen in person and secured Bendtner.

When he heard the name, Wenger stared blankly for a while and he thought of the battle in the rain.

He realized the words which he had said before were fast becoming true.

The next time they met, it would be at the English Premier League.

“In addition, Sir, there’s something very interesting that I think you would like to hear.”

“What is it?”

“Do you still recall the young Barcelonian center back, Gerard Piqué, whom we competed against Manchester United for some time ago?”

Wenger nodded, “Of course, I was very sorry when he chose Manchester United.”

The scout at the other end of the line burst into laughter. “Sir! Piqué did not go to Manchester United. He, like our other target, Bendtner, was taken away by someone else halfway. Although the news has not been announced yet, it is certain. Piqué is now a player for Nottingham Forest!”

Wenger was stunned for a moment and then laughed as well.

This season’s Premier League is getting interesting, isn’t it?


After settling the matters with Piqué and Bendtner, Tang En no longer needed to personally go anywhere to recruit players. They had a perfect system; the transfers could be arranged through the telephone or fax. If Tang En was required to appear in person each time, how could he do other things?

Evan Doughty was still in the United States with his wife and children. He had just become the new chairman of the team, and the Forest team had already won a cup t.i.tle and the qualification to the English Premier League. He was in a very good mood, and was not concerned about the team’s general affairs. After all, Tony was overseeing the team and Allan was in charge of operations. He did not have to do anything.

They could just discuss one thing through the fax or phone and it would be decided.

During this period, Twain hired three new scouts for the team. Together with the two current scouts for the club, the Forest team now had five scouts, which was not considered small for a team that had just been promoted to the English Premier League. Obviously, compared to Manchester United and a.r.s.enal, which had football scouts all over the world, it was still not considered enough.

However, the construction of the team was a very long process, and could not be rushed; it must be built step by step.

There were still a few days before the team ended its vacation and returned for their a.s.sembly. Tang En became busier. There were a lot of issues he needed to consider such as which players the Forest team needed in the transfer market and who could be bought, and who would have to be given up after their promotion to the Premier League. Not to mention the warm-up match arrangements, the production of the team’s newsletter, and the media interviews.

The most troubling thing for him was how to introduce and place a young, seemingly inexperienced, and unknown Chinese man on the Forest coaching team. Evan did not know the new a.s.sistant manager’s ident.i.ty. But when he did, what would the expression on his face be?

Tang En did not think Evan would smile, pat him on the shoulder and say, “Young people are great.”

He also did not think the players would believe him based on what he said. “Even though this a.s.sistant manager looks very young, has no coaching certificate, and is unknown, he is actually very powerful!”

He also thought that the coaching staff, the team doctors in the medical team, the football scouts, the turf maintenance workers, the chefs at the club restaurant … and even Ian MacDonald, who opened the gate, would not easily believe that Dunn was a qualified a.s.sistant manager who could help him a lot.


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