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Godly Empress Doctor is a web novel created by Su Xiao Nuan, 苏小暖.
This lightnovel is currently Ongoing.

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Chapter 351: Traps

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Feng Xun stared at Feng Wu. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Feng Wu said. “I have my own plan.”

“Alright. I’m right next door. Call me if you need me.” Feng Xun rubbed Feng Wu’s head. She had some fluffy hair on her temples which looked very adorable, especially when she puffed out her cheeks and glared at him like she was doing now. It was so cute, hahaha —

“Hands off —” Feng Xun dashed off before Feng Wu could glare at him, laughing all the way back.

Feng Xun left as abruptly as he had arrived, like a tornado.

However, the guests remained astonished.

“Is Feng Wu that familiar with Young Lord Feng?” Lady Qian was the first to speak. “I didn’t know that —”

Mrs Zuo’s face darkened a little.

Next to her, Mrs Zhao said, “Everyone knows that Young Lord Feng is His Royal Highness’s good friend. If Feng Wu is on such good terms with Young Lord Feng, can it be that… His Royal Highness is also quite familiar with her?”

Mrs Zuo’s face was livid.

“No, it’s not like that!” Yan Yan showed up out of nowhere and protested loudly. “Feng Wu just wouldn’t leave my cousin and His Royal Highness alone. She’s so annoying!”

“What?” Everyone was shocked by the statement.

“It’s true!” Yan Yan raised both hands. “We came back to the imperial capital together and there was this one night, I saw with my own eyes Feng Wu sneaking into His Royal Highness’s bedroom. Too bad for her, His Royal Highness didn’t like it at all. He told Feng Wu to get the h—”

She was slandering Feng Wu right in front of her!

And Feng Wu would never stand for such a thing!


She slapped Yan Yan hard on the cheek!

Everyone was astonished!

Feng Wu did it!

No one knew how she did it. All they saw was a figure in a pale red dress sweeping by and the next thing they knew, Yan Yan was standing there dazed, holding her swollen cheek.

Yan Yan wasn’t the only one dumbfounded. The entire hall was as baffled as she was!

Th- this…

This was the Yan manor!

Feng Wu, the crippled girl whose name was in the mud had just slapped Yan Yan in front of everyone! She might as well have slapped everyone of the Yan family!

Lady w.a.n.g was the first to realize what had happened!

She hadn’t expected that Feng Wu could move so fast, let alone that she could be so bold!

For a moment, she didn’t know what to do, for she realized that things were beyond her control…

Feng Yanfeng’s instructions resonated in her head.

He had told her to fawn over Mrs Yan as best as she could and to give the latter the gift they had prepared when no one was looking, so that he could get that transfer to the Ministry of Official Personnel. But now… Feng Wu had just slapped Yan Yan in public!

“That Feng Wu…” Everyone stared with their mouths agape.

Only then did Yan Yan come back to her senses, and her eyes went bloodshot red. “Feng Wu! You hit me! How dare you hit me in my place?! I’m gonna kill you!”

Yan Yan flipped her sleeve and a sharp dagger appeared in her hand!

Everyone blanched at the sight of that glinting blade!

She meant it!

Infuriated, Yan Yan brandished the dagger at Feng Wu’s face. “I’m gonna rip your face off before I kill you!”

Feng Wu s.h.i.+fted sideways, evading Yan Yan. Meanwhile, she lifted her foot a little and tripped Yan Yan!

“Ahhh —”

Missing Feng Wu and losing her footing, Yan Yan fell head first toward a table!

And a pot of steaming hot pigeon soup had just been served on that table. Yan Yan’s face fell right into that pot and she sucked in her breath at the pain!


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