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Godly Empress Doctor is a web novel completed by Su Xiao Nuan, 苏小暖.
This lightnovel is right now Ongoing.

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Chapter 912: No, No, No —

Xuan Yi stared into his eyes. “Then on our way back, Boss Jun permitted her to stay with us. Has he ever done that with any other girl?”

Feng Xun protested, “That, that was because Feng Wu has a family to take care of, and she has no cultivation ability. Boss Jun pitied…”

Xuan Yi crossed his arms. “I see. So you’re saying that Boss Jun would ignore his beliefs because he pitied some weaklings.”

That wasn’t what Jun Linyuan would do!

Feng Xun said, “I remember now! Boss Jun didn’t offer to take Xiao Wu with us on our way back! Xiao Wu wanted to join us herself! Remember that?”

Feng Xun got excited. “Xiao Wu followed us herself! Yes, that was it!

“Plus, you saw it yourself in Wanping Town. Little Feng Wu snuck into Boss Jun’s room in the middle of the night…”

Xuan Yi gave Feng Xun a half-smile. “It could have been a misunderstanding, but let’s just say that what you said really happened – what do you think would have happened if that girl hadn’t been Feng Wu?”

Xuan Yi grinned. “It’s not like we haven’t seen before how Jun Linyuan treats girls. Gongsun Qing is one of the latest examples, and she’s still bedridden. And there’s Mu Yaoyao. She’s probably still crying now.

“The consequences of climbing into his bed would only be more severe. But was little Feng Wu injured?”

Feng Xun shook his head.

“Did she cry?”

Feng Xun shook his head after some thought.

Xuan Yi shrugged. “There you go.”

Feng Xun shook his head. “I don’t buy it. How can Boss Jun be in love with little Feng Wu? That’s impossible…”

Xuan Yi sneered at him. “You’ve been beaten up twice for nothing.”

“Beaten up?” Feng Xun immediately recalled the two duels Boss Jun had dragged him into.

Xuan Yi smiled. “Why did Boss Jun want to challenge you? Think.”

Feng Xun might not be convinced by other things, but the beatings he had taken were simply too unreasonable and unforgettable.

Feng Xun began to search his memory.

The first one happened after the banquet at Yan manor. Boss Jun and little Feng Wu were getting into the same carriage and Feng Xun had tried to stop little Feng Wu, fearing that she might get hurt. Then…

Feng Xun was confused. “But how does little Feng Wu have anything to do with the second time?”

Xuan Yi rubbed his nose.

Well, the second time was actually his doing, and Feng Xun was the scapegoat. He had wanted to keep it secret, but Feng Xun would never be able to figure it out himself.

With no other choice, Xuan Yi had to tell Feng Xun everything.

“What?!” Feng Xun almost jumped to his feet. “You! How could you trick Boss Jun like that? Little Feng Wu could have been beaten up by Boss Jun!”

“But was she?” Xuan Yi smiled.

Feng Xun stopped abruptly.

“Little Feng Wu ran off that night, and did you see the look on Boss Jun’s face the next morning? You asked him what happened and Boss Jun actually grinned.” Xuan Yi glanced at Feng Xun.

Feng Xun was speechless.

He didn’t want to believe it!

He really didn’t!

However, when Xuan Yi laid out the evidence piece by piece, Feng Xun felt as if he had been struck by lightning.

“I don’t believe it, I don’t…” Despite what he said, Feng Xun was already half-convinced.


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