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Read Godly Stay-Home Dad Chapter 740 – Zhang Guangyou Is Stunned Again

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Chapter 740 Zhang Guangyou Is Stunned Again

“So awesome!”

“PaPa, MaMa, where are we going?”

Mengmeng’s big clear eyes were s.h.i.+ning. What she loved most was to go out with PaPa and MaMa and have fun.

“Let’s go to your grandpa’s hometown. Well, it’s also on a mountain.” Zhang Han replied.

In fact, she wanted to say that it was almost the same as where they were now, but the little girl did not care about the place, but only the fun it would bring.

Suddenly, Zi Yan added with a smile, “This time, we can also bring along Dahei, Little Hei and Tiny Tot.”

“Really? That’s great…”

Mengmeng was so happy that she danced about joyfully.

“We can finally bring Big Heihei, Little Heihei, Tiny Tot, Dajin, Little Jin, Big Ha…”

“No, only Dahei, Little Hei and Tiny Tot. The other dogs have to stay here.”

Zi Yan did not know whether to laugh or cry. It was too much to bring dozens of dogs up there.

Mengmeng did not mind that they could not bring other dogs there. She liked Dahei, Little Hei and the lovely Tiny Tot, because they were intelligent and could understand human language. Although the other dogs were smart, they were not as smart as Dahei and the others.

“Ha ha ha.”

Zhang Guangyou burst out laughing. He liked Mengmeng more and more.

In particular, when he heard that the two of them could not have any more children for the time being and only had this girl now, his feelings had changed a little. The desire for wanting more grandchildren had also pa.s.sively dissipated.

In fact, it was a wake-up call when Rong Jiali said to him lightly, “Who said that women are not as good as men? Girls can cultivate too.”

Therefore, Zhang Guangyou thought that he had a task!

When he was free, he would definitely teach Mengmeng how to cultivate and become a martial artist.

If Zhang Han knew what his father was thinking, he would be shocked.

“What?! You want to teach Mengmeng? No need, I am already fully prepared…”

However, Zhang Guangyou did not voice out his idea, which was an expectation and goal in his heart.

He hoped that he could settle this war that had lasted for decades within five years!

Even if he failed to destroy the Wind Snow School, he had to suppress them and make them fearful. He longed for a peaceful life. As for what was right and wrong, he could only wait for his father, Zhang Mu, to come back.

In this regard, Zhang Han was quite similar to him.

Before going out, Zhang Han had to make a series of preparations. After all, when he chatted with his father before, he had received the news that the Wind Snow School was very suspicious about the deaths of Yao Feng and the others and some people were also paying attention to this matter. What if they left and then the Wind Snow School sent someone here to destroy this place? After all, the w.a.n.g family, the high-level members and the security group from the Zi family were also living here.

So, after sitting for about ten minutes, Zhang Han went into the guest room alone and dialed a number.

“Director Lei? I hope the No. 11 Troops can stay on Mount New Moon for a month.”

“Are you going away?”

“I’m going to the Heavenly Knights Sect.”

“Okay, I’ll report it to the top. I’ll call you back later.”

Lei Tiannan did not ask too many questions. He could not make the decision on this matter, so he had to inform the higher-ups of the government.

However, Zhang Han was absolutely sure that the demand would definitely be met.

It was not because he was a nominal general, but because he had helped to improve the local economic status.

Liu Qingfeng had increasingly invested more and more a.s.sets in Hong Kong. Obviously, he gave priority to Hong Kong strategically.

What’s more, a few days ago, the arrival of the Zi family, which was a wealthy family with a hundred-year history, brought not only financial improvement but, more importantly, talents. In terms of building companies, the government had already contacted them and was very willing to cooperate. Such a business family would improve the local overall economy. Therefore, in the eyes of the government, Zhang Han was a treasure!

They were afraid that Zhang Han would suddenly decide to go back to Shang Jing someday, which would be a great loss to them. Even the higher-ups quickly dispelled their dissatisfaction with Zhang Han’s occupation of the mountain.

Many people had even studied whether they could issue green cards for the Rong family in Lin Hai City in order to draw them over here.

Many people were smart. Zhang Han’s staying here was advantageous and disadvantageous, but the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. Moreover, the so-called disadvantages were nothing more than the destruction of other forces, such as the Li family, because of his rise. That’s the way it was. After all, if there were no earthshaking fights, how would anyone have information about you?


Less than two minutes later, Lei Tiannan called back.

“Okay, we’ll come over tonight and stay until you come back.”

In this way, Zhang Han could go to the Heavenly Knights Sect with peace of mind.

After the phone call, he returned to the hall. All of them were discussing about who would go to the Heavenly Knights Sect. They asked questions in each family group chat and soon there were a series of answers.

Zhang Li, Liang Hao, Zhao Feng, Liang Mengqi, Zhou Fei, Chen Changqing, w.a.n.g Zhanpeng, w.a.n.g Ming, Rong Jiaxin, Instructor Liu, Leng Yue and some others planned to check out the Heavenly Knights Sect. After all, it was the previous overlord of the Kun Xu World, which was something fascinating.

That night, Zhang Guangyou asked Zhao Feng to prepare a yacht for the trip.

Zhao Feng went to the yacht club. He gestured and did not hesitate to buy a medium-sized yacht which was worth 30 million yuan.

This was Zhao Feng’s personal money. Now, he was not short of money, nor was he interested in money.

Sitting on the yacht, he remembered that when he was a spy, people would do anything for money. If they adopted the same att.i.tude in their cultivation, they would probably be famous by now.

In the castle, they sat for a while and said their goodbyes.

Zi Yan went up to the third floor. In the large fitting room, there were three suitcases at her feet.

“Let’s begin!”

“It’s time to prepare the super beautiful clothes!”

Mengmeng also wanted to join them. She rolled up her sleeves and followed Zi Yan.

“We also have to take this one.”

“Well, MaMa and that one.”


After sorting through their stuff for more than an hour, they finally went to bed.

At eight o’clock the next morning, they boarded the plane and arrived in Sanmen City at noon. Then they went by car to the entrance of the Kun Xu World, which was located at the lake near the village.

There was no one in the village and most of the houses were almost demolished. Some people were guarding the surrounding roads.

When they saw the line of cars coming and wanted to stop them, they suddenly found that they could not move.

It was obvious that these people were martial artists and were going to the Kun Xu World.

After getting out of the car by the lake, Mengmeng happily took Zhang Han’s hand. After walking for a while, she looked up at Dahei who was following them.

“Big Heihei.”

The little girl stretched out her arms.

“Woo, woo.”

Dahei was also very excited, rolling its eyes. After hearing the little master’s voice, it reached out and put Mengmeng on its broad shoulder.

After walking for ten minutes, they came to the lake. Mengmeng pointed to the front and said,

“Papa, look over there. There’s a big s.h.i.+p.”

It was the medium-sized yacht that Zhao Feng had just bought.

“That is the yacht we are going to take,” Zhang Han answered with a smile.

“It’s ours!”

Mengmeng blinked her big eyes and was a little confused. “When did our yacht appear here?”

After the steps were rolled out, everyone boarded the yacht.


When Dahei stepped on it, there was a crisp sound and it nearly broke the step.

Dahei was shocked, and quickly restrained its power and floated in the air and then cautiously got on the yacht, step by step. It was more than two meters tall but could go anywhere. Then it followed everyone to the top floor.

Under the incredulous gazes of many people on the island, the yacht slowly approached the entrance and disappeared.


The next moment, the yacht appeared on the water on the right side of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

“That’s just right. It will be about an hour before we arrive at the mountain gate by s.h.i.+p.”

Zhang Guangyou was not in a hurry.

Of course, he made the decision because of Mengmeng. Otherwise, he would have flown there with her directly.

“It’s weird, isn’t it?”

Zhang Guangyou took a look at Zhang Han who was standing beside him.

Mengmeng was playing with Zi Yan behind them. Zhang Han and his father were sitting by the small table. While they were talking, Zhang Guangyou had a token in his hand. There was one dragon on either side and there were only three words on the token: Heavenly Knights Sect.

“This token is related to the Heaven-earth Formation. When we pa.s.s through the entrance, we can communicate with it through our soul sense. This token is not owned by every sect. It is a Divine Object and is relatively rare. Come on, the Young Lord of the Heavenly Knights Sect, you deserve to have one.”

While speaking, Zhang Guangyou handed the token to Zhang Han.


Zhang Han smiled and accepted it directly.

The Grand Elder Dong Chen, who was sitting at the side, glanced at them and said nothing.

In the Heavenly Knights Sect, there were only five tokens which were used to connect to the Heaven-earth Formation.

“By the way, I just heard from Mengmeng that you have a little secret related to this lake. Is it the one in the Hidden Dragon Village? Have you found out what I’ve left behind?” Zhang Guangyou asked curiously.

“Not only did I find it, but I’ve also been there.”

“What? You’ve been to the Dark Abyss?” Zhang Guangyou’s expression changed. “That’s a dangerous place. Didn’t I tell you not to go there before entering the Divine Realm?”

“I’ve killed more than one martial artist in the Divine Realm.” Zhang Han was speechless.


Dong Chen glanced at Zhang Han.

“Killed a martial artist in the Divine Realm as a Grand Master?”

“This…” Zhang Guangyou was stunned and then sighed. “Yes, that’s what your grandfather left. He detected half of it, but came back because of the crisis at the Heavenly Knights Sect. He sealed the route into the gem and planned to explore it later. That gem can retain the soul sense, so I left some words inside. I knew you will definitely go there. I have only heard of the Dark Abyss. It is said that it is very dangerous there. Your grandfather used many tricks to explore half of it.”

“Oh.” Zhang Han nodded and said.

“Uncle Zhang.”

At this time, Chen Changqing, who was behind them, approached Zhang Guangyou and sat next to him.

“I’m not boasting. Brother Han brought me there. It is indeed very dangerous inside, but he had many means, as if we were on a shopping trip. We got a lot of treasures there, including more than ten kinds of holy objects. Brother Han has refined the most precious treasures in that world. Unfortunately, the Boat of Curse appeared later and hit Brother Han. Guess what happened later?”

“Huh?” Zhang Guangyou felt confused again.

Even Dong Chen was looking at Zhang Han.

Seeing this, Chen Changqing smiled and said, “Later, it took Brother Han a few days to cross the Bone Cave, which is one of the Deadlands. He came back and aggressively killed nearly three hundred Grand Masters and… Seven Divine-Realm martial artists.”

“That’s why the following things happened. Prince Halan was refined into a drop of blood by Brother Han. It seems that he has killed nearly twenty Divine-Realm martial artists, right?”


Dong Chen’s abdomen quivered and he almost choked on his saliva. With his face twitching, he quickly coughed twice.

His eyes were flickering and he glanced at Zhang Han out of the corner of his eyes.

“Is this true?”

“You… You really have something new to surprise me every day.”

Zhang Guangyou smiled bitterly.

“The longer I am in contact with him, the more I find out about my son… Awesome!”

Even Zhang Guangyou, whose skills were so excellent, described Zhang Han as a freaking awesome man.

His mood could be seen from the words he used.


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