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Read Godly Student Chapter 315: Face-Slapping

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“That’s my disciple!” Elder Qing Xu widened his eyes in surprise and yelled.

Great! Simply great! This brat has finally returned. There’s no longer a need for me to worry. Eh? Middle Stage Golden Core Realm? This brat advanced so quickly? Could he have encountered any fortuitous opportunity?

Besides, this brat strength is so abnormal! He’s actually able to fight Nascent Soul Realm on equal terms. Truly too great! As expected from my disciple. Truly my pride!

The sudden appearance of Cheng Yu caused Qing Xu to be caught by surprise. Momentarily, he didn’t notice Cheng Yu’s cultivation. But after he sensed it, Qing Xu was even more surprised. Unexpectedly, his sole disciple was so talented, bringing a series of surprises.

“What! Big Senior Brother, you said this person is your disciple? Since when did you accept a disciple?” Qing Yuanzi enquired in surprised.

Among the 6 brothers, only Qing Xu had never accepted any disciple. Everyone knew that there was no one who has yet to meet his requirement. Unexpectedly, a disciple of his suddenly popped out. However, this person strength was truly abnormal.

Just relying on his Middle Stage Golden Core Realm cultivation, he was able to fight on equal terms with Nascent Soul expert. Truly a heaven-defying genius.

But among the elders, the law enforcer elder had the ugliest expression. It was because Cheng Yu’s opponent was his disciple. And currently, he was in a draw against a Golden Core Realm cultivator. Wasn’t this publicly losing all his face away?.“Hmph! Do I need to tell you once I had accepted a disciple?” Qing Xu spoke complacently. So what if I didn’t accept any disciples? Once I accepted one, I would also accept the one with the best talent. Qing Xu gazed at Qing Fengzi somewhat complacently. When he saw the twisted expression of Qing Fengzi, he got even more elated.

Among the elders, Qing Fengzi had the most disciple and his disciple had the highest cultivation as well, making his tutelage the strongest. It was especially so for those disciples who were younger than 200 years old. Xin Heng had already reached the Late Stage of Nascent Soul Realm. He was absolutely a talented person in cultivation.

However at the present, Qing Xu suddenly has a heavenly-defying genius disciple under him, this was simply even better than having thousands of disciples under him. What did Late Stage Nascent Soul Realm count as? Didn’t you see my disciple was already able to fight against Nascent Soul expert when he was only in the Middle Stage Golden Core Realm?Wait for a few more years, once he broke through to Nascent Soul Realm, he might become unrivaled in the whole Nascent Soul Realm. Qing Xu got more and more excited as he stared at Cheng Yu with satisfaction. He felt that it was right for him to have accepted him as his disciple.

“Big Senior Brother, do you he cultivate in what cultivation technique for him to be so potent? Just relying on his cultivation technique, he was able to fight against cultivators stronger than him.” Qing Yuanzi enquired curiously when he saw the fist technique of Cheng Yu.

“This……” This question caused Qing Xu to be in a dilemma. Previously, he was also extremely curious about this first technique. Formerly, he had attempted to execute this fist technique numerous time but ultimately, he was only able to reach a similar form and shape and was unable to bring forth the similar power Cheng Yu shown. This caused Qing Xu to also be extremely curious about Cheng Yu’s technique.

“Hmph! Some teacher couldn’t even teach such a genius disciple right?” When Qing Fengzi saw the awkward expression of Qing Xu, he mocked.

“Who said so? This is the result of my guidance. Currently, it was because he had surpa.s.sed his master. With such a disciple, I feel extremely gratified. I need not teach a big group of disciples but the majority of them are useless.” When Qing Xu heard Qing Fengzi words, his face grew red and retorted.

“As for how my disciple is like, I’m sure everyone knows it in their heart. At the very least, among all the younger generations, no one was on equal terms with him. Therefore, one must never hang oneself on a crooked branch. If one day, if it were to break, nothing would be left. Even your own legacy would also disappear.” Qing Fengzi commented in disdain.

“You……” Qing Xu face grew in anger.

“Enough! Big and Second Senior Brother, both of you have argued for so many years. Can’t both of you take peacefully? Now that Big Senior Brother was able to find a disciple he like, it’s something worth celebrating. What’s the brat called?” When Qing Yuanzi noticed both of their quarrels was getting more and more intense, he hurriedly advised.

“Cheng Yu!” Qing Xu also didn’t wish to continue quarreling with Qing Fengzi.

Above the sky, the battle between Cheng Yu and Xin Feng had already reached its climax. Xin Feng had already reached his boiling point when he saw all the sect members had come out to watch their battle.

Today, he was actually unable to deal with a Golden Core Realm cultivator. This caused the always revered among others, Xin Feng, to feel extremely infuriated. In the future, how was he going to show himself in the public? Hate continued to grow in Xin Feng. Unexpectedly, he took out his Green Sun Sword.

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“What? Senior Brother Xin Feng was actually forced to use his weapon. Isn’t that person too valiant?” When everyone saw the changes happening in the battle, a discussion started bursting out.

“This trash!” Xin Heng scolded in his heart.

Meanwhile, Xin Yao also slightly shook her head. She was very disappointed with Xin Heng. However, she was extremely curious about that man battling Xin Heng. Will be able to persevere on?

“Hmph! What a good disciple of someone. He actually needs to unstealth his weapon to deal with an opponent 2 stage lower than him. Truly boardening up my horizon.” Qing Xu spoke casually but he was actually worried for Cheng Yu. After all, Limitless Palace was a sect that cultivated in Sword techniques. Only with a sword on hand would they be able to bring forth their true power.

“……” At this moment, Qing Fengzi expression grew even more unsightly. It was already shameful enough for a Nascent Soul Realm to be unable to defeat the Golden Core Realm. But now, Xin Feng had even chosen to take out his weapon first. Xin Feng had truly thrown away his face.

“Hmph! Today, I want your death. I shall let you experience the true strength of Nascent Soul Realm! Limitless Annihilation Sword!” Since the battle had already reached this breaking point, Xin Feng could only kill of Cheng Yu to redeem back some of his prestige.

Xin Feng’s Green Sun Sword was a high-grade spiritual artifact. His green radiance emerged on his sword blade as countless spiritual qi rush towards his sword blade.

Ha! Xin Feng cried out as he slashed his sword at Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu felt that the s.p.a.ce between them was about to be shattered.

When everyone saw that scene, they grew nervous. They felt that Cheng Yu would certainly be in danger. Meanwhile, Qing Xu had already floated up. As long as Cheng Yu was no longer able to resist any longer, he was prepared to save him.

“Dragons Infuriating The Heavens!” Since his opponent was someone from the Limitless Palace, it was impossible for Cheng Yu to battle to the death with him. However, his opponent attack was very potent. Any ordinary technique would never be able to block it. Cheng Yu cried out as the qi on him burst out.

Howl~ Howl~ Howl! Suddenly, countless dragon image roared out from Cheng Yu’s body as they charged towards Xin Feng.

“What!” Everyone at the scene was astonished. Even Qing Xu and the few elders were also taken aback by the attack.

What kind of technique is this? It’s actually so overbearing and the aura is so majestic. It’s as if it wanted to proclaim itself hegemon of the heavens!

“Dragon image? What an imperious and formidable technique! Unexpectedly, it’s even stronger than Senior Brother Xin Feng technique by a few margins!” When everyone saw the dancing dragon images, they widen up their mouth in shock and couldn’t believe all these were real.

“How is this possible!” Xin Feng was also taken aback. When the sword beam clashed with the dragon image, it immediately exploded out.

Howl! Howl! However, the dragon image didn’t dissipate completely. Xin Feng was alarmed as the green radiance on him exploded out. A green nascent soul hovered above him and blocked all of the dragon images.

Pu! Pu! After withstanding the dragon images head on, even though Xin Feng had his nascent soul to protect his body, he couldn’t help but vomited 2 mouthfuls of blood.

Xin Feng glared at Cheng Yu with horror. Everything happened too suddenly. His opponent actually possessed such a terrifying strength. It was truly hard for him to believe his opponent was really a Golden Core Realm cultivator.

“I’m going to kill you!” The anger in Xin Feng could no longer be able to quell. He suppressed the injuries on him and yelled. The spiritual qi on him started bubbling up as he immediately circulated his signature move.

“Stop!” It was at this moment, a shout came over. Immediately after, an old man appeared before Xin Feng.

Pa! The shout was as if able to injure a person soul. The spiritual qi Xin Feng had gathered immediately got scattered.

“Teacher!” Xin Feng was startled.

“Scram back to Extreme Earth Peak! Stop losing my face!” Qing Fengzi howled at Xin Feng.

The situation had already come into a conclusion. There was no meaning continuing it. Cheng Yu was Qing Xu disciple. It was impossible for Qing Xu to let Xin Feng kill Cheng Yu. Furthermore, Cheng Yu seemed to have held back himself. When the time comes, it was still unknown who would be the certain winner. Besides, Xin Feng would only become everyone’s laughingstock. It was unknown where did Qing Xu found this freak.

“Teacher!” Xin Feng looked at Cheng Yu without backing down as he spoke with Qing Fengzi.

“Scram back!” Qing Fengzi howled once again.

“Hmph! Sooner or later I will return you back the humiliation I suffered today!” Looking at their surroundings, Xin Feng knew that it was impossible for him to kill Cheng Yu today. Perhaps, he could only get back his revenge another day. Finally, he flew off with a face filled with resentment.

“You, very good.” Qing Fengzi looked at Cheng Yu and spoke a sentence before flying back to Extreme Earth Peak.

Cheng Yu have no idea who was that person but he knew that the person strength was a lot stronger than him. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the duo flying off. He sighed helplessly.

“Cheng Yu! You this brat. You finally knew how to come back to find your teacher.” Qing Xu was getting more and more pleased with this disciple of his. He had just returned and have already helped him got back his pride.

“Old man!” When Cheng Yu saw Qing Xu, he immediately smiled.

“Uh…… Smelly brat. Can’t you give me some face in front of so many people?” Hearing Cheng Yu addressing him so casually, Qing Xu faked his anger.

“Greetings teacher. Please accept a bow from disciple!” When Cheng Yu saw there were a few old men with profound cultivation flying over, he knew that they were also some elder rank figures. He immediately kneeled down before Qing Xu and kowtowed respectfully, giving Qing Xu some face.

“Good, good! Stand back up!” Qing Xu smiled satisfyingly: ”Come. Let me introduce to you. This is our Limitless Palace Sect Master, Qing Yuan Sect Master. This is Elder Qing Xian…… Everyone, this is my disciple, Cheng Yu. How is it? Not bad right!”

“Disciple Cheng Yu greets Sect Master and elders!” Cheng Yu might need to depend on Limitless Palace in the future. Naturally, he wouldn’t dare to offend any of them as he greeted them respectfully.

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